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  • how can I help?

  • DeAnthony Snyder

    Wasn’t Gotti Jr in Witness Protection?

    • gotti never ratted punk

    • Michael Franzese, testifying under a grant of immunity, gave an inside look at how the New York mob applied muscle to such individuals, Franzese, who has served 40 months of a 10-year term, testified he was cooperating with the government in hopes of obtaining a reduced sentence.

      Walters, 58, and Bloom, 29


      • That’s a lie. Mike Fran is a stand up guy

        • his step father “sonny” has a different opinion, a true man of GOD does not continue to convince ppl he was not a informant & a solid gangsta until he decided to quit, so he says, why would he care? he was a informant period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deal with it. he only made moves because of his step father “sonny”, he throws his step father name around attached to fabricated crimes to this day. he knows in his heart what he is & what he did & does, the continuous in the publics eye trying to convince ppl he was “stand up” is a sucka move //// google interview with “sonny” he guves you a birds eye view of what he thought of your man /////// smh

          • Norby, how much time did you do because of Michael Franchese testimony? None, zero, nada! STFU you snake low life scumbag. You’re a disgrace to the music business.

          • norby, i must agree…..mike step father “sonny” was the ONLY reason he was able to pull off his hoax as a tough guy.the only thing to respect about mike is he hates a-lite

  • if lies make you feel better go for it brutter, it dont change the court records bath ave 4eva

  • alite says ” We think he was wearing a wire on Latin Kings and informing on those guys like he did with Mafia. ” WE KNO ALITE AND HIS FEW FOLLOWERS ARE SNITCHS & RATS, THAT SAID HOW DOES GOTTI NOW GET INVESTIGATED AND OR GONNA BE CHARGED BY THE FEDS NOW IF HE IS THEIR INFORMANT? ALITE HAS LOST ME ON THIS THINKING PROCESS. JIMMI GAP YOUR RIGHT 110%. in addition why would feds charge some one five times facing LIFE if he was an asset. ALITE IS CLEARLY SMOKING CRACK AGAIN

  • Erjona Jona Kostiri

    mike i soooo agree alite shquipe just keeps ratting he was never near the latin k’s

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