Mob Rat John Alite Commits Welfare Fraud

John Alite has revealed himself as a flashy guy. He posted pictures and videos of himself driving his BMW and Nissan convertibles, going out at night, traveling. Even smoking cigars while wearing fur coats.

John Alite also received a $275,000 check in 2009 from Howard Srebnick, a lawyer he sued for ineffective assistance of counsel for not securing him the right deal to testify while he was still in prison in Brazil, which Alite confirmed in a recorded phone call from jail with Special Agent Ted Otto in December, 2007. (Shortly thereafter, as discussed earlier, the recordings of Alite’s calls on jailhouse phones between January-October 2008 simply “vanished.”)

Jimmy Alite alleged that after he received the $275,000 in 2009, his brother gave it to their two sisters to buy real estate in New Jersey. John Alite also testified at my trial that he laundered money through one of them, Denise, and according to property records Alite’s two sisters bought two homes in 2009. These records show one of them, at 116 Chestnut Street in Audubon being purchased by Denise and her husband for $155,100 but then transferring it to John Alite’s sons Matt and John Jr. for just $1 in December, 2014.

Jimmy Alite alleged that when his brother would get money from his media projects, it would be deposited into the accounts of his relatives, usually one in particular to get around the Son of Sam Law as well as forfeitures that he owes.

Members of the Alite family who came forward as sources also alleged that Alite was a partner in a Queens Pizzeria with disgraced ex-cop Steve Sergio. A good friend of government witness Michael Blutrich, Sergio benefitted from his father being a cooperator against me in 1998. Apparently, Sergio received a light sentence in the Scores case after pushing his father into becoming a cooperator.

However, numerous members of Alite’s family alleged that even though he owned real estate, convertibles, a piece of a pizzeria and wore fur coats, Alite is also committing crimes as petty as welfare fraud, in this case receiving government assistance in the form of food stamps and disability payments for his “PTSD.” Specifically, that in February, 2017 he received a payment of $20,672.80, plus, $521.25 a month going forward. What could John Alite have PTSD from, however? No one knows. Especially since his sentencing paperwork is sealed and he has refused to release it.

There are people returning from war who need disability as they can’t hold a job due to real PTSD. There are also people who had real PTSD who fought through and overcame it, who didn’t commit welfare fraud and rob hardworking taxpayers. Like someone very close to me, my good friend John, who served three tours with the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was wounded with shrapnel in the head and suffered for months from PTSD for serving our country bravely. He didn’t go to court and lie about it. Without putting his business out there, I’ll just say that he dealt with it, and I’m proud and happy to say that he is a positive influence on our youth who is now a teacher and a coach for a youth athletic team.

Soldiers aren’t the only heroes. There are also foster mothers who take in children off the streets. Who feed and clothe them. Who protect them. Who could use some help buying food as they’re making our world a better place. And then there are the people who just got a bad hand, who through no fault of their own inherited a life-threatening illness and can’t go to work because they have to fight through their next major surgery. People who are fighting for their lives daily, praying that they’re able to get back on their feet and just need a little boost in the meantime. Who would do anything to get their health back, so they can get a job and be able to pay taxes again.

Which doesn’t mean we should leave healthy, able-bodied people out of this. Let’s not forget, there are taxpayers across this country who work hard for every cent and should not have to help a rodent like John Alite and other rodents like him with their bills.

What gives John Alite the right to ask that anyone help him with his bills?

Below: A picture of a page from John Alite’s ledger, provided by a source, where he describes buying “Shrimp Cocktail” and “Gotti Books.”

He needs help buying food but still has the means to purchase “Shrimp Cocktail” and “Gotti Books?”

Chris Kasparoza attempting to ask John Alite why he’s receiving food stamps outside Brooklyn Federal Court on 10/24/2017, where he’s being sued for defamation:


  • Richard Spencer

    So this guy is in perfect shape at 55, challenging people to all these boxing fights, walking around thinking
    he is some bad ass, driving his fancy car around. Boy that is severely disabled, he is so sick and in pain from
    being disabled and challenging people to fights. He even claimed to be a boxer. What disabled man is
    boxing right now ? This is fraud. I’ve seen disabilities turn strong tough men into fat, weak pussycats.