• You guys have already won. don’t sweat these little cuck boy rats.you get to hold your heads high and keep your dignity cause u did your time like a man and didn’t talk. people who snitch gotta look over their shoulders and be paranoid for the rest of their cant hack it let me hold your pocket as we walk thru the yard cause time is too hard lives.

  • Johnny Diamond

    John Alite is a wannabe and a never was gangster. He is like the star trek geek who never got a date to the prom and stayed at home with his mom watching Murder She Wrote. He is the king of wishful thinking from that old 1990s song as big a fraud as Milley Vanilley.

    Thank you for shining a light on this liar and loser. Maybe one day he will crawl back under his rock and leave everyone alone. He should start all of his sentences with one upon a time….

    • I am not affiliated with anything known as organized crime. I lived in NY and Providence. What troubles me about this guy is Everything he does is a money grab. You pay him he will say anything. I’ll keep it short. She was approximately 25 years younger than John Gotti. He claims to know everything the man did in his life for Christ sake he was not privy to any of it . Does anybody who has half a brain believe that John Gotti would have John Alite come over to the club and discuss crimes he may have committed from 1957-1984? It’s insulting

      • John alite is a rat if the American people don’t see this got to have their heads examined people i am from Ireland he said he was Ireland he wouldn’t last ten minutes talking shit one he said he was abuse by a priest him and his so call friends he said they were not in involved in crime they said to him John alite were going to baseball bat the priest he den says no yous do it he supposed to be a gangster the first thing you do is go with his friends to smack a priest around if he abuse you been the big man he suppose to be all this is in his head he is a rat verything is untrue a liar needs a good memory and he hasn’t sumbag dird bag

  • John Alite’s front tooth

    It’s crazy that alite manages to find a platform when it’s well documented he’s a compulsive liar and his dopey books and YouTube videos are nonsense. just one more scam from this weak lying rat.

  • John alite is a rat if the American people don’t see this got to have their heads examined

  • John alite just asked my friends in a pub in cavan in ireland to look you up on YouTube we are pissin are self’s laughing o you are full of shit i looked up to you until I looked at all your video’s and interviews no wonder your big nose is getting bigger all the time you open your mouth you were never in ireland you would be fucked into the river liffey o you should be doing stand up comedy o anyone with a brain be laughing the way we arethe people in the pub is looking at us breaking are heads of laughing they must think we’re on drugs just the way you are o i have to stop writing before I piss myself you gobshite sumbag lira o don’t stop making the videos we need to hear more about you idiot dirdbird sumbag telling kids in schools all untrue story’s i know a lot of them fell asleep after the first five minutes of you opening your big mouth o yeah gotti gotti when you’re asleep in bed with your boyfriend the bodyguard you have with you all the time o yeah gotti gotti when you’re in bed with him ha ha ha

  • I can’t believe i just watched this bullshit … gotti Sr is rolling in his grave right now because his son is doing this ! What grown man “gangster” does this … if Alite was a “NOBODY” why did John jr make this whole page about him ! Smh unbelievable

  • Through my whole 62 yrs on this planet I’ve found that It’s usually the person writing shit or saying shit that are the real liars. Just because someone makes a bullshit video don’t make It real.

  • Im a mob historian, an i’ve never heard this much nonsense ever!, he made it to boss, but never killed a guy!?, for the record he an his 2 best friends went to the pen in 72 for killing mcbratney, who was involved in a kidnapping crew, who as foolish as it seems, were snatching up made men for ransom money!, years later after they stopped, they where tracked down one by one, an executed!, an gotti neighbor favara disappeared after accidentally running over his 12 year old son!, i guess gotti didn’t do anything then either, let this weirdo tell it!, the real facts is gotti crew were all known sluggers!, an everybody was known for putting in major work!!!, an this bozo is just making himself look very idiotic!

  • Gotti sr and jr are both biggest cocksuckers ever. Using People to do their killings, thats what a rat do.

  • i agree, they always maintained their innocence, sammy ect., all lied,,,,,,,,, alite was a AND is a nobody he dont count, SAMMY IS A RAT, Micheal FRAN is a RAT, alitee is a fraud…… n mE i flipped n flopped growin up where i did it was the thing i did not have the stomch for it

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