New Facts keep popping up as this website conducts continuing research that are being added to previously published posts as we move along.

Below you will find posts that have been updated along with the date they were. Significant updates/Facts will be inserted in new sections at the bottom of the posts. Minor ones may not be.

John Alite: Lies about All The Countries He Visited – 6/12/2017, 6/14/2017

John Alite Did Not ‘Know’ John Gotti Sr. – 4/8/2017

The New Jersey “Shoot-Out” — That Never Happened?? – 8/8/2016, 5/18/2016

John Alite: Informant Since 1991 – 8/1/2016

John Alite Was Not “A Mafia Hitman” – 6/12/2016, 7/17/2016

John Alite Protected A Rapist – 6/11/2016, 5/24/2016

John Alite: Lies about His Imprisonment – 6/5/2016

John Alite: Lied About Being Sexually Abused By A Priest? – 5/18/2016

John Alite’s Albanian Pride – 5/19/2016

John Alite: Sees A Psychic??? – 5/18/2016

Old News – 5/10/2016

John Alite’s All-Star Boxing Challenge – 5/8/2016

The Frank Morano Show

NOTE: Radio host Frank Morano sat through all four of John A. Gotti’s federal racketeering trials between 2005-2009 and also witnessed John Alite’s horrendous testimony during the 2009 Charles Carneglia trial giving him a unique insight into all of this, so, expect his section of the website to be continually updated as he covers the events as they unfold. New reports/interviews he does on this topic will be posted there after he broadcasts them.

New Morano interviews: 5/15/2016, 5/22/2016, 7/24/2016

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