John Alite Bought Fake Twitter Followers

In March, 2015 it was revealed that John Alite who not only claims to be authentic but more importantly is over 50 years old–

Went out and bought fake Twitter followers to make himself look more important:


On approximately August 1st, 2015 he also re-tweeted the following link, re-enforcing that he sees no problem with buying followers and still calling himself a leader:


He/his team have also run fake Twitter accounts which praised him with positive tweets that he then re-tweeted like they were authentic.

Notice how the following one— chosen from an array of fake accounts– it only has TWO followers, and no other posts?

This screenshot was taken just now, on 3/16/2016, almost a year after the tweet was sent and the account still has no other activity than that of John Alite:


However, it did not end with the fake Twitter accounts (or, the fake likes and followers he bought on Facebook and Instagram).

As a part of his ongoing scam John Alite’s fake re-tweets even appeared on his Facebook page after in his attempt to look important and con people into believing that he was being supported.

But, it’s not like he just left the re-tweets there on Facebook for others to see…

He also commented on some of them– not on Twitter where the users were, but, on Facebook where they were not– and in the one featured here, he even commented on it not once, but twice, NINE DAYS apart:


John Alite’s fake likes and followers were brought to his attention in March, 2015 and not only did he refuse to delete or acknowledge them, he even kept at it, as evidenced above.


You are not an authentic role model or a leader if you buy fake followers and then don’t even delete them when you are called out on it numerous times.

But, what does it say about John Alite’s mentality if he needs to praise himself through fake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts?


Get his latest Twitter score at:

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  • the bully graham crakerz

    This guy is the biggest liar on Youtube and I really cant believe that people cant do simple Google search and VET THE PEOPLE THEY GIVE HUGE PLATFORMS TOO AND PAY FOR INTERVIEWS WHO ARE ABSOLUTE FCKIN FRAUDS AND LIARS. Absolute shame.