John Alite: was ORDERED to go to therapy

John Alite has mentioned in almost every interview that he goes to therapy to help change himself into a better man, a better person, and to conquer his demons, etc.

However: What he leaves out is that he does not go by choice.

John Alite was ORDERED to get “Mental Health Treatment” by his sentencing judge, Susan C. Bucklew, something George Anastasia also forgot to include when he wrote that Alite is seeing a therapist in their book (pages 6, 126, 316, 324).

NOTE: It is not mandatory for a judge to order someone on supervised release to get Mental Health Treatment. John A. Gotti was not forced to get Mental Health Treatment.

It should be clear though from all of John Alite’s lies and deviant behavior that he needs Mental Health Treatment.

The following are excerpts from John Alite’s sentencing documents.

Their authenticity can be verified at

John Alite was ordered to get Mental Health Treatment when he was first sentenced in April, 2011:


When he was re-sentenced in January, 2012 nothing had changed:


This is how U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services characterizes those who need Mental Health Treatment:












Mental_Health_Treatment1 Mental_Health_Treatment2













Hopefully John Alite gets Mental Health Treatment.



  • I wonder if the few people supporting #alite would allow their children to be alone with him for any period of time? I think not.

  • Who’s monitoring him? One of his requirements are also to stay away from known felons but it’s clear he’s not from pics I’ve seen! Mental health issues I’m not surprised but his recent behavior proofs he needs a new physiatrist this one doesn’t seem to be helping much!

  • Inside sources say he has been on crying fits, making irrational statements, confused which restroom to use.

  • I am in need of name and address of this freaks probation officer, if he is not suppose to be out of new jersey what the hel lwas he doing in howard beach ?, they are not hiring dish washers in howard beach

  • You may want to ask if the freak is allowed to drink alcohol, frequent bars ect., he always seems intoxicated or high in his fashion shots.

  • starting to feel guilty alite is a shrinking little dwarf my goal is to out him


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