John Alite: Wrote A Letter to John A. Gotti

One of the craziest lies John Alite has told about John A. Gotti is that he saved a letter Alite wrote to him for fifteen years because Gotti was going to use it to “cooperate” against him.

From his March, 2015 appearance on One on One with Steve Adubato:

“He held a letter of mine for fifteen years, he said that, I was a lowlife guy, low level this. Well, you only hold that letter for fifteen years then since we’re not close because you were gonna cooperate and use it against me, which you did.”

Which is a little out there.

In my interviews with John A. Gotti he told me that he received “dozens of letters” from John Alite in the years after he chased him from the Gambino family and would have nothing to do with him. He said he would not see or speak to him in any way after he gave him the boot in November, 1991, so, Alite would send him letters, father’s day cards, birthday cards, etc. to get back in his good graces, but, Gotti would just throw them out.

However, it happened that he saved the one in question (from 1993) by accident– he’d thrown it into a miscellaneous box filled with cards and letters from all kinds of people– and it was discovered years later not by Gotti, who had forgotten about it, but, by the Organized Crime Task Force in a dingy basement on 106th Street filled with thousands of files and documents, a makeshift warehouse of sorts when they raided it in February, 1997.

Gotti said everything was moved there from his office which was several blocks away by his associate Michael McLaughlin who was in charge of it and then all the contents were seized by the OCTF which inventoried and photographed everything turning all the documents into official legal files before giving them back. Later on while Gotti was in jail his brother Peter went through the inventory list supplied by the OCTF and saw that there was a letter listed on there, signed by a “Johnny,” but he did not know what Johnny it was from.

Knowing several of them Peter Gotti pulled it out and soon realized the letter was from John Alite, who, by that point, was believed to have been an FBI informant. The letter was then put aside in case it would be needed at a later date and good thing it was because the letter was a major help in exposing John Alite at trial.

But, even if Gotti had saved it intentionally… in 1993… How is that planning to rat on Alite? Especially since John Alite testified against Gotti, not the opposite, and the letter does not even describe any of Alite’s criminal activity. If anything Gotti should have saved ALL of Alite’s correspondence just to protect himself against this cooperator for the future.

Judge for yourself though and read, print or download the full letter here:


But first, read the quote below from Jerry Capeci/Gang Land News that George Anastasia would have seen (along with the letter itself since it was entered into public evidence) before writing his book of lies especially since Anastasia is a longtime contributor who wrote an article for Gang Land News during the 2009 Gotti trial and even wrote an article for Gang Land today… and specifically, since in 2015 John Alite called Capeci one of “the best in the business” in an interview with John Ricciutti and referred to him as “the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out” during his speech at The Mob Museum.

December 31st, 2009

The Dumbest Letter Writer (Government Witness): John Alite for the one he wrote to Junior Gotti on yellow legal paper back in 1993 that he ended with, “I miss ya! I’ll always keep writing, I hope you at least read these before you throw them out.” The letter, which also told how he was earning money working construction, showed that contrary to his trial testimony, Alite was not flushed with cash, and at the time, was trying to ingratiate himself with Gotti, not the opposite.

Gang Land is a paid-subscription website but you can read a shortened version of the article free at The Huffington Post. Click the images for the full letter:





  • JGjr tactical mistake made was putting a weak guy as a friend like alyte, even if he was a nobody, just car washer, parkling lot valet for thier cars – / now look what was created a total fraud. scarpa was a fraud & top informant of the fbi- alyte was nothing, is nothing, and will end nothing. Me i nevrr had the streak in me to be a tough guy, if it was not for greg i would have been still working a bath house in NYC

    • But that would contradict everything Jr is saying. Jr basically says, Alite was a nobody. Meanwhile he was attached to the fucking hip with Alite. Which is it?

      • my brother was more of a teen age friend hang around, when they matured gotti cut him loose, and most important my brother had NO contact with the father, PERIOD. NO ONE WITH CREDIBILITY CAN SAY MY BROTHER WAS ANYTHING BUT A LOW LEVEL THUG.


  • jason hi pal, hows ur bro? i guess this is the albanian flava of a nortorious killa hitman, yea he was the shot caller alright LOL bath ave 4 eva

  • Francesco Frank Fiordilino

    when i was in the can the fellas thought i was a polish or some sh-t you kno my bald head and blue eyes I write letters like this to all kinds of people i wanted out no one helped so not was a queen for 24hrs i had a beuaty pagent named after me loving virginia

  • Jimmy Calandra here from Bath Avenue. Johnny Alite was always a wanna be gangster who could never finish a sentence without lying. The streets know the truth about Alite, don’t take it from me.

  • why did you flip tough guy

  • Aliar and his federal handlers are in bed with entertainment…the handlers cover for John so they don’t get discredited as he embellishes and pathologicaly spins his James Bond tales ..John is the biggest liar I’ve ever come across on the internet….the fbi created a monster

    • his handlers love the alite types, he is willing to lie without hesitation, they hope he stirs up enough bad blood that someone acts out or is angry enough, so the feds can frame them.

      to calandra, answer the guys question from above, would paulie g green lighted you for your co operating?

  • Greg were you on Dr,phil?

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