There are several main ways to support this website — really, this cause:

  1. Send it to everyone who has fallen for the fraud that Alite and Anastasia are engaging in, especially, journalists and hosts they are doing or have done interviews with and tell them how you feel.
  2. Go through Alite’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and send this website to everyone who follows him, has commented on and or Liked his posts, and, invite them to instead Like/Follow the JOHN ALITE FACTS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
  3. Leave comments on all of the videos featuring John Alite on YouTube, the various news articles covering him or written by George Anastasia across the internet as well as the reviews of their book on Amazon.
  4. Purchase any of the products below and leave Honest reviews on Amazon.
  5. Contact us with any information you have about John Alite’s lies or crimes, especially if you were a victim.
  6. Make a financial contribution through the PayPal link below:


Thank You for Your Support!!

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