Ronnie Trucchio Did Not Rat Out John Alite

To excuse his own actions and justify his becoming an informant John Alite keeps saying that one of his “bosses,” alleged Gambino captain Ronald ‘Ronnie One-Arm’ Trucchio “ratted on” him while he was in prison in Brazil (which is a lie because Ronnie Trucchio is currently doing life plus twenty years in a maximum-security federal penitentiary).


Alite’s argument however is that Trucchio, who was charged in the same indictment with him out of Tampa, Florida in August, 2004– one that said Alite ran a Gambino crew there which answered to Trucchio in New York– Alite says that Trucchio “ratted on” him by blaming the whole case on him in his opening statement (Trucchio was representing himself because his attorney Joseph Corozzo was busy with another case in New York).

But, what John Alite never mentions is that opening statements are not considered sworn testimony. Whatever Trucchio did or did not say falls under the rule of hearsay and could not be used to hurt Alite in future trials. It’s inadmissible. The opening statement is not testimony, it is merely an introduction to the case.

Regardless, John Alite continues to trash Trucchio who, from what I am told and what the evidence suggests, had nothing to do with Alite’s activities in Tampa and caught a bum rap because he would simply hello Alite here and there… even when he was not supposed to.

John Alite was chased by John A. Gotti from his crew in November, 1991 and kicked out of his association with the Gambino family. From that point forward no Gambinos were supposed to do business with him and Alite was to get the cold shoulder if he came around.

So, if Alite was in fact using Trucchio’s name to muscle people in Tampa, Florida during his activities there? It was not on record with the Gambino family. In all likelihood Alite was doing it on his own and without Trucchio’s knowledge.

“Johnny Alite used and manipulated Ronnie Trucchio,” a knowledge source said. “That’s what happened. And now he trashes him because he’s a piece of trash garbage himself. Ronnie wouldn’t have got indicted even if it wasn’t for Arat dropping his name all over the place in Tampa. If Johnny Alite’s the changed man he’s claiming to be than he should come forward and change his story and say Ronnie had nothing to do with it.”

Whatever happened or didn’t, all this website knows is that multiple people interviewed have said that Ronald Trucchio liked John Alite and had a soft spot for him.

In fact, he even made John Alite a co-godfather to his daughter– he stood in for Vincent Gotti, who couldn’t be there, in the 1980s (before Alite was chased)– and from what I am told Trucchio would help Alite when he could. For instance, if someone wanted to hurt Alite? Trucchio would step in and say to leave the guy alone. “Do me a favor, he’s my daughter’s godfather.” Things of that nature. That while he was not allowed to do business with John Alite he protected him on multiple occasions, that he even saved his life on multiple occasions and that no matter what Alite asked Trucchio he would always try to help him whenever he could if he had a problem, even lending him money on multiple occasions (as he was not the big, multi-millionaire narcotics trafficker he claims to have been).

But: Alite himself was a problem.

Such a problem that because Ronnie Trucchio tried to help him over and over again he is now doing life (plus 20 years from a separate case) in federal prison.

Yet unlike Alite, Trucchio is a man.

Even with failing health and significant physical disabilities– asthma, emphysema, arthritis, joint replacement, Hepatitis C, chronic pain, and– he only has the use of one of his arms and needs other inmates to do things for him like clip his nails and tie his shoes– Trucchio is still doing his time without ratting.


Unlike Alite, who, in the same phone conversations he had while in prison in Brazil with Trucchio’s lawyer Joseph Corozzo and his private investigator Larry Frost to give information to help Trucchio separate himself from Alite and beat his case… to prove that Trucchio had nothing to do with Tampa, and had no business relationship with Alite…

During these conversations where Alite now claims he “learned” Trucchio blamed the case on him and ratted him out Alite actually admitted to himself being a longtime informant and having a longtime relationship with FBI Agent Jason Randazzo, of the Gambino squad, who Alite even suggested they subpoena to back up that information (which there is no mention of in Alite’s book and interviews, of course).

The following are excerpts from transcripts of the phone calls. They were transcribed by Geri Russo.

Page 9:


Page 11:


The following is an excerpt from a letter Alite wrote (Alite, John 3506-191) to an associate in the U.S. while in prison in Brazil. In it he mentions that he discussed his relationship with Trucchio with Agent Randazzo– which by his own standards, just because he met with someone in law enforcement, means he was ratting.

This letter was entered into public evidence in the Gotti trial which George Anastasia would have seen before writing his book of lies. 

Why didn’t he include it in his book?

Pages 5-6:



All this website knows is that Ronald Trucchio was convicted in the Tampa case in 2006 before Alite was even extradited back from Brazil, months before he now claims he signed his deal to testify for the FBI in 2007, and, if Ronnie Trucchio was only half the “rat” John Alite makes him out to be?

It would be John Alite doing life in prison and not the other way around.

Gotti (Cross, 2143):


Ronald Trucchio did not rat out John Alite, the guy is most likely going to die in prison suffering from more illnesses and disabilities than the average man could handle and still, all John Alite does is trash the guy right and left every chance he gets.

What a way for John Alite to pay back the man who allegedly went out of his way to save his life on multiple occasions.

If it wasn’t for John Alite would Ronnie Trucchio have even gotten indicted, and if it wasn’t for Ronnie Trucchio, would John Alite even still be alive?




  • How very sad the only person willing to help him he turned on and continues to trash! I say since he’s this big changed man he should prove it and ADMITT he lied!!! But I won’t hold my breath.

  • He is a demon that has taken on flesh.

  • So he is calling someone a rat for defending themselves in court by saying a opening statement?
    That would be like calling Jackie Dinorscio ( a guy well respected for never opening his mouth while
    many around him did ) who without a lawyer in court was the reason almost 80 people were found
    not guilty. Yet he still did his time and the year he got out of jail, he died with his head held high. You
    can look him up and he will tell the truth about rats like Arat. Arat is going to say that Jackie is a snitch
    too ?? SMH. It’s sick that they are making ratfiction movies about idiots like Arat and Henry Hill. Even
    though Goodfellas was a good movie, it was mostly fiction.

  • How can i write to trucchio

  • salvatore D'Agostino

    I write ronnie all rhe time and i visit him he’s a stand up guy with a big heart

    • Need his State ID so we can send him a letter and package for always being standup guy , I tied his sneakers for him Rikers. Howard Beach Ozone Park my old neighborhood land of Wise Guys lived around the corner from Vincent Asaro.

  • Salvi do you tell him you support alite,that you write nicey nice touching comments to him on face book?

    • salvatore D'Agostino

      Bobby I’am not sure if you mean me ?, but why would I support someone who put a close friend of mine away for life ? It just didn”t make sense mistreating ,him , remember just because John cooperated , doesn’t mean he’s not a killer he’ll always be a killer, and Alite was always good to me, I wasnt involved in the rackets. I didnt wanna make him angry I know john well , he was always crazy dont want him comin after me. take care Bobby I hope this explaination helps. Godbless

      • you a punk so is John alite and John gotti jr.. JR thought who he was when his father was around, he never was a street guy, That whole gotti family is a joke..

  • A real Albanian

    This article is such bullshit. Anyone can look up prestige valet on and see it was owned by started by John Alite is 1995 and Terry Scaglione became a partner in 2000. John had a NJ address. He wasn’t acted alone and this article is full of shit. Why don’t you do your research and publish the corporation records? Terry’s father was part of the trafficante family back in the day.

  • I stood around Ronnie for 20 years. Alite was a coke crazed jerkoff that Ronnie got out of a thousand scrapes. He couldn’t hold Ronnies jock strap.

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    Alite was spotted in Atlantic City ….. Peek -a- Boo Johnny…

  • P.S. Alite… Being a piece of shit killer, doesn’t make you a tough guy….REMEMBER THAT RAT! I’m not from your school.
    I’m from a totally different school…. It’s called “My Way”…. Have nice nightmares!

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