Alite and Anastasia: Lie about John A. Gotti’s Retirement

John Alite and George Anastasia have lied many times that a tape recording was made of John A. Gotti in prison at FCI Ray Brook in 2003 where he “complained” about being demoted from boss to captain, contradicting Gotti’s claim that he retired from organized crime.

Before dismantling their statements watch George Anastasia discuss this in March, 2015 on One on One with Steve Adubato, the one interview where this came up that he and Alite were together.


Adubato: “George, let me ask you. The Gottis– John Gotti, Jr., who, by the way he said he retired.”

Anastasia: “Yeah.”

Adubato: (Looks at Alite, who is smiling) “You’re laughing.” (To Anastasia) “Can you retire? Did he retire?”

Anastasia: “Well, here’s the thing, you know, I, I understand that was his defense. Two things: Uh, a Philadelphia mobster came out of prison after he had been in prison with John– Junior. Met with John, and said, Junior wants me to get made, wants to take me to New York. He wants you to take me to New York, New York to get made. If Gotti Jr. is out of the mob how can he make somebody? Second thing: There’s a tape from prison where John Gotti Jr. is bitching and moaning and complaining because he’s been busted from a rank of boss to capo. This is around 2002, 2003. If you’ve quit the mob why do you care if you’ve been busted? So there’s a lot of things in the whole fabric of this story that are disingenuous.”

1) As to the alleged prison tape:

If a recording from 2002 or 2003 existed where John A. Gotti was “bitching and moaning and complaining because” he was “busted from a rank of boss to capo” he would not have avoided conviction at four straight racketeering trials between 2005 and 2009 where the main facet of his defense was that he retired from organized crime in the 1990s.

Which begs the question:

Why would John Alite and George Anastasia lie about such a tape existing? Did they even listen to any of the Ray Brook tapes? When George Anastasia told Steve Adubato that “there’s a lot of things in the whole fabric of this story that are disingenuous,” was he really just talking about his own? About Alite’s?

2) As to John A. Gotti wanting John Alite to “take” someone to New York to get made:

George Anastasia is a seasoned ‘journalist’ with over 40 years of experience and knows full well that without proof to back up John Alite, a proven liar’s claims, nothing he says can be considered fact especially since the person John A. Gotti allegedly wanted to make, John ‘Johnny Gongs’ Casasanto was murdered in 2003 and is not here to refute Alite’s claims.

In addition, their book does not even say that Gotti wanted Alite to “take” Casasanto to New York to get made.

What Gotti’s Rules does say on page 237 is that after Casasanto got out of prison in 2001 Casasanto told Alite, and others, that Gotti had suggested moving to New York where Gotti would make Casasanto a Gambino… and that Alite then met with Peter Gotti, John A. Gotti’s younger brother to verify Casasanto’s story.

In fact, it even says they met inside Peter Gotti’s deli.

PROBLEM: If George Anastasia had done his research and John Alite was really an insider they would have known that Peter Gotti never owned a deli, Peter Gotti owned Uncle Crumm’s, a bakery.

But then there is the common sense question of why would Gotti want Alite, a non-made, non-Italian to “take” Casasanto to New York to get made? Surely Gotti must have had plenty of Italians to do this for him if he was the “acting boss” like Alite and Anastasia claim.

NOTE: In this same interview at 09:38 Alite even says “Correct” when asked if Gotti was still running the family (in 2006), contradicting their theory that Gotti was demoted from acting boss.

3) Back to the tapes:

Many recordings were secretly made of John A. Gotti in the visiting room at FCI Ray Brook between 2003 and 2004 but what Alite and Anastasia did not include in their book and interviews is that those tapes had Gotti telling his visitors that he was done with organized crime and if they were involved then he would have nothing to do with them either.

In fact, one tape from March 23, 2003 even had Gotti saying that, after hearing Alite showed up on property he owned, Gotti said he hadn’t seen Alite in 12 years and wanted nothing to do with him specifically (reaffirming that John Alite had been chased and was no longer a Gambino associate after 1991):


Why didn’t George Anastasia include that in his book?

Because it was played at the 2009 Gotti trial, and, you can find the transcript of it along with many others from the Ray Brook tapes in Shadow of My Father.


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