John Alite: Informant Since 1991

John Alite has been an informant since at least 1991.

Possibly 1989. Never wanting to be known as a rat, evidenced by the numerous interviews where he’s refused to call himself one, it’s believed his deal was always to be a confidential informant providing information to law enforcement behind the scenes while never having to take the stand and become a cooperating witness. However, he finally signed his deal to take the stand in 2007 after he was extradited back to the U.S. from Brazil when it was clear he couldn’t secretly snitch his way out of the indictment he was charged with in Tampa, Florida in 2004.

And, when he did take the stand?

John Alite admitted under oath at the 2009 John A. Gotti trial that he’d told FBI agents in the 1990s that he would tell them whatever they wanted to know, as a confidential informant, but that he did not want to take the stand and become a cooperating witness, something George Anastasia disregarded when propping Alite up in his book of lies which Alite also refuses to acknowledge when lying through his teeth in various interviews, repeating that he did not become a cooperator until after his extradition from Brazil.

This post presents rock-solid proof of John Alite cooperating with law enforcement long before he was extradited back to the United States broken down into the following sections:

  1. The 302 of John Alite saying that he was accused of being an informant “in approximately 1990.”
  2. The kidnapping-assault case it’s believed John Alite flipped over in 1991, possibly 1989 or 1990.
  3. John Alite’s longtime relationship with FBI Agent David Gentile.
  4. John Alite’s longtime relationship with FBI Agent Jason Randazzo.
  5. John Alite’s testimony at a 1999 grand jury.
  6. John Alite being called “a rat” by the alleged Albanian mob in 2005.
  7. The letter John Alite wrote while in prison in Brazil in which he threatened to rat people out in the U.S. if they did not send him money in Brazil.
  8. The charges John Alite filed against a prison guard in Brazil in 2006.
  9. The lawsuit John Alite filed against his Florida attorney Howard Srebnick after he was extradited to the U.S. for not getting him a deal to testify while he was still in Brazil.
  10. Conclusion: John Alite fulfilled his own qualifications for being “a Rat.”

Part 1: The 302

During Alite’s FBI debriefings after he was extradited from Brazil a 302-memo (3506-87) was recorded of Alite saying that “in approximately 1990” (according to John A. Gotti it was really November, 1991) Gambino soldier Anthony ‘Tony Pep’ Trentacosta obtained information from a police officer that Alite was an informant.

Why is this important? BECAUSE ALITE DID NOT DENY IT.


Part 2: The New Jersey Kidnapping-Assault

It’s believed John Alite first became a confidential FBI informant in or before 1991 when he was facing serious prison time for THE ASSAULT AND KIDNAPPING of a New Jersey contractor in 1989.

Watch video clips of this “changed man” not only describing the attack, but, smiling while he does it before proceeding.

It’s believed John Alite only did 65 DAYS for this when anyone else would have got 65 YEARS.

A Hit Man’s Secrets (CBS Philly):

Walt Hunter: “He was convicted of attacking a contractor he suspected of trying to cheat him.”

John Alite: “I, uh, beat him up, pistol whipped him, stripped him down naked, it was probably about, uh, 30 degrees at the time. And I made him get in the lake and I made him go under the water and I just played around shooting at him. And, uh, you know purposely missing him, but I told him if ya come up you’re gonna get struck with a bullet.”

The Mafia with Trevor McDonald (Part One):

John Alite: “And I ended up going to prison for that. And another was, uh”

Trevor McDonald: “What, did you shoot him? You shot him?”

John Alite: “Uh, pistol whipped him with it. Beat him up, stripped him down, threw him in the lake, and uh–“

Trevor McDonald: “So you took all his clothes off, you mean?”

John Alite: “Yeah, I uh, ripped his clothes off. Broke his, uh, eye socket, knocked some teeth out, broke his hand, I believe.”

More about the beating from Gang Land News, December 3rd, 2009:

NOTE: Gang Land is a paid-subscription website, but, a shortened version of this article can be read free at The Huffington Post.

one that stuck in Gang Land’s craw was the story of the stunningly brutal beating that Alite doled out to an electrician who had used Alite’s New Jersey home to have sex with his girlfriend while Alite was off on his honeymoon. Why this offense required such vicious retribution was one question that surely gave jurors pause.

In his direct testimony, Alite said he lured the electrician back to his house with a promise of more cash. When he arrived, Alite beat him senseless and tortured him while the guy’s wife waited for him outside in their car to drive back to Delaware, where they lived. He told the tale with great relish: 

“I stripped him down. I piped him. I broke his ribs, his jaw, I believe his arm, and I threw him in my lake. It was about 30 degrees. I said, ‘You want to make an asshole out of me, I’m gonna make one of you.’ I was shooting at him, and I told him to stay under water,” he testified. “Then I took him out of the lake, tied him up naked, put him in my garage, and I had all the security dogs (12-to-15 of them) so he couldn’t leave the garage, and I went to dinner….”


That’s how long this website believes he did for that. 65 days and it wasn’t even his first offense, John Alite had already gone on probation in California after being charged there in 1983 and 86 for assault and battery, assault on a peace officer/fireman, battery, false identification to a peace officer, theft and vandalism.

Not to mention: He was again sentenced to probation in New York in 1988 after he was caught with a gun and charged in 1987 with criminal possession of a weapon, obstruction, speeding, unsafe driving and driving without a license:


Did John Alite provide information to avoid serving time in those cases?

All this website knows is that for the New Jersey kidnapping-assault– while he was on probation– he was only assigned 90 days in the Camden County jail:


90 Days of which he only served 65 for nearly killing, torturing and causing permanent damage not to a criminal, but a civilian.

Yet how did Alite and Anastasia explain his short sentence in their book? They said on page 160 that Alite was offered a seven-year plea deal of which he’d only have to serve two or three, however, Alite rejected it when he found out that Robert ‘Bobby Cabert’ Bisaccia, a New Jersey-based Gambino capo could pull a string and get him a better deal. Anastasia wrote that Bisaccia had ties to law enforcement and because of his connections Alite was able to plead to a one-year sentence of which he only served 3 or 4 months.


1- There would have been no reason for prosecutors to offer Alite a seven-year plea deal when such a heinous act could have easily put him away for decades especially since he was a known organized crime associate already on probation with prior convictions for assault and gun charges in two other states.

2- Bisaccia was under heavy investigation at the time, his house and club were bugged and nowhere on the surveillance does he mention doing a favor of this magnitude for Alite. Bisaccia was even out on bail since 1989 on a major New Jersey state case for which he went to trial in 1992 and was convicted in March, 1993 and received 40 years.

After which, he was indicted for murder in federal court in April, 1993, went on trial that November and was convicted all over again, this time receiving a life sentence.

But, even though he couldn’t keep himself out of trouble Alite is saying that Bisaccia got him out of trouble?

Funny. Nowhere in Alite’s trial testimony or any government document I have seen does Alite claim that a Gambino capo worked out a deal for him on a kidnapping-assault case in New Jersey. There would have been a corruption investigation into whichever government officials fixed it for him, and, Alite would have been cross-examined over it, not to mention, the prosecution would have brought up a Gambino capo fixing a kidnapping-assault case for Alite through corrupt government officials when introducing him to the jury because it would have presented Alite as a big-shot and made him a much more credible witness…

But: They didn’t.

3- Getting someone such a sweet plea deal for such a heinous crime, especially since Bisaccia was under indictment, would have been a huge favor and why would Bisaccia waste it on Alite, someone he didn’t even know?

Not only do the words “Cabert” and “Bisaccia” come up at no other point in Alite’s book (just in those two sentences on page 160 and a Gambino membership chart in the photos section, which, does not include Alite on it), in my interviews with John A. Gotti he even told me that Bisaccia, a friend of his/his father’s who after his father was arrested in 1990, he would have dinner once a week with, to be briefed on what was happening in New Jersey, sometime in the early 1990s after he’d chased Alite from his crew–

Gotti said he did so in November, 1991 after Gambino underboss Sammy Gravano flipped and John Gotti Sr. ordered the Family to clean house, to chase away anyone they thought wasn’t built right, however, Gotti said that Alite was already about to be chased for other reasons, but coincidentally, right after Gravano flipped Tony Pep Trentacosta got word from his police source that Alite was an informant, so, it just added to the reasons of why Alite was being chased

Sometime after this, over dinner, John A. Gotti said that Bisaccia asked him who “Johnny Aletto” was. That Bisaccia mentioned that mobsters from the Philadelphia Family asked him if Aletto was who he said he was, an Italian member of Gotti’s crew now operating in the Philadelphia area where Alite turned up after Gotti chased him from his Queens crew. He also said that “Aletto” wasn’t doing business with made members of the Philadelphia mob, but, he was in contact with low level, rogue people who were on the fringes of it.

So? Gotti passed a message back that his name was really Alite, not an Italian but an Albanian who was chased from the Gambino family which wanted nothing to do with him, after which, the Philly guys passed another message back asking if there was “a problem” with him, and even offered “to hurt him”– to kill him— if Gotti and the Gambinos so desired. Instead though, Gotti just said not to do business with him. He repeated that he was chased, and didn’t get involved, indirectly saving Alite’s life– again– as when Gotti chased Alite in 1991 he said people wanted him to instead kill him.

Back to the point:

It is believed this vicious assault is what first put Alite on record as a confidential informant with the FBI, not agreeing to testify for them but to provide information behind the scenes on Gotti Jr. and anyone else he could.

But when I asked Gotti why he wasn’t suspicious of Alite going to jail for such a short time for such a demented crime? Of how he even made bail for it? He told me that he had no idea what really happened until much, much later and that when Alite went off to jail for a few months in 1991 he thought it was for a minor assault. A fight or something out in South Jersey, some local nonsense. “We all had those,” he said.

Then a few months after Alite’s return he got the word from Trentacosta in November, 1991 that Alite was cooperating.

Part 3: FBI Agent David Gentile

In Gotti’s Rules (249-250) Anastasia wrote that John Alite first met former FBI Agent David Gentile, who retired in 2003, sometime around 2002 after meeting him by chance at a hockey rink in New Jersey as Alite’s son and Gentile’s grandson played on teams that were practicing there.

And: that after getting to know and befriending each other Alite opened up and discussed his situation with him. Told Gentile about the eventual indictment he knew was coming… and that Alite was struggling with that to do. Where he would go. Anastasia wrote that Alite ran “scenarios” by Gentile and that Gentile said the best move was to just come in and become a full-fledged cooperator, now, ahead of time, before any charges were pressed so Alite would receive the best deal possible.

However: While Anastasia wrote that Alite wasn’t ready for all that he made it clear that Alite was considering becoming a full-fledged government cooperator who would testify long before he was ever extradited back from Brazil.

What Anastasia left out though is what Gentile stated in a 2015 television interview with John Ricciutti:

“When he went on the run, uh, when he became a fugitive, uh, and he was in South America, he called me many times, asking for advice. I’d like to think and I think John would tell you that I helped save his life.”

Question: What kind of big-shot international mobster “on the run” calls an FBI Agent asking for advice?

Ask any mobster or mob expert and they’d tell you with certainty that only an informant would.

Regardless: While Gentile also said in the interview that he met Alite over hockey, something Alite also alleged on the witness stand during the 2009 Gotti trial, John Alite testified under oath that he did not meet Gentile in 2002 like Anastasia wrote but in “99 or 2000” and that he was “talking to him every day”:

Gotti (Cross, 1956-1957):




Aside from revealing yet another contradiction between their book and John Alite’s sworn testimony– Anastasia wrote that Alite’s son was 11 and Gentile’s grandson was 10 when they met, not 6 or 7 like Alite said above–

It is believed Alite did not meet Gentile in 1999, 2000 or 2002 but sometime in the early 1990s when Alite was living in South Jersey under the jurisdiction of Gentile’s Philadelphia FBI office and that their story of meeting at a hockey rink may have been a lie created to cover up that Alite was an informant since at least 1991, passing information to Gentile and others, something that certain FBI agents may not have wanted known publicly when he testified at the Gotti and Carneglia trials in 2009.


It is explained in more detail at the conclusion of this post, but in short, Alite admitted to participating in numerous violent crimes during the 1990s including the murder of drug dealers Bruce Gotterup in November, 1991 and John Gebert in July, 1996 and if it was revealed he did this while an active FBI informant his credibility would have been shattered and the Feds would not have been able to use him to indict and testify as the star witness against John A. Gotti, one of the FBI’s top targets, in 2009 as FBI informants are not allowed to participate in violent crimes, let alone drug murders.

Notice Alite’s testimony from Page 1957 of the Gotti trial above, lines 21-23, of how he said he was “not sure” if Gentile was an active or retired agent when they met? That’s not something John Alite would have forgot, especially if he was an active criminal, and it appears John Alite was stumbling over himself trying to avoid getting caught in a trap on the stand.

Especially since during unguarded moments in 2015 when he was speaking freely and not under the pressure of a grueling, high stakes cross-examination John Alite said the following about how long he’s known David Gentile:

In his speech at The Mob Museum:

“I have a really dear friend that helped me who’s an ex-FBI agent… he’s like an older brother to me, he’s done the right thing my whole life… That’s Dave Gentile… He’s a guy that never gave up on me, even when I wouldn’t listen to him for 20 years, he never gave up on me.”

Twenty years? It hasn’t been 20 years since 1999, 2000 or 2002.

It gets better though:

In a later television interview with John Ricciutti Alite stated that he did not meet Gentile in 1999, 2000 or 2002, but, “in the early 90s”:

John Ricciutti: “Tell me about Dave Gentile.”

John Alite: “I gotta smile when you tell, Dave is uh, a guy that was an ex-FBI Agent that I met at hockey, uh, with his grandson, who’s basically his son. He raised him.”

John Ricciutti: “Is this after you had served, uh, time in prison, or?”

John Alite: “No. This is, uh, prior. We met in the early 90s.

Exactly when it’s believed John Alite first became a confidential FBI informant.

Part 4: FBI Agent Jason Randazzo

During the 2009 Gotti trial John Alite was also prodded over his longtime relationship with FBI Agent Jason Randazzo, of the Gambino squad, who there is no mention of in his book, which is interesting, because during the trial Alite even testified they were so close that not only did Alite have his personal, private phone number, but, in the 1990s when Alite thought the Gambinos wanted to kill him Randazzo offered for Alite to move in and live with him.

Why didn’t George Anastasia include that in his book?

Gotti (Cross, 1937):


Gotti (Cross, 1950):


Further evidence of John Alite and FBI Agent Jason Randazzo’s longtime relationship:

John Alite has said that after he was indicted with alleged Gambino captain Ronald “Ronnie One Arm” Trucchio and others in Tampa, Florida in 2004, and then arrested in Brazil, he spoke to Trucchio’s lawyer Joseph Corozzo and his private investigator Larry Frost via smuggled cellphones. Alite says that it was during these conversations, in 2006, when he was providing information to them to help Trucchio beat his case he learned that John A. Gotti was ratting him out in New York.

However, the truth is that during these conversations Alite actually admitted to himself being a longtime informant.

The following are excerpts of Alite’s conversations with Frost, transcribed by Geri Russo. Here Alite is providing information to help separate himself from Trucchio as the indictment stated that Alite ran a Gambino crew in Tampa which reported to Trucchio in New York when Trucchio really had nothing to do with what was going on in Tampa.

In these conversations Alite even suggested that Trucchio subpoena FBI Agent Jason Randazzo at the trial as Alite said that when discussing Trucchio and Gambino business with Randazzo and other FBI Agents in the 1990s Alite made it clear that he was not affiliated with Trucchio.

NOTE: By providing information about Gambino business to the FBI Agents John Alite was Ratting.

Page 11:


Page 18:AratFrost18JAF

Further evidence of John Alite’s relationship with and informing to FBI Jason Randazzo:

While in prison in Brazil John Alite also wrote a letter (Alite, John 3506-191) to an associate in the U.S. discussing the indictment in Tampa where Alite described his relationship with Randazzo, who he wrote “Investigates the Gambinos”, mentioning how they spoke “Plenty of times” and how he discussed Trucchio/Gambino business with Randazzo.

Entered into public evidence in the Gotti trial, Anastasia would have seen this if he read the court documents like he claims especially since it is yet another place where Alite described being so close to Randazzo that he asked Alite to live with him.

Why didn’t George Anastasia include this in his book?

Pages 5-6:



Part 5: The Grand Jury

During the Gotti trial John Alite was also cross-examined by Charles Carnesi over a May 11, 1999 grand jury which Alite testified at.

John Alite even admitted to Carnesi, under oath, that not only did he provide information to the prosecutors and agents on the stand at the grand jury but afterwards, in private, telling the officials that while he would not testify at a trial he would tell them whatever they wanted to know about Joe O’Kane, Vito Guzzo, John Gotti Jr. and anyone else behind the scenes, on the sneak.

NOTE: Joe O’Kane, one of the men Alite was subpoenaed to answer questions about at the grand jury was indicted the next month in June, 1999 on racketeering-murder charges and O’Kane said that when going through the discovery materials he realized that one of the sources of information used to indict him for a conspiracy to murder was John Alite, THE RAT.

Gotti (Cross, 1958-1960):




George Anastasia attempted to explain this in their book:

Just like Alite said he brought Michael Malone with him to meet FBI Agent Jason Randazzo in 1995 in the excerpt from The Brazil Calls above Alite also said in his book on page 245 in a version of events differing from his trial testimony that he brought Malone with him to the 1999 grand jury to be his witness that he was not there ratting. To verify what happened in case anyone asked.


Forget the fact that grand juries are sealed and the witnesses subpoenaed are not allowed to bring guests into the room with them– you can bring a lawyer, but, they have to wait outside and if the witness has a question they can pause, go outside and confer with their lawyer, something George Anastasia should know full well having covered crime and the courts for over 40 years as “a journalist”— it should also be noted that John Alite did not even choose to bring a lawyer:

Gotti (Cross, 1960):


Instead John Alite claimed in their book to have brought Michael Malone as his witness that he was not there ratting, when, he’d already said that he brought Malone with him to secretly meet FBI agents in 1995.

In addition: John Alite claims to have brought Michael Malone, not just another individual who would also go on to become a full-fledged government cooperator (if he wasn’t one already), but, someone who Alite described in his Brazil letters (Alite, John 3506-191) as having a heroin problem:

3506191Page3 (2)

What kind of person hangs out with someone who has a heroin problem, but more importantly, brings someone with a heroin problem to meet FBI Agents and (even if they could) to attend a grand jury as a credible witness of what happened there?

More telling than any of that however is that on page 245 of Gotti’s Rules Anastasia actually wrote that before testifying in front of the grand jury Alite was asked to speak in private by a federal prosecutor and two FBI agents.

Alite agreed, Anastasia wrote, but he made sure Malone was present also, as his witness. Then, the Feds told Alite that he was not their target.

Instead? They asked about Joe O’Kane, Ronnie Trucchio and the Gottis.

And what did Alite do?

Anastasia wrote that he only answered some of their questions honestly.


By answering any of their questions, especially HONESTLY, John Alite was Ratting.

Gotti Trial (Cross, 1968):



The alleged heroin addict that Alite claims he brought to a grand jury as a witness that he was not there informing on anyone? Alite also touched on him and the grand jury while speaking with Larry Frost from Brazil, again emphasizing how he did not bring a lawyer and agreed to tell the agents whatever they wanted to know, just not from a witness stand:

Page 19:


It should also be noted that in their sentencing documents John Alite and Michael Malone were referenced together like some kind of informant tag-team.

Were they providing information to the authorities as a tag-team? This site doesn’t know but it’s worth pointing out that the transcripts from their sentencing hearings were sealed, stopping certain information from getting out:


Part 6: The Albanians

In September, 2005 as John A. Gotti’s first racketeering trial was coming to an end in Manhattan Federal Court and then after the verdict when he was trying to get bail he spent much time in “the bullpen”, the holding area at the courthouse where defendants would wait all day to appear in court or be transported back to jail. During that time he was joined by alleged members of “The Corporation,” or The Alex Rudaj Organization, as the government called them, an alleged Albanian organized crime group headquartered in The Bronx whose trial was about to begin.

Being that John Alite, an Albanian Gotti knew from years back was now in the news as he was indicted in Tampa, Florida with an alleged Gambino captain and was fighting extradition in Brazil Gotti said that out of curiosity he asked Rudaj and The Albanians if they knew him…

To which they replied that John Alite was “a rat” who was not allowed in The Bronx and was shunned by the Albanian community there, something that will be explored at a later date on this website.

To verify that Alex Rudaj and The Albanians believed John Alite was an informant feel free to write them. Their addresses can be located at, the Bureau of Prisons website.

Part 7: The Rat Letter

Yet another thing George Anastasia left out of their book was that while John Alite was incarcerated in Brazil he sent a letter to the United States threatening to rat people out– Nicky Tobia and Phil Baroni specifically– to even put them on MURDERS if they did not send him money in Brazil.

If Alite tells you this is a lie refer him to the articles below from 2009 mentioning it and his testimony from the Charles Carneglia trial (Cross, 3555-3556) verifying it:

Read, print or download the full letter here: Alite, John 3506-192.pdf


Gotti witness admits Suffolk cop extortion attempt – by John Riley, Newsday, 10/8/2009

In Junior Gotti’s web? Mob rat ties L.I. cop, ex-NYPD sleuth to slay – by John Marzulli, NY Daily News, 3/1/2009



Part 8: The Black Eye

While incarcerated in Brazil in August, 2006 John Alite also pulled what’s considered a MAJOR rat-move in jail: filing charges against a guard, in this case, for giving him the black eye in the pictures below (after which he also complained about it to a local newspaper).

NOTE: The story Alite told of being assaulted by the guard in his complaint and his book vary significantly.



Part 9: The Lawsuit

In an interview John Alite’s brother Jimmy– who said he was unaware of his brother John’s cooperation in the 1990s– and that he spoke to his brother John practically every day, sometimes multiple times a day via cellphone when John Alite was in jail in Brazil, Jimmy Alite said that after John Alite was arrested in Brazil he did two things simultaneously:

1- He fought extradition, hoping that he would be allowed to remain in Brazil permanently, free, on the beach and out of reach of the charges pending against him in the United States for which he was facing a possible life sentence.

2- As a backup plan he was exploring full cooperation with the Feds from the day he was arrested in Brazil in November, 2004, so, if he was extradited he would eventually be able to testify his way out of prison.

This is backed by up by an interview John A. Gotti’s private investigator Jerry Gardner conducted over May 21-22, 2009 with Romie Schulman, a woman Alite stayed with in Florida before he fled the United States in 2003. Schulman said that Alite abused drugs and told her Gotti “threw him to the wolves” when he chased him and that Alite always held a grudge against him for it afterwards. And, that Alite was already talking about testifying before he left, that the Feds wanted John A. Gotti and not him and he was now prepared to testify against him in court. To use John A. Gotti as a get-out-jail-free-card.

Then after Alite was arrested in Brazil he retained Florida based attorney Howard Srebnick for the specific purpose of getting him a deal to testify for the federal government. However, when such a deal did not materialize, after his extradition back to the U.S. John Alite sued Srebnick for Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.

Specifically: for not getting him a deal to testify when he was still incarcerated in Brazil which led to Alite receiving a $275,000 refund for legal fees paid by Alite’s family.

From Shadow of My Father, the following is a transcript of a December, 2007 phone conversation between John Alite and FBI Agent Ted Otto recorded while he was in witness protection. Notice Alite’s words: “I retained you under false pretenses.”

This is Alite saying that he retained Srebnick to get him a deal to testify while he was still in Brazil, but he didn’t, he was lied to, and was planning to sue Srebnick for not getting him a deal to testify while he was still in Brazil.

SOMFRatCall1 SOMFRatCall2Red


Aside from John Alite stating on Facebook that someone is “considered a Rat” just for meeting government officials “to talk,” admitting the existence of the Mafia, or for filing lawsuits (the Srebnick one wasn’t his only one), all of which he did, before he got back from Brazil, so, Alite’s admitting that he was a longtime “Rat”:

It’s a fair question to ask why John Alite did not admit to being a confidential informant since at least 1991 in his trial testimony.

After being accused numerous times on social media by myself and others of being an informant since 1991 Alite even said during a January 5th, 2016 appearance on “The Idiots” with Andy Julia and Ray Anthony (43:00) that John A. Gotti “started getting some of his flunkies saying, well, this guy was cooperating since 1991. Which is a lie. And obviously there would be a 302, if that’s true, since 1991.”

For clarification: An FBI-302 form is drawn up to summarize the notes agents take of their meetings with informants. If they are going to testify the full notes and 302 forms are turned over to the defense as part of the discovery materials.

However: After John A. Gotti’s 2008 indictment, based largely on the word of John Alite, when his defense asked the government for the notes of their meetings with John Alite in the 1990s they replied that they did not have any– which is strange.

Why would there be no notes?

As referenced above, John Alite admitted to participating in numerous violent crimes in the 1990s including assaults, armed robberies, home invasions and the murder of drug dealer John Gebert on July 12, 1996 and even drug dealer Bruce Gotterup on November 20, 1991– just before he was chased— and if it was revealed he did all this while an active FBI informant his credibility would have been shattered and the Feds would not have been able to use him to indict and testify as the star witness against John A. Gotti, one of the FBI’s top targets, in 2009, as FBI informants are not allowed to participate in violent crimes, let alone drug murders.

That would have been motive for certain FBI Agents to destroy notes of any meetings they had with Alite through the 1990s, a theory backed up by The Fact that there are no known notes memorializing FBI Agent Jason Randazzo’s meetings with John Alite in the 1990s when Alite even testified that they were childhood friends and Randazzo, who was in the courtroom during Alite’s testimony and identified by him, even offered him his home when Alite was in fear of his life.

The same goes for former FBI Agent David Gentile who said on television that he was friends and meeting with Alite before his 2004 indictment, and, as Alite claimed, “in the early 90s.”

Because, what if Randazzo, or Gentile, when meeting or just talking on the phone with Alite, a known thug and former Gambino associate accidentally stumbled into a sting of some kind? Appeared on a wiretap or video surveillance? If they didn’t report it they could have been labeled corrupt, lost their jobs and faced indictment similar to if Alite had been spotted meeting with them by the Gambinos but he hadn’t informed his superiors that he had a corrupt agent on his payroll.

If Gentile and Randazzo were meeting with John Alite in the 1990s or early 2000s there would have been official FBI reports memorializing their meetings which would have been turned over to John A. Gotti and his lawyers after he was indicted and the Feds planned to use Alite as their star witness against him, even if John Alite was just meeting them as “friends.”

But, to quote John A. Gotti: “If you’re in the mob, you’re not allowed to be friends with an FBI agent. The only kind of relationship you’d be allowed to have, and your boss would have to be aware of it– and I never was– it would have to be a relationship where the agent is corrupt and they’re giving you information or you’re bribing them. Because, what if you were spotted meeting with them, but your boss didn’t know about it? You’d get a rat label and probably a bullet to go along with it. So, were these agents dirty, giving Alite information? Because if Alite says he wasn’t bad, then he’s saying that the agents were. But of course, the evidence points to Alite being a cooperator since at least 1991.”

To verify the proper protocol John A. Gotti even interviewed two former federal agents, Dan Vogel and Jerry Laveroni before writing his own book, Shadow of My Father:

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The Facts suggest that Alite covered up the true depth of his relationship with Randazzo, Gentile and the other FBI Agents he mentioned while testifying, something that is also backed up by The Fact that no tapes were turned over to John A. Gotti’s defense team of John Alite making phone calls from prison between January-October, 2007 when it is believed John Alite was not only finalizing his deal to testify, but, according to his brother, Jimmy Alite, recruiting other cooperators to testify for the Feds and in doing so may have discussed his earlier cooperation over various prison phone calls which were recorded– by the government.

What is also interesting is that the 302 from Part 1 above memorializing how Alite said that Tony Pep Trentacosta accused him of being an informant “in approximately 1990” was not recorded until 8/17/2009, months after Alite’s testimony in the Charles Carneglia trial and just weeks before the John A. Gotti trial was set to begin. While Alite was not questioned over his relationship with Randazzo and Gentile during his short stint testifying in the Carneglia trial in February, 2009 where he was a minor witness, perhaps the Feds got wind that he was going to be cross-examined over this and discredited by it in the Gotti trial where he was set to be the star witness, with the whole case resting on his shoulders, and certain agents wanted to put something on paper?

If you find yourself asking if this is all a conspiracy theory, the question of why no notes were turned over to John A. Gotti beware that it wasn’t even the first time it happened to John A. Gotti.

After his 1998 racketeering indictment when the Feds could not produce notes of their meetings with a witness they wanted to use against him, who Gotti had never met Michael Blutrich— FBI Agent John ‘Jack’ Karst admitted that he destroyed notes of his meetings with Blutrich and was demoted for it. Go ahead and Google it.

Read how it is believed the reason why the notes were destroyed is because Blutrich plead guilty to downloading child pornography and other related charges and certain agents may not have wanted to be embarrassed by their witness having a thing for kids.

Better yet, read the following quotes from

Why? Because Anastasia is a longtime contributor for Gang Land. In Fact, he even wrote an article for them today, February 18th, 2016, the date this is being published in addition to having written an article for Gang Land during the 2009 Gotti trial and refers to its owner Jerry Capeci in interviews as his “good friend.” He even wrote on page 2 of Gotti’s Rules that Jerry Capeci is “the dean of mob reporters in America.”

Not to mention: John Alite praised Jerry Capeci in 2015 as “the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out” during his speech at The Mob Museum and called him one of “the best in the business” during an interview with John Ricciutti.

SO: Not only would they have seen these articles about Blutrich before they included him in their book, they would have found this information credible:

The Pedophile — November 9, 1998

Blutrich, a former politically connected lawyer who was in bed with the mob as he ran Scores, an upscale topless joint in Manhattan, has stolen millions of dollars from investors in a $400 million fraud.

And while prosecutors often use scam artists as witnesses against mobsters, they rarely use pedophiles, especially those who have had problems with the law because of their relations with little boys, like Blutrich.

In 1994, Blutrich pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges stemming from sexual-abuse allegations from a teenage boy who played on a basketball team that Blutrich managed. The boy’s mother said there were other victims, but that they were “scared off by him because he was a powerful lawyer.” Eventually, she said, she moved her family away from New York.

The boy alleged that Blutrich took him to Scores, gave him a bracelet and other gifts in return for sexual relations. The allegations fueled a probe by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office that uncovered similar charges from other teenage males. Investigators, for example, learned that Blutrich and a 17-year-old boy had rented a Staten Island apartment in 1992.

The Soap Opera — December 14, 1998

Prosecutors added the charges to Gotti’s indictment as they unsealed papers revealing that a key undercover operative for the FBI and a potential witness against Gotti is a child pornography freak.

Michael Blutrich, former general counsel of Scores, the swank Manhattan topless joint, admitted downloading from the Internet to his personal computer about 30 dirty pictures of “minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct” between Dec. 1995 and Nov. 1996, according to the court papers.

At the time, Blutrich, having been recruited by the FBI, was working undercover in the Gotti probe.

FBI Shredding Problem — August 12, 1999

A top Mafia investigator for the FBI has been demoted to street agent for shredding notes he took during numerous interviews of a controversial FBI informer in the John A. (Junior) Gotti case.

FBI agent John (Jack) Karst destroyed his original handwritten notes — as many as 40 pages, sources said — of statements by lawyer Michael Blutrich, a con man/pervert who had owned the topless bar Scores in a secret partnership with the mob.

Why is this important?

It will be explored in more depth later on this website but in short:

George Anastasia wrote on page 173 of their book that John Alite was friends with Michael Blutrich before they were incarcerated and that they even served time together after they both became cooperating witnesses…

However: George Anastasia left out The Fact that Blutrich plead guilty to downloading child pornography and the other charges (and who knows what else he did that he did not plead to) which John Alite “the changed man” would have known about especially since this website has evidence of their ongoing relationship, evidence that Alite and Blutrich are still friends and hang out regularly, today, in 2016.

Two different sources attest to this and have even suggested that they are involved in business ventures together.

NOT TO MENTION: This website has evidence– a witness– confirming that it was Michael Blutrich, a pedophile, who wrote the first draft of Alite’s book while they were cellmates in witness protection, something George Anastasia even alluded to in his 2015 article The Story Behind Gotti’s Rules: 

“Alite came to me with a typed manuscript of more than 300 pages that he and another inmate had put together while they were cellmates in a federal prison. The stories were great. The writing not so good. I used the manuscript as a guide for the next year.”


  1. Why did George Anastasia even mention Blutrich in their book if he was not going to write that he plead guilty to downloading child porn and other related charges? Where is his responsibility as a journalist?
  2. Better yet, why didn’t George Anastasia write in their book that the first draft of it was written by a pedophile?
  3. More importantly, why didn’t Anastasia write, and why hasn’t Alite mentioned, that not only did he feel so comfortable with this pedophile to choose him as the author of his manuscript,


UPDATE – 8/1/2016:

New information has come to light suggesting that the assault complaint John Alite filed against the prison guard in Brazil was fraudulent. That a bribe was paid to create it, to justify Alite’s transfer out of Ary Franco to a lower-security prison, Campo Grande, where the time was much easier and he would have a good chance to escape if he did not beat extradition. Read about that in: The Brazil Files.

What also has come to light though is the casting notice for Alite’s upcoming ‘documentary,’ The Perfect Gangster, where they were looking for someone to play retired FBI Agent David Gentile. The listing does not describe him as having met Alite right before he went on the run in 2003, however, but instead: as “a top FBI agent who was in close communication with John throughout his life as a gangster.”

Does that mean since 1991, when it’s first believed he flipped?




  • I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger piece of shit than Alite in my life. Bad enough he ratted and was a terrible rat at that but to keep going and going is just despicable. Very telling that he ratted on his own brother! No honor just a vile human being.

    • like I don’t know you but I’m going to tell you one thing bro I’m listen to all your interviews and all of them are different none of them match up so I’m not disrespecting you I want to believe what you’re saying but you got to you got to understand where I’m coming from every time you do an interview some of the stories that you tell they get changed so are you jumping in and out of parts and telling different parts of different stories in different areas and different times or are you just lying cuz I don’t take anything on face value

    • dont forget Gene Borello = MURR a total fraud. He claims he “was out there doing things” many “shootings”, lmfaoo never 1 time in any of his shootings did a bullet pierce the skin of another human being. he is a total fraud and everyone in the neighborhood knows the bullets he fired landed landed on the moon. How can the same guy be involved is so many shootings yet never have a shooting victim end up in the hospital? Lets see what Pee Wee herman look alike has to say about this.

  • I heard he had one of his sons take a charge for him too.

  • I was friends with John Alite on Facebook. I really thought he was a nice person until I saw what he was doing to the Gotti family. If he didn’t do it he let these crude men do it. At first I just figured this is just a feud between he and John Jr but then he started on women, it wasn’t just the Gotti women. It was all women who voiced their opinions of what he was doing. I unfriended him. The anti bully campaign is a farce! .Reading all this info on this website I’m amazed. You would think someone who gets a second chance would be humble not John Alite he is cocky and a bully.

    • He is dumb, he thought that only 1 person could see his post and it was the victim.
      I guess he never heard of desktop snapshot programs that are free, because he would
      often delete what he says.

    • Me too and john A was real tough guy not like HB spoiled kids. This guy who writes this stuff is a mob buff living a fantasy grow up. I can’t belive I’m writing this but I can’t stand people who weren’t there or don’t know anything grow up. Truth will set ya free.

  • Why do you write and care about this stuff. Are you a wannabe and wasp maybe a German who’s wants to be italian. Grow up !ya living in the 80s. And John Alite was a tough guy who can use his hands I remember him when I was a kids. He is totally correct. HB kids are cowards who get a Benz when there 16. You have no idea and what’s wrong with you. Are you sick.



  • never should have let your foot off his neck

  • Mike Shark Pennini


  • To read the book.
    At about a hour of digging you can see what the truth is.
    The house of cards all falling now.

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