John Alite Protected A Rapist

Since his book’s publication John Alite has mentioned all over the place that John A. Gotti “protected a rapist”… that he prevented John Alite from killing drug dealer John Gebert after he raped a girl in the 1980s because Gebert was kicking up drug money to Gotti and Gotti didn’t want the money flow to stop.

But, John Alite’s story keeps changing.

And? One source even told this website that after Gebert raped the girl it was actually John Alite himself who protected him by trying to get to the witness against John Gebert so he would not be convicted of this rape.

Let’s go back to the beginning:

In Gotti’s Rules George Anastasia wrote on page 22 that John Alite grew up with Gebert. He also wrote that in the summer of 1983 Alite was sent for by John A. Gotti, who he had ‘first met around 1981,’ but that now Gebert delivered the message that Gotti wanted to see Alite and that this was when Alite’s business relationship with Gotti began (or, when he first started getting extorted by Gotti).

John Alite said that he was dealing drugs and Gotti wanted a piece of his profits. But, while George Anastasia wrote that Alite was happy to make the Gotti ‘connection’ through Gebert because he knew by affiliating with Gotti he’d make more money overall? He then wrote on page 23 that John Alite didn’t trust or like John Gebert.


This is at odds with John Alite’s sworn trial testimony, which George Anastasia claims he read, where John Alite testified that at that time John Gebert was one of his best friends:

Carneglia (Direct, 3285):


Back to John Alite’s wild claims:

On a February 12, 2015 appearance on TapouT Radio with Ricky Bones (Hour 1, 5:05) he said that:

“John Gotti Jr. asked me to, uh, go kill a couple of Jamaicans that beat up his good friend, that was convicted of rape, that was Johnny Gebert. That was John Gotti Jr.’s good friend, uh, that’s how I initially, uh, got introduced to John Gotti Jr., through his good friend, who’s a convicted rapist. And he gang raped a girl, and John Gotti Jr., uh, you know, protected him.”

George Anastasia also stated in a February 15, 2015 appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp (Hour 3, 25:05) that:

“Alite wanted to kill Gebert, but, but, Junior wouldn’t let him. Uh, and, Alite thought that the reason was, Gebert was still kicking up a lot of money to Junior, so he didn’t wanna end that revenue stream.”

However: If John Alite was only half the “good bad guy” they claim he was in those days? John Alite would have killed John Gebert right after the rape anyway.

Why didn’t John Alite or George Anastasia mention in their book or any of their interviews that John Alite testified under oath that John Gebert was one of his best friends in the 1980s?

And why did John Alite change his story on April 6, 2016, now saying that John A. Gotti was actually there when John Gebert raped the girl:

GebertThere04062016 (2)

And why on April 24, 2016 did he change it again, now specifying that John A. Gotti was actually in the car with John Gebert when he raped the girl, meaning that he took part in it, when Alite made no mention of that in his book, any of his dozens of interviews or in the thousands of pages of reports from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and his over 1,000 hours of FBI debriefings?

The following is a voicemail John Alite left for Mob Talk Radio host Jeff Lowman. He had previously done interviews with Alite but after realizing that he was a pathological liar and called him out on it, instead of acting like the gentleman and “changed man” he says he is? John Alite left him disparaging voicemails and began spreading lies about him (even after he’d already gone on a separate radio show and praised him, before he became his adversary).

John Alite accuses John A. Gotti of taking part in the rape at the 1:47 mark:

John Alite: “You tell me where I’m telling, where I’m not telling the truth. You dumb fuck. I says, John Jr. was in the car with Johnny Gebert when they raped that girl. Go check what I said.”

Well, we checked what John Alite said and again, nowhere in the thousands of pages of reports from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and over 1,000 hours of FBI debriefings (or in his book or any of his dozens of interviews) does he claim that John Gotti Jr. was “there” or “in the car” with John Gebert when he raped the girl. What he did say, again, was that John Gebert was one of his best friends in those days:

Carneglia (Direct, 3285):


But let’s not just rely on John Alite’s own sworn testimony. Let’s also go to that of Kevin Bonner’s, who John Alite testified to loving “like a brother,” who Alite also testified was a member of his “crew,” so, he must find what he had to say credible:

Carneglia (Cross, 3637):


NOTE: John Alite also accused Kevin Bonner of being a heroin-addicted racist and rapist in phone calls to a private investigator while he was in jail in Brazil, as well as in the following letter from Brazil which was entered into public evidence at the 2009 Gotti trial (Alite, John 3506-191), so… does that mean John Alite is not credible?

Especially since in the above testimony he said he wouldn’t have killed Kevin Bonner if he had the chance, but he still wanted to kill Johnny Gebert for taking part in a rape?


Read more about John Alite’s thoughts on and relationship with Kevin Bonner here:

John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls.

The following is Kevin Bonner’s testimony from the 2009 John A. Gotti trial. After getting wind that Bonner was actually present for the rape Charles Carnesi pulled further information about it out of him under cross-examination to show the jury who these animals were that the government was letting out of prison in exchange for their testimony.

But, not only did John Alite make no mention in any of his interviews or in his trial testimony, etc., that he wanted to kill Kevin Bonner because he was present for the rape…

Even George Anastasia left out Bonner’s part in the rape. He wrote on page 225 of Gotti’s Rules that several of Gebert’s friends watched him rape the girl in the car but made no mention that one of them was Kevin Bonner, who he mentioned in other parts of the book, and even wrote that Bonner went on “heists” with John Alite (they tried and failed to rob a funeral home together– in 1995 no less, after Alite claims he’d already made millions selling drugs).

Why didn’t George Anastasia include in his book that John Alite’s close friend who he “loved like a brother” was one of the people present for the rape? Especially when he claims he read Bonner’s testimony and it was Bonner himself who said he was present for the rape?

NOTE: The following testimony is Bonner testifying against Gotti, and if he really wanted to make Gotti look bad to convict him he could have said he was present for the rape also… but, he didn’t.

He only named people from John Alite’s inner circle.

Gotti (Cross, 712-716):







When discussing all of this with John A. Gotti he made it clear to me that John Gebert was not his friend, nor his “associate” like Alite said he was in his book and trial testimony.

John Gotti said that John Gebert and his crew from Jamaica Avenue? The 7 N 9 Gang?

John Gotti told me that these were people he and his friends extorted, and, “You don’t extort your friends,” he said. “We preyed on these people. We were the wolves. I was the wolf. They knew they had a problem when John and the Howard Beach boys came up to the Avenue.”

NOTE: He also said that Alite was included in that Jamaica Avenue group he extorted and while Alite eventually did become a friend, he didn’t put Alite on record with him as his associate until 1989, years after the rape which occurred in 1982.

But: he also made it clear that he didn’t know John Gebert raped a girl. That the story he was told was that the girl was lying, she was a drug addict, that she was framing Gebert, etc.

Because if he knew that John Gebert was the one who was lying, that he really had raped the girl? He said he would have killed John Gebert himself, and anyone who helped him.

NOTE: As mentioned above, John Alite hasn’t only repeated numerous times that Gotti stopped him from killing the rapist John Gebert, he also said on page 22 of his book that he started working with (being extorted by) Gotti in the summer of 1983…

However? According to court records the rape took place on October 6, 1982, so how would John Gotti Jr. have stopped him from killing John Gebert at that time if he hadn’t even started extorting John Alite yet?

Had John A. Gotti even met John Alite yet?

Because forget Alite’s claims that they hooked up in the summer of 1983, according to John A. Gotti they didn’t even get to know each other until the summer of 1984.


John Alite eventually did kill John Gebert. He conspired with others who shot him on July 12, 1996, just two days after Alite went to federal prison (even though Gotti’s Rules suggests on page 225 that the murder took place three months after he went to prison).

But, according to numerous sources, including John Alite’s own brother Jimmy?

The murder had nothing to do with the rape almost 14 years prior. It was because they had become enemies and John Alite was worried John Gebert was going to kill him instead, so, he had some underlings do it right after he turned himself in so he’d have an alibi… and also because Alite didn’t have the guts to do it himself.

If John Alite didn’t mention that Kevin Bonner was present for the rape during his trial testimony and in his book– after he’d already accused Kevin Bonner of doing rapes when he was providing information to investigators and defense lawyers while he was in prison in Brazil– does that mean that once Alite became a prosecution witness also, he lied, covered up for and protected the reputation of Kevin Bonner, who was if nothing else, a self-admitted accomplice to a rape, because now he and Bonner were teammates again, trying to convict John A. Gotti?

All this website knows is that when discussing this whole situation with John Alite’s brother, Jimmy Alite, he mentioned something much more incriminating–

That after John Gebert was arrested for this rape, since Jimmy had a way with women, his brother John Alite asked him to date the sister of the witness who was going to testify against John Gebert, and get close to her… so they could locate her brother and “convince” him not to testify.

AKA: So they could protect John Gebert, the rapist.

Jimmy said that like John A. Gotti he was also told the rape was a lie, that it never happened and Gebert was being framed, so, when his younger brother asked him to run some game on the sister– who Jimmy said was a very sweet girl– he did, and within a week he found out where the brother was (in Florida) and handed over the information.

Does that mean John Alite Protected A Rapist?

It sure fits the pattern. John Alite is constantly accusing John A. Gotti of protecting a rapist, and if this website knows anything, it’s that what John Alite accuses others of? He probably did it himself.


UPDATE – 6/6/2016:

In a June 6th, 2016 Facebook post aimed at his brother Jimmy, John Alite edited the Gebert rape story, now saying that unlike what Bonner testified to, Gebert shot the girl’s boyfriend. John Alite also accused Jimmy of being friends with Gebert– something Jimmy admits– without admitting that he himself testified to being one of Gebert’s “best friends in those days.”




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  • I know Alite from the neighborhood as kids. We would play softball and baseball against him. Later in life if we saw each other it was a brief wave. He worked at Dicks deli on Jamacia ave. We would buy beer and say hello.
    When the Burgen Hunt and Fish club was bugged, the crew moved around the corner to 99 street. Every Sunday the crew would meet. I know, I worked down the block. On nice days on a Sunday afternoon they would all be standing outside laughing and talking. Jr. Was there and so was Alite, all the time. All the crew was dressed nice and Alite would wave if I drove by. Thats all I can atest to.

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