John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls.

While he was in jail in Brazil between 2004-2006 John Alite communicated regularly with attorneys and associates back in the United States. He discussed the indictment he was charged with and gave information to his co-defendants’ lawyers to discredit the prosecution witnesses. In this case? Kevin Bonner, who he described in one letter (Alite, John 3506-191) as a lifelong heroin addict who was part of The 7 N 9 Gang, a crew which Alite said gang raped girls and beat up black people because of their skin color:


PROBLEM: The witness that Alite accused of being a heroin-addicted rapist and racist?

He was also John Alite’s close, lifelong friend. He even testified on February 24, 2009 at the Charles Carneglia trial (Cross, 3637) that he loved Kevin Bonner “like a brother:”


But, not only did Alite have an affection for Kevin Bonner– who he claimed was a racist, heroin-addicted rapist– John Alite also claimed that he committed crimes with Bonner for years. Since their youth, and that he even made Bonner, a heroin-addicted, racist rapist a member of his “crew.”

Carneglia (Cross, 3705):


In his testimony and in Gotti’s Rules (201) Alite even said that in 1995– a time period after he’d already, he says, made millions of dollars selling drugs and racketeering– he said that he and Bonner tried– and failed– to rob a funeral home together.

Just what you’d expect from a big time, intelligent, multi-millionaire narcotics trafficker and racketeer like Alite said he was. I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of any self-respecting, multi-millionaire master criminals trying and failing to rob funeral parlors (with racist, heroin-addicted rapists no less).

Carneglia (Direct, 3419-20):


But while George Anastasia made no mention of Kevin Bonner being a drug addict or that Alite said he was a racist rapist in their book– even though the above letter was entered into public evidence and he would have seen it if he read the court documents like he claims– what Anastasia did write about on page 162 of Gotti’s Rules was John Alite’s outlook and use of the word “nigger” circa 1991. George Anastasia wrote that in the old days John Alite would frequently berate & belittle black people. That John Alite would refer to African Americans as “lowlifes” and insult people by telling them they were “acting like a nigger.”

Which is strikingly similar to how John Alite used the words “lowlife” and “nigger” in a 2015 interview with John Ricciutti making it just one more area of John Alite’s life where he does not seem to have changed much:

John Ricciutti: “Is that how you talk to children, kids?”

John Alite: “Yeah, I talk straight, real. Uh, you know, I use the word, uh, nigger that people don’t like. And I don’t mean it in a, in a disrespectful way to blacks, to whites. I use it as an individual word. You know I’ll tell somebody meaning they’re a lowlife.”

The following are excerpts from the transcripts of a phone interview John Alite gave while he was in prison in Brazil. He was talking to Larry Frost, a private investigator for attorney Joseph Corozzo and his client, alleged Gambino captain Ronald “Ronnie One-Arm” Trucchio to provide information to help discredit the prosecution witnesses at Trucchio’s racketeering trial in 2006.

Transcribed by Geri Russo, there are many more sections from The Brazil Tapes (and excerpts from his letters) this website could post where Alite calls people rapists, racists, etc., but, just the following are presented for simplicity because this is where Alite describes former members of The 7 N 9 Gang including Kevin Bonner who he “loved like a brother.”

Many of the names Alite mentions are crossed out to protect people’s identities because whether they were or weren’t involved in the horrible crimes Alite accuses them of this website does not wish to name them based on John Alite’s word alone, especially since Alite admitted under oath that he was spreading horrendous lies to discredit the people he believed were going to testify in 2006 and even testified that he lied about them to his lawyer.

Carneglia (Cross, 3573-74):



John Alite has no credibility and nothing he says can be taken as Fact without supporting, documented, third-party evidence.

It should be mentioned though that some of the same people he mentioned in his letters and on The Brazil Tapes? John Alite is currently “friends” with them today. Some have even appeared in pictures with him on social media and or praised him and backed up his lies on his Facebook wall, describing how they’ve been friends with John Alite their entire lives.

But, do these individuals know what John Alite said about them in his letters and on The Brazil Tapes, as well as in his FBI debriefings? What he was willing to testify to about them under oath, in a court of law?

Better question: Why is John Alite, the “changed man,” still “friends” with people he accused of being lifelong heroin addicts, rapists, and the murderers of women? What does that say about John Alite?




NOTE: Just to point out how much John Alite does not care and how far he is willing to go to lie about someone notice how above he claimed that The 7 N 9 Gang– and again, these were his friends– raped either “Mayor Cuomo’s” or New York State Senator Al D’Amato’s daughter or niece… which appears nowhere in the thousands of pages of reports from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and his FBI-302 debriefings.

If he really believed this to be true it would have appeared there and in his book, and if it did in fact happen, it would have become common knowledge because John Alite would have spent the last 15 months since his book’s publication telling the world how John Gotti was a coward for not killing people over it.

The above is how far John Alite is willing to go to lie about his friends, even what he admitted he was willing to lie to his lawyer about… So, how far would John Alite go to lie about his enemies?

When John Alite has an adversary that he can’t manipulate, kill, or bully into fear, he tries to discredit them by spreading horrendous lies about them.

END NOTE: Whether or not John Alite was being accurate in his description of Kevin Bonner while he was in Brazil it should be noted that Kevin Bonner later testified at the 2009 Gotti trial that he was in Fact present for a rape.

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