John Alite: Sees A Psychic???

During his February, 2015 appearances on The Mike Calta Show and TapouT Radio with Ricky Bones John Alite told the world how he sees a psychic…

And, what his psychic told him:

The Mike Calta Show (2/18/2015, 4:08):

John Alite: “Listen I had a psychic, his name was Jason Donegan. A famous psychic. He did, uh, Goldie Hawn, I introduced him to some people, uh, if you remember Connie Stevens, and uh, his daughters, her daughters. And, uh, he told me I was gonna have a Judah when I, when I, uh, move on in this life. He met the Gottis, he met John Gotti Sr., uh, specifically in Florida with me in Ft. Lauderdale. And, I laughed because he, he sent me a message and he called me and he says did I tell you that John was gonna be your Judah?”

TapouT Radio with Ricky Bones (2/12/2015, 32:28):

John Alite: “My friend Jason Donegan. I don’t know if you guys know him, he’s a very famous, psychic. He called me yesterday and he told me John Gotti Sr. wanted to talk to me about, kidnapping his own son, torturing him and killing him. So I said, really, that’s what he called you? I go, ahh, tell him I’m retired, he doesn’t know that yet? And I says ’cause his own father wants to kill him ’cause he’s a rat. I says while he’s doing flips, like he’s in the Barnum Bailey Circus, underground, he knows his son’s a rat. What do you think his father would do to him?”

Ricky Bones: “So, you believe, you believe your friend, uh, he’s uh, you said he’s a psychic?”

John Alite: “He’s a famous psychic he, he handled Connie Stevens, Goldie Hawn,

Ricky Bones: “Oh, wow.”

John Alite: “everybody. So, when he called me and told me that John Gotti Sr. wants me to kill his son, I says, well, go back to him and talk to him, tell him that life’s over for me, I’m a different guy. I’m gonna teach kids, that this is bullshit.”


If this is not all bullshit– if John Alite really does have a longtime psychic– one who he even introduced to John Gotti Sr.– one who to this day still has such great insights for him (he posts on John Alite’s Facebook wall all the time)–

Then, how come he didn’t mention any of that in his book?

Or, when he was on the witness stand?

Or, when he was debriefing to all those, as he claims, “100” FBI Agents?

They could have called in Mulder and Scully.

Or at least, had Donegan tell him what to lie about ahead of time so he didn’t bomb on the witness stand.

However: While the Jason Donegan Alite refers to did not send me any kind of ESP messages indicating that he wanted to comment for this story I did message his Facebook Page on 1/26/2016 and, aside from re-posting– after editing– most of our conversation on his page’s wall, and trying to recruit me as a client, he told me that John Alite has been a “Client since his youth.”

Click the screenshots to enlarge the edited version of our conversation that Mr. Donegan posted:

DoneganConvoPost1 DoneganConvoPost2 DoneganConvoPost3 DoneganConvoPost4

But, after not believing a word he told me– especially since John Alite never met John Gotti Sr. in Florida either together with Donegan or on his own because if he had there would have been surveillance records of it from the FBI and the Metro Intelligence Unit who clocked Gotti’s every move when he was down there and these records would have been presented at the trials where Alite testified to make him a credible witness if they existed–

I did some further research on this “Jason Donegan” and found a Facebook post he published on April 10, 2015 where he recalled flying with John Alite in “private Trump Air helicopters service and Jets“–

Which, was also left out of John Alite’s book, speeches, rants, Twitter, interviews, and, the thousands of pages of reports that came from his testimony in multiple trials, numerous grand juries and over a thousand hours of debriefings with “a hundred” different FBI Agents.

Does this disqualify Donald Trump from being President?


Why didn’t George Anastasia include that in their book?

NOTE: “Jason Donegan” also claimed in a March 18, 2016 Facebook post that his clients include Barbara Walters, Mayor Koch, and that I tried to “BULLY” him.

UPDATE – 5/18/2016: After asking John Alite’s brother Jimmy Alite about Jason Donegan? About whether John had been his “client since his youth?”

Jimmy said that he’d never heard of Jason Donegan, confirming this website’s belief that this is just another John Alite scam.


  • Miss Cleo – Sylvia brown back in business?? All kidding aside, any person, school, and or facility that would allow #alite near abused children/women should be charged with a crime.

  • sounds to me like two BED BUGS, crazier than a loon , I should not dignify these two Lunatics with a response but my witch doctor said to just let him do his work .

    • JUDGE says:

      September 13, 2016 at 4:23 pm
      The Psychic Godfather article reads that Jason Donegan is a “credible clairvoyant” and was John Alites “psychic” and team member in Mr. Donegan’s charity causes.

      The article is about John Alite and Jason Donegan clearly stated, John Gotti, Sr., is not here,” Donegan said. “I respected him and admire him,” was all he would say.
      Hence, it is clear Mr. Donegan clients was Tom DiNatale and John Alite.

      Mr. Donegan is succinct and a Gentleman and clearly gave the Gotti Ladies respect and a good “final answer” answer to Mr. Alite.

      “I told Johnny ‘keep Victoria’s name out of your mouth. John Jr. is your nemesis, not the women in the family. Respect is what John Gotti Sr., gave to you and John Jr., betrayed you,’” Donegan clarified.
      Mr. Donegan set the tone for respect to the Gotti Ladies and protected your honor.
      You may want to reread the article to understand Jason Donegan’s answers put the Gotti Ladies in a very good light and a positive position.
      It appears you misjudge Ladies your allied territories being protected by Mr. Donegan.
      I rule for the defendant “The Psychic Godfather” case dismissed!

      Ex-Gotti Hitman John Alite Drops Dime on the Psychic Godfather [EXCLUSIVE] – Entertainment 2morrow

  • As I look at my crystal ball, I see #alite aka ARAT making lilttle rocks out of bigs ones under Colorado Supermax sooner then later.

  • I think the psychic and John Alite should be indicted for conspiracy to commit murder.

  • Youree Dell Harris

    A bird came to Teresa Razine window the other day stopped and was talking to her, is this common with psychics? Why does she claim to be religious when she seeking gratification from others troubles, does real a Christian stir trouble? I think not, another fraud like Ms Cleo and alite.

  • Ohhh look its another DELUSIONAL MISFIT!! Judge.. Lmao havent u heard ur psychic is a fraud !! Here’s a FACT: John Gotti Senior was under constant surveillance. When he would go to Florida, they had the M.I.U. (Metropolitan Intelligence Unit. Some other high profile men had four or five agents assigned to monitor them. John Gotti Sr had TWENTY FOUR! He was monitored around the clock to the point of embarrassment, they even sat at the pool watching him! Former head of the FBI Bruce Mouw testified that John Gotti Sr was under constant surveillance and after he went to prison that honor was then placed upon my Brother John. Thousands of hours of surveillance photos and recordings and NOT one photo or recording of John Gotti Sr with mob rat John Alite and his fraud psychic! Not one photo or recording of mob rat John Alite and John A Gotti after Nov 1991. Alite has buddies in the FBI they couldn’t come up with one when Alite testified against my Brother. Maybe this FACT and all his lies is the reason why twelve Jurors found him to be the least credible witness…

  • And my above comment was the same comment Angel made I am just reposting it since some ppl are too stupid to understand the meaning of “under constant surveillance” meaning there would have been pictures of these so called meetings and NOPE NOT ONE!!!

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