John Alite, Prison Expert:

John Alite has repeatedly positioned himself as a ‘Prison Expert.’

Specifically: John Alite has been so confident that he knows everything that happened to John Gotti Sr. while he was incarcerated at USP Marion between 1992 and 2002 that he’s even described Gotti’s experiences in detail, claiming that he received his information “firsthand” (which, is impossible, because John Alite was not there in the prison with Gotti to witness his experiences “firsthand”).

However: during one of his recountings of Gotti’s prison experiences in a 2015 interview with John Ricciutti Alite repeated FOUR different times that USP Marion is located in Colorado, and, instead of correcting him, the host, who seemed to worship John Alite actually agreed with him.


USP Marion is located nowhere near the super-max prison in Florence, Colorado that Alite was thinking of but instead is located far, far away in Marion, Illinois and The Fact that this big ‘Prison Expert’ repeatedly got this wrong? Not only does it show what a dope John Alite is but it discredits every single thing John Alite claims to know about what happened to John Gotti Sr. while he was in prison especially since Alite was not there in the prison with him.


The exact address for USP Marion from the Bureau of Prisons website:

USP Marion
4500 Prison Road
Marion, IL  62959

John Alite’s exact statements:

The interview was published to YouTube in four parts between December, 2015 and January, 2016.

From Part One:


Ricciutti: “It’s in Pennsylvania.”

Alite: “No, no. Marion Prison’s in Colorado.”

Ricciutti: “Oh, ohhh, I know the prison you’re talking about.”

From Part Two:


Ricciutti: “He was in Marion, in Colorado.”

Alite: “Correct.”


Alite: “If you’re gonna talk that talk you better walk it, and, especially in prisons like, Colorado.”


Alite: “And he got comfortable in Colorado, like most people do.”

To find out the truth about John Gotti Sr.’s experiences at USP Marion don’t listen to bitter, jealous rats with incentives to lie but instead ask his lawyers, friends and family who visited him monthly and read about them in detail in his son John A. Gotti’s memoir, Shadow of My Father.


  • Question: would John Alite friends listed here whom always claiming to be real convitcs-thugs, telling others how to do time ect., all want convict status but will not do the time, so if they had the buzzards luck to hit the big time, would they tell their fellow inmates they are best friends with John Alite? his supporters: SCOTT “Scotty yo” Olivieri, Elizabeth Tumminelli, Tomasso Rosiello, Anthony Sessa, John A Carter, alias one Francesco Frank Fiordilino aka Gambino, Roberto Falcon, Salvatore “Fredo” D’agostino, P.j. D’Alessio , Jeff “Canarsie” Lowman, John Ricciutti, Joey Ciccone, George Anastasia.

  • Jeff “Canarsie” Lowman imagine if alite sells you out, you catch a case and end up in the prison system. Will you drop his name inside those walls? Just imagine meeting all those gentleman you been bad mouthing? It a whole different world sweet heart.

    • No Teresa, he’ll be in protective custody explaining to all the other low-lives why he has a tattoo of an Italian flag on his arm with the words “La Cosa Nostra.” Maybe he’ll get a pedophile to write the first draft of his book also?

      • You cowards talk a good game over a phone or computer. If I ever ran into any of you cowards you are going straight to the emergency room. Jeff lowman you be the first one getting your head cracked wide open

      • Well said i think all the people in ireland are we the only ones to see he is a liar rat sumbag he wasn’t in 2o country’s when he was on the run George you got a draft of John alite and a man who was in prison helping alite with the book was a convicted for abuse boys and girls George you new this and you still did his book all about book sales George boy money

  • I am from Ireland he was never in ireland and if he was he would be fucked into the river liffey people just look at he’s interviews he goes to colleges a kid message me telling me he and his friends life him talking full of shit there verything came out of alite telling the kids you be never like me as they left room the kid say no one wants to be like him telling untrue story’s if in doubt check it out it’s on YouTube

  • y has no 1 in the USA ever heard of this alite guy? it is impossible to not have been taped, recorded video/audio mentioned in indictments, snitchs is u hung w gotti sr.alite is a lying jagg off