John Alite: Lies about His Imprisonment

In The Mafia with Trevor McDonald, John Alite, talking about the end results of organized crime and his imprisonment said: “You’re in solitary confinement, guys can’t do three weeks in solitary confinement, I spent almost a decade locked down in 23-hour lock up.”

In a late 2014 interview on Let’s Talk 92.1 with (his therapist) Micke Stafford and Darlene Macrina Supnick John Alite also said that he “suffered, suffered more than most people can even imagine. I spent years and years in solitary confinements.”

Question for John Alite:

Other than when you went into protective custody in 2007 in Florida while you were waiting to be transferred to Witness Protection when did you spend any time at all in solitary, and specifically, “almost a decade locked down in 23-hour lock up?”

Especially since on page 3 of this letter you wrote while in prison in Brazil where you were threatening to rat people out back in the U.S. for murders if they did not send you money down there you only said you spent FOUR years in solitary:


Read, print or download the full letter here: Alite, John 3506-192.pdf

Due to his being an informant since at least 1991 John Alite’s prison record is pretty sketchy, so, perhaps he can help us fill in the blanks because other than when he was in protective custody this website could find no record of him spending any time at all in solitary confinement.

And perhaps he can answer this question:

Did John Alite say he spent almost a decade in solitary confinement because the man he constantly trashes, John Gotti Sr. spent a decade in solitary confinement and John Alite secretly wishes he was him?

Does John Alite secretly admire John Gotti Sr.?

Because that’s what John Alite does. He lies and exaggerates. He says he contains the character traits that he lacks but his enemies have, and, he slanders his enemies by lying that they have the same flaws and have committed the exact disreputable acts that John Alite commits constantly.

John Alite, please help us fill in the blanks and tell us where you spent any time at all in solitary confinement, because:

1) You only received probation after your 1983 and 1986 arrests in California for assault and battery, assault on a peace officer/fireman, battery, false identification to a peace officer, theft, vandalism and battery.

2) You again received probation– at what point did you start cooperating? After you were arrested in 1987 with a handgun and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, obstructing governmental administration and driving without a license (in addition to speeding and unsafe driving).


3) While you were still on probation for this gun case you were charged with kidnapping, theft, conspiracy, and two counts of aggravated assault for an incident in 1989…

One where you’ve since bragged that not only did you torture this victim, but, you also pistol whipped him, broke his jaw, eye socket, hand, ribs, random bones, knocked his teeth out, tied him up naked, threw him in a freezing lake and shot bullets around him, then stuck him in a shed naked surrounded by “12 to 15” attack dogs while you went “out to dinner”…

And even though you were already on probation for a gun charge, were listed by the FBI as a mob associate and had other priors and arrests for assaults you were still able to plea out to just a 90-day sentence at the Camden County jail of which you only served 65 days and were again placed on “probation?”

At what point did you start cooperating?


4) As far as this website knows you were never arrested in the 1990s in Tampa, Florida even though we have paperwork of people informing on your activities down there. One source for the Tampa FBI even gave information on you repeatedly between 1993 and 1996, but, as far as we know, you weren’t arrested because of it in the 1990s.

Did you cooperate between 1993 and ’96 with the authorities in Tampa as well?



5) After being arrested in Long Island on May 21, 1995 for resisting arrest, menacing, possession of a handgun and criminal mischief– ramming someone’s car with your own in a parking lot outside a bar:


And then being arrested in possession of yet another firearm on a bridge in New Jersey I guess the authorities finally figured you had to do some time… but, they still cut you a break because when you were sentenced for both cases on July 9, 1996 they allowed the prison terms to run concurrently– 37 months for the New Jersey gun charge and one to three years for a reduced charge out of Long Island for “criminal mischief” making this website wonder what information you provided to the authorities at that time as well.



NOTE: You didn’t do the whole 37 months because you were released in time to testify against Joe O’Kane at a May 11, 1999 grand jury (that indicted him the next month with one of the counts stemming from the information you provided).

Also, you couldn’t have done the approximately 31-34 months this website believes you served over this in solitary confinement because you keep repeating in your stories that you found the time to get friendly with John ‘Johnny Gongs’ Casasanto in Allenwood and “slapped around” Gene Gotti in 1997 at FCI McKean (but, if that was true, you would have testified about it).

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6) After you violated your supervised release, the three months you did in January-April 2002 for the sperm smuggling case (after you took part in a proffer session) don’t add up.

7) The two years you then spent in Brazil from November, 2004 to December, 2006 you say you were in a 60-person cell, got into “underground gladiator-style combat” and even had the means to use cell phones to call home nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day, according to your brother, Jimmy Alite. You were even allowed to use the cell phones to call your attorney in Florida, Howard Srebnick, to instruct him to get you a deal to testify and admitted over the cellular calls to attorney Joseph Corozzo and his private investigator Larry Frost in New York that you’d been a longtime FBI informant.

PLUS: people interviewed for this website who were there in Brazil and others who spoke to you over the phone all confirm that you were permitted conjugal visits once a week with your girlfriend in Brazil, that she brought you food when she came and that your problems only started when you ran out of money to bribe the guards and pay for protection from the other inmates.

8) After you got extradited back to the U.S. in December, 2006 you spent a short time in jail in Florida before going into a cushy WitSec unit where you found the time to sue your old lawyer Howard Srebnick for “ineffective assistance of counsel” because he did not get you a deal to testify soon enough, while you were still in Brazil. You also found the time and means to sue Marcos Costa Rosa da Silva Pinto, another inmate who you claim you met in Brazil, who you claim robbed you of all your money while you were in jail in Brazil.

Not to mention: According to your ex-wife, Carol? You were also allowed to use an FBI Agent’s cell phone to make un-monitored calls threatening her, and, according to George Anastasia you even had the luxury to put together the first draft of your book, over 300 pages, with your cellmate. But, according to the evidence, and a firsthand witness? That cellmate was none other than Michael Blutrich: A PEDOPHILE who plead guilty to downloading child pornography in the 1990s.

9) Records also show that on February 28th, 2008 you began taking daily furloughs out of Witness Protection.

10) You were finally released from Witness Protection in January, 2012.

So: When exactly did you find the time to spend “almost a decade locked down in 23-hour lock up?”

Because even though this website believes you may have also served a small sentence for violating your “probation” in the 1990s in New Jersey for the kidnapping case and a second violation of your supervised released either in 2001 or 2002 there is still no evidence of you spending anywhere close to a decade in solitary confinement.

In fact, even when this website ’rounds up’ we still only calculate John Alite serving less than 10.5 years incarcerated total.

But it’s not like that stopped George Anastasia.

Even though John Alite definitely did less than 11 years total he still wrote on page 223 of Gotti’s Rules that John Alite spent fourteen years in prison between 1996 and 2014… even though on page 324 Anastasia wrote that Alite got out not in 2014 but the Spring of 2012.

This of course after Anastasia correctly wrote in Gang Land News in 2013 that John Alite was released not in the Spring, but, in January, 2012.

Which, is hilarious, because?

Right now it actually says on John Alite’s website under Keynote Speaking that he spent “15 years” in prison:


While as a part of his continuing fraud, the website for his “charity” The SILENTe’ Family Foundation and the GoFundMe page for it both say that he spent 2 decades in the worse prisons around the world:”


Who’s in charge over there?

John Alite did not spend “almost a decade” in solitary confinement, he couldn’t even do regular prison time in general population. That’s why he became an informant and went into Witness Protection.

UPDATE – 6/5/2016: It just came to this website’s attention that page 11 of Gotti’s Rules actually says John Alite got out of jail after ten years… when, again, he only did a little over ten years total and only spent a little more then seven years in prison after his arrest in November, 2004 before he was released from Witness Protection in January, 2012.

Why did George Anastasia lie about that?