John Alite: Lied about being sexually abused by A Priest?

John Alite said in two appearances on Let’s Talk with Darlene Macrina Supnick and Micke Stafford in 2014 that he was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic priest (and “other people” in his neighborhood).

Why is this being brought up?

Because it is believed John Alite lied about this, that the abuse never happened, especially since:

  1. There was no mention of it in his book.
  2. There was no mention of it in the thousands of pages of reports from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and his FBI-302 debriefings.
  3. There was no mention of it in any of the other dozens of radio appearances, interviews and speeches that he’s given that this website has seen and listened to.
  4. When interviewed for this website even John Alite’s brother Jimmy Alite denied that this abuse ever took place, as did his mother– because if it had, they both said they would have known about it.

Did John Alite lie that he was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic priest?

And, “other people?”

The following is an excerpt from the 12/12/2014 show:

John Alite: “And I seen guys being taken advantage of in the prison system, it, it made me recall when I was younger, and I grew up in a neighborhood where we were all abused. We were abused by our priest, the local priest, we were abused sexually by him. We were abused by other people in our neighborhood because it was a rough area.”

Questions that need to be asked:

Did John Alite just say this, LIE about this, to make himself a victim? To win sympathy? To give himself even more excuses for his lifetime of depravity and lies, and, as he admitted in the same interview, to beating women?

These are questions worth asking because:

1- That’s what his brother Jimmy said he believes. He said that while they had a childhood friend who was molested by a priest, it seemed like John Alite was trying to put himself in his shoes– for pity.

2Again: these molestation claims are not in Alite’s book, did not appear in the thousands of pages of reports from his FBI-302 debriefings and testimony at multiple trials and numerous grand juries, nor did they come up in any of the other dozens of interviews I’ve heard, seen and read him give since and if this was true Alite most likely would have been much more public about it especially since he was comfortable enough to go on the radio and laugh about it.

In fact, on one recent radio show on April 2nd, 2016 when another person on the air said that she had been abused by “a pastor” Alite still didn’t make a peep about his own alleged experiences even though he said in the 12/12/2014 interview that “people need to come out… and speak up.”

NOTE: John Alite was also raised Muslim and to this website’s knowledge did not spend any significant time around Catholic priests.

If John Alite really was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic priest he most likely would have been much more vocal about it especially since he claims to be a changed man” and an “anti-bullying advocate” as this is a topic that would need to be investigated fully to protect other children from being molested not just by this priest, who he said was deceased (conveniently, for John Alite, so he can’t be interviewed), but, by any of his peers.

The sexual abuse of children is nothing to joke about and since John Alite says that he’s “a changed man” who now wants to “mentor” children? Well then if he lied that he was molested as a child by a priest (and “other people”) it needs to be exposed so parents can make an educated decision on whether or not they want to bring their own kids around John Alite if these are the things he has on his mind.

If John Alite was not sexually abused as a child by a priest, why does he have the sexual abuse of children by priests on his mind?

(Perhaps that’s a question that should be posed to Micke Stafford as John Alite has said publicly that she is his therapist.)


  • John alite and who ever that women was were laughing about being molested!! My opinion they are both sick sick people!!! And to accuse a priest is so low GOD HAVE MERCEY ON HIS SOUL

  • kiersten black

    something like that isnt something your going to randomly mention in books, casual conversations or even with the feds, as it has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand. people that write books arent going to give minute to minute life stories from birth to present, especially when what his book entailed wasnt a church related story.

    • Kiersten, don’t believe that rat animal. Just browse through this site and you will find both sides
      to the story.

    • I disagree, It would have came up in the discovery material. If the defense was not aware of this happening to the star witness– that multiple people had sexually abused him– the argument would have been made that the prosecution was withholding evidence, which could have caused a mistrial.

  • Is it something that is funny? I hear people laughing. It’s not funny and they are morons.

  • This man is demented, no one including his 3-4 fans would ever allow their children alone with this man. If he goes off, and he will in the future someone has to be held accountable.

  • Predators love to use systems like these to get at victims. This is why the website and it’s ability to share factual account’s can save other’s.

  • If this informant were abused in any form or fashion, he would have tried to make money off it as his buddy from PA (greg).

  • John Alite is a very disgusting and vile person to make up the lies that come out of his mouth are nothing short of a mental illness!!!!
    He lies about everything he’s infatuated with the Gotti Family and never misses a chance to talk about Senior ,Junior ,Pete and let’s not forget that he smacked around Gene which I have trouble believing for one Alite is a PC inmate & Gene wasn’t they would never be in the same Prison yet alone the same yard or building!!!!!!

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