John Alite: Admits he committed Perjury?

In Gotti’s Rules George Anastasia wrote on page 308 that, about Alite’s testimony in the 2009 Gotti trial, Alite believed the prosecution had locked themselves into testimony by other cooperators who came along before him… before he made the decision to testify… into their version of history… of the events.

As a result, Anastasia wrote that Alite felt he had to “tailor”— he used that word, “tailor”— his testimony to fit with theirs. So that it was a consistent story told to the jury.

He even wrote that Alite believed, as a result:

‘the truth sometimes got lost in the telling.’

Is that Alite admitting he committed perjury?

If you find yourself interviewing John Alite you should ask him:

  1. Why anyone should believe a word he says when he claims to be so truthful yet he admits to ‘tailoring’ his testimony under oath, where he swore to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  2. Exactly who was it– an FBI agent, a prosecutor– who made him feel that he had to “tailor” his testimony instead of telling the whole truth, and nothing but truth?
  3. If he is such a changed man, Why did he not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?