VIDEO: John Alite is friends with “pedophile”(s)

The following video was originally being cut as an extension of the article on this site: Mob rat John Alite admits “A PEDOPHILE” wrote the first draft of his book.

It includes video of John Alite admitting that accused pedophile Michael Blutrich, who admitted in court to downloading child pornography and was accused of sexual relations with underage males, wrote the first draft of his book “Gotti’s Rules” while they were cellmates in Witness Protection, which was later rewritten by George Anastasia as his own.

The video also includes footage of John Alite on the radio in 2017 discussing his friendship with Michael Blutrich, who again, is an accused child predator.

However, this video was extended to 11 minutes long to include footage of Alite’s friend John Parsons, who has an open case for child pornography due to his arrest in 2017 in Operation Safety Net alongside dozens of other accused child predators.

Parsons also plead guilty to sending naked pictures of a woman to the school where she worked in 2009 and in the past plead guilty to Obscenity and was even arrested for sexual assault of a minor in 1995… and, this is the person who Alite has stated on the internet is his good, longtime friend, and who John Alite enlisted to try to threaten me and scare my Family, specifically my Mother, in March, 2018 in his failed attempt to shut down the investigation into him. 

You can watch the video below and listen to the voicemail Parsons also left me from a blocked ID on March 28th, right as Alite and his “friends” were making threats towards my Mother and other relatives on Facebook.

“Changed man?” Not at all.

More information regarding that will be posted in time.


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