Mob Rat John Alite Admits “A PEDOPHILE” Wrote The First Draft of His Book

While promoting their book “Gotti’s Rules” in 2015, George Anastasia wrote in a JerseyMan Magazine article that when they met, John Alite came to him “with a typed manuscript of more than 300 pages that he and another inmate had put together while they were cellmates in a federal prison. The stories were great. The writing not so good. I used the manuscript as a guide for the next year.”

In a February, 2015 presentation at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Anastasia also said: “When we got together John came to me with a manuscript. He and another, uh, inmate when he was in prison had put something together… it was kind of the skeleton around which, uh, I was able to build this story.”

However: Jimmy Alite, John Alite’s brother who came forward to refute his lies identified that cellmate/co-author as none other than government informant Michael Blutrich, former owner of the strip club Scores, which opened in 1991.

Jimmy described how his brother and Blutrich were cellmates. How Blutrich would sometimes be in the visiting room hanging out with his brother when he would visit him in their Witness Protection unit.

For his part, Anastasia wrote in their book that “Alite was a friend of Blutrich’s… even before Scores had become famous… Coincidentally, Blutrich and Alite ended up serving time together years later after they had both cut their deals with the government.”

But the thing is, John Alite was asked numerous times on social media if what his brother said was true. That it really was Blutrich who wrote the first draft of his book.

John Alite never answered. Instead he said on The Mike Calta Show in April, 2017 that he “was good friends with Mike Blutrich… they constantly knock him ‘cause he’s my personal friend… this guy’s my personal friend.”


What John Alite and George Anastasia failed to mention — and, what Michael Blutrich left out of his own fictionalized “memoir” and his appearances promoting it, where he’s complained that he spent more time in prison than he deserved after he cooperated — is that aside from the massive fraud he took part in, which 60 Minutes described as bilkingnearly 26,000 mostly elderly policyholders out of their life savings. Ultimately, it was a theft of $440 million – one of the biggest white collar crimes in U.S. history.”

Michael Blutrich also admitted to downloading child pornography (and didn’t have to plead guilty to more heinous charges because he was a government cooperator).

Michael Blutrich was labeled a “pedophile” by numerous outlets, but specifically by Gang Land News — which Anastasia is a longtime writer for — which is run by Jerry Capeci, who Anastasia described in their book as “the dean of mob reporters in America.” Who Alite described in his speech at The Mob Museum as “the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out.” And, who Alite said in another appearance is one of “the best in the business,” so, they must find his information credible.

In The Pedophile, a 1998 Gang Land News column, Capeci wrote that “while prosecutors often use scam artists as witnesses against mobsters, they rarely use pedophiles, especially those who have had problems with the law because of their relations with little boys, like Blutrich.

In 1994, Blutrich pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges stemming from sexual-abuse allegations from a teenage boy who played on a basketball team that Blutrich managed. The boy’s mother said there were other victims, but that they were “scared off by him because he was a powerful lawyer.” Eventually, she said, she moved her family away from New York.

The boy alleged that Blutrich took him to Scores, gave him a bracelet and other gifts in return for sexual relations. The allegations fueled a probe by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office that uncovered similar charges from other teenage males. Investigators, for example, learned that Blutrich and a 17-year-old boy had rented a Staten Island apartment in 1992.

Numerous people in business with Alite including the director of his “documentary” and the writer of one of his upcoming books were notified that Alite had allegedly written a book with an accused pedophile, but, they did not seem to care. At least, they never asked where the information came from, or for more of it. These allegations were ignored as they pursued the almighty dollar.

John Alite has declined to answer questions for this website, as he lacks the guts to, but on October 24th, I confronted him outside Brooklyn Federal Court — where he’s being sued for defamation (for writing on Facebook that someone was molested by their mother, among other things) — and asked him multiple times what his relationship is with Michael Blutrich and why an accused pedophile wrote the first draft of his book.

Well, actually, before he came outside the attorney suing Alite, Elio Forcina, emerged with his client Jeff Canarsie (aka Jeff Lowman). They were unable to discuss the case, but if you’d like to read the documents from it, including those Alite submitted to the court which are filled with falsehoods, constituting perjury, a crime, they can be found on under Lowman v. Alite.

What Forcina, a former Marine did tell me in a later interview was that “When you’re dealing with John Alite, you’re dealing with the devil. He’s the biggest pathological liar in New York State.”

What he told me outside the courthouse, however? Was why Alite wasn’t coming outside alongside them, why he was hanging back in the lobby. Forcina said Alite asked for an escort from the U.S. Marshalls because I was outside.

After Forcina and his client left, Alite’s lawyer Douglas Anton, who also represents disgraced mob rat Sammy Gravano came out next (without Alite). He took the time to answer my questions, but I didn’t have many. I was there for his client. But while he did agree to answer more in a future interview, when I asked Anton how he felt that the co-author of Alite’s manuscript was an accused pedophile, Michael Blutrich?

Anton said, “I heard this was a, uh, allegation. I don’t know anything about it, honestly.”

But, it no longer is just an allegation.

Multiple sources for this website said that Alite frequently praises Blutrich. Even that he may still be working with him.

Before he finally came outside the courthouse — after several long minutes, during which I first wondered if he was going to sneak out a back door to avoid me, we ended up having a stare down through the glass entrance similar to a Western duel. He stood there with his chest out, glaring at me with sunglasses on — even though he was inside, and it rained that day — I assume, his attempt at trying to intimidate me.

Seeing that I wasn’t going anywhere, however, Alite finally came outside, and without the Marshalls. Seeing that I was also filming the encounter, he must have realized how the government escort would have looked on camera for his “tough guy” image. His fraudulent “hitman” persona. Or, perhaps he was tipped off by Anton after he left, who I asked about the Marshalls, who may have called Alite to advise him how he would have looked coming out with bodyguards. After all, I was there, standing in the street, all by my lonesome, even though John Alite said (lied) on TV in 2016 that he “killed dozens of guys.”

Then: John Alite tried to flip things. After refusing to answer my initial questions, and trying to ask me his own, he tried walking away from my camera and I, but, I followed him and kept asking questions. Some about the new crimes he’s committing, but mostly focused on his relationship with Michael Blutrich. During which, he lied that it was John A. Gotti who really had the relationship with Michael Blutrich.

However, not only did the government never produce any evidence that John A. Gotti ever met Blutrich, Gotti was never recorded once on Blutrich’s secret body-wire, nor did he ever show up inside Scores on the video surveillance the club was under. John A. Gotti actually states that he’s never stepped foot inside any strip club. He told me, “I despise them.”

And, I told John Alite that Michael Blutrich himself said on a podcast that he never met John A. Gotti. Specifically, in an April, 2017 interview with Curtis Sliwa

“In all the years I owned the club, I never met John Gotti Jr.”

But, when I told Alite that Blutrich said he never met Gotti? Implying that Gotti was convicted by him, Alite said, “Really? Is that what he went to jail for?”

John A. Gotti paid a multi-million dollar fine and went to prison after he plead guilty to racketeering charges filed in 1998 that he and his legal team believed he could have beat at trial — especially since the background of Blutrich, the government’s star witness was revealed — with the agreement that the government would let him walk away after he served 77 months, as he was retiring from the street life. With the revelation about Blutrich, and that Blutrich’s FBI handler, Agent Jack Karst had shredded notes of his meetings with Blutrich — something Karst admitted to in court and was demoted for — the government’s case was falling apart.

In a 1998 expose for Penthouse Magazine, USA Confidential, at the time probably the most in depth journalistic account of Blutrich’s alleged activities, former NYPD Detective turned reporter John Connolly described how Blutrich got close to his victims. How he “volunteered to coach a team of 11-to 13-year-old basketball players.” How he would even “invite young boys over to his home” and perform “experiments” on them… and, how he got away with it. However, I’d rather not reprint it as the allegations are quite graphic. If you’d like to read it, you can do so below.

The Penthouse story reported that in a 1995 plea bargain, Michael Blutrich agreed to undergo a year of therapy. Similar to John Alite who was also ordered to get therapy — “Mental Health Treatment” — by his sentencing judge in 2011. Making one wonder, what else do they have in common?

I’m not 100% positive, but what I do know is that John Alite is not a changed man, nor any kind of man, because if he was he would have found a different writer/cellmate as no man would ever live with an accused pedophile, or, have one write their book.

What I also know is that Alite needs more therapy than the judge assigned him because after I kept asking him questions, eventually, he snapped. Giving credence to the claims from numerous sources including his brother that he has abused illegal steroids since he was released from protective custody, while he was under supervised release on the government’s watch.

John Alite, unable to control himself, could not just walk away. Outside the courthouse, he blurted something out, admitting to what I thought he never would.

In a fit of rage because he knows I don’t buy his fake tough guy/hitman routine and had the nerve to ask him questions, face to face, one on one, and not from behind a computer where he likes to tell people that I hide, John Alite actually confirmed that “a pedophile” wrote the first draft of his book.

When I asked him Why?

Continuing his sick obsession with John A. Gotti, Alite shouted at me: “Because he knows a lot about John Gotti Jr! He hung out with him! He was in the strip club business with him!”

When, again, Michael Blutrich already said:

“In all the years I owned the club, I never met John Gotti Jr.”





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  • alite was like 12 when he used to hang out with gotti at Bergen club and Ravenite and bath houses

  • I was a victim of Michael Blutrich. Those aren’t allegations, rather facts. He started molesting me when I was 12 at the shorefront Y. He is out now, not in witness protection, and I can guarantee he’s back to his old ways!!

  • Kevin Montegomery

    In any Penitentiary or Jail no inmate will Allow a child molester to share their cell.
    The consequences of a non transfer of that inmate has resulted in death’s and hospitalization’s. Alite welcomed Michael Blutrich to share his cell WHY ? Blutrich also wrote Alite’s first book. Something Alite is proud to acknowledge.
    Books, Podcasts talking too the media Alite talks about the Gotti family non stop. Why because he’s Afraid of JR. He’s still an informant and nothing would thrill the government more than JR to react to Alite’s nonsense. The Gotti name is the only reason this Weasel Alite has been relevant all lies. His brother Jimmy took a lie detector test stating so.

    • these mazza’s – lindblooms- alites – are finks – they were street thugs NOTHING more, not OC

  • Alan gunner lindbloom

    im lindbloom, dont care what you think of me, jimmy and john alite are my friends, everyone is entitled to make a buck, wanna buy a bat? I housed with people who were informants, big deal.


  • I learned the hard way, I suggest you fold your tent and leave the alite’s alone trust me on this !