John Alite Never Went to Paul Castellano’s House

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One of the more fascinating stories in Gotti’s Rules (39-40) describes the times John Gotti Sr. took John Alite, a non-made, non-Italian ‘kid’ in his 20s on two trips as back-up to former Gambino boss Paul Castellano’s house.

The first was in late November, 1985, the second around a week after, and during both trips Alite said John Gotti Sr. drove the car and then went in the house for close to an hour while Alite stayed in the car (on the first trip with John Gotti Jr., the second with Bobby Boriello who replaced John Jr.).

And here’s how you know it’s bullshit:

Paul Castellano’s mansion in Staten Island, New York was under 24-7 FBI surveillance in November, 1985 and up until he was killed on December 16th, 1985 and no pictures of Alite in the car outside were presented as evidence in the two trials where he testified. At the same time, this story did not even come up in his trial testimonies just as it did not come up in the FBI-302 memos of Alite’s debriefings, the same as Alite’s name does not appear in the FBI logs of all the people who went in and out of Castellano’s mansion.

If Alite’s Castellano story was true it would have been brought up by the prosecution along with the surveillance photos/video of him outside the house to make him more credible for the jury, and, to make him more credible for the book one of those photos would have made it to the photo section if not the cover of Gotti’s Rules.

But upon asking John A. Gotti about Alite’s claim that his father brought him as “back-up” to Castellano’s, Gotti said: “If my father had brought Alite, not just a kid, a non-made member, but, an Albanian, not even an Italian to his house? Paul would have killed my father.” Especially since it is believed Castellano was looking to kill Gotti anyway after Gambino underboss Neil Dellacroce died on December 2nd, 1985 and this would have made the perfect excuse.

“I only went to Paul’s house once,” John A. Gotti said. “Just once in my life. It was the day I graduated from military school, June 5th, 1982. On the way back from Upstate we stopped over in Jersey, saw Arnold and Funzi, a few other fellows, Angelo Ruggiero was there too, then my father and I, we went over to Staten Island, picked up Neil and headed over to Paul’s house, the three of us, where my father presented me to his boss. It was a sign of respect.”

“But on to this thing about Bobby, about Alite going to Paul’s house with Bobby Boriello in 1985? It never would’ve happened, because first, if Alite really was in the know like he says? Or if Anastasia read the transcripts and the numerous court documents like he claims he did he’d know that Bobby wasn’t even a part of the Bergin crew before Paul died. Bobby was out in Brooklyn, on record with a Brooklyn crew, and my father only brought him over to us after Paul died.”


  • This guy just lies all the time. I saw on Trevor Mcdonalds show where Arat and his son were talking with
    Trevor. All the sudden Arat tells a story of how he was with his son in the early 90’s when his son was 7
    in the car with him, then Arat ran into a enemy and started shooting the guy like its GTA5. What struck me
    is his son says he didn’t remember any of that on the show and Arat said that his son asked what the noise
    was from the gunshots. Arat replied that it was firecrackers he threw or something to that effect. I wish they
    make a movie about how Arat was on the witness stand in all his court cases. Also at 7 years old I would
    remember if I saw my dad firing a gun at someone, or anyone for that matter. The maker of this great site should
    look into this and make a article regarding this fairy tale.

    • Hi Roman, I saw that too. Don’t know if you’ve seen it but if not please check out the following post where I dissect the “shootout” Alite said he got into on his property that he discussed during the Trevor show also. It never happened.

      As to the son being there for the other shooting, I’m trying not to bring his kids into anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. None of this is their fault. Has to be terrible having John Alite for a father.

      • Right the kids did nothing to deserve this. It was just more proof of him lying when his kid on the show said
        he couldn’t remember that happening. I read the so called shooting in New Jersey and if that was real
        there would have been a news crew and neighbors everywhere that morning ( also bullets on the ground or
        on other properties ) and bodies if he killed 3 people. Instead in the morning was just a blood stain according
        to him and no neighbors heard the gunshots. I just saw a interview where he says he works with the FBI on
        counter terrorism to fight against ISIS. What the fuck does this clown know about ISIS ? What does he know
        that the FBI wouldn’t ? I heard this guy ratted on his own brother too. A real lowlife. He would even rat on
        his kids if it benefited him and maybe he already has.

  • Everyone is slowly cutting him loose, he has nothing and no one. Only other RATS touch base with him, however even they keep him at a distance. The author here has done the public a great service. Our youth must be protected from this criminal.

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