OPEN CHALLENGE: John Alite, Unseal your sentencing minutes.

If John Alite has the stones he will unseal the transcripts from his sentencing proceedings.

If he has nothing to hide like he says he will hand them over to this website which will publish them. Normally they would already be public, but for whatever reason, his are sealed.

Why are they sealed? What are they hiding?

John Alite was originally sentenced to 120 months in April, 2011.

But even though he bombed on the witness stand, was caught in numerous lies and his main target John A. Gotti was not convicted he was still re-sentenced to 100 months in January, 2012 and was released early and the reason why is not clear especially since John Alite testified that should he be caught in a lie he would spend the rest of his life in prison.

Carneglia (Direct, 3541):


Was that a lie also?

Possible reasons why the transcripts are sealed:

1) They reveal that John Alite was a confidential FBI informant since at least 1991 and specifically when he took part in the murders of Bruce Gotterup in November, 1991 and John Gebert in July, 1996 which would have shattered his credibility. FBI informants are not allowed to commit violent crimes let alone drug murders and if this became public the government would not have been able to use him as a star witness against one of their top targets, John A. Gotti, in 2009.

2) It’s also possible the transcripts reveal that John Alite is working as an active, paid FBI informant to this day.

3) A third possibility is that John Alite may have told the judge any number of stories about his imprisonment in Brazil, possibly even that he was assaulted “of a different nature” to convince the judge that he’d already suffered more than the average prisoner.

Because, as he said in his February, 2015 appearance on TapouT Radio with Ricky Bones about his sentencing judge, Susan C. Bucklew:

“I’ll never forget what she said to me: I don’t want to release you. She tried to give me 17 years.”

But: She didn’t.

This website would also like to know why Judge Bucklew did not violate John Alite in 2015 after five time Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Lance submitted concrete evidence of John Alite violating his supervised release to her and other government officials.

It’s possible he may not have been violated because, other than him still being an active informant, he may have lied to the judge, or, told her that he was lying on social media.

Per his supervised release: John Alite is not supposed to leave the state of New Jersey yet he was posting pictures of himself with captions saying that he was in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere, acting like a big celebrity and wandering around without a care in the world, and, he may have told the judge that the captions were lies and the pictures were really taken in New Jersey.

However: Lance also submitted concrete evidence of Alite threatening a woman, a journalist and associating with former organized crime figures/government cooperators Jimmy Calandra and Patsy Andriano, as well as other cooperators, a major violation of his release, especially since Andriano took part in the Gebert murder with Alite.


Read Peter Lance’s Letter and evidence submitted to Judge Bucklew HERE.