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  • I know u are a paid crony of Juniors and obviously he has for some reason taken u under his wing to do his dirty work and ur dumb enough to fall for it but I have a few QUESTIONS for u since u love “bashing” Alite so much? Plz tell me HOW if Junior Gotti ran and banned Alite from Queens and the Gambino Family in 1991 WHY was he in business and running illegal operations in the 2000’s w RONNIE ONE ARM TRUCCHIO a made member of Gambino Family who were both indicted together and had been in kahoots and business for a LONGG TIME IN TAMPA Fl (under the Gambino Flag)? I thought Alite was a rat and a known informant since ‘91 and ran out of NY/Gambino Family!?! What the Mob has new rules now? You dont need report business and who u r with to ur capos or bosses anymore!?! Lmao ur an idiot like other idiots he gets who cant think for themselves! U R BEING USED AND RAILROADED U IDIOT!

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