UPDATED: Interviews with Marcos: John Alite’s cellmate in Brazil

In this excerpt from a 7/16/2016 conversation Chris Kasparoza talks to Marcos Pinto, John Alite’s cellmate at Ary Franco who Alite and George Anastasia wrote total lies about in Gotti’s Rules, and who John Alite further slandered on social media when he realized this website was in touch with Marcos and he was coming forward to speak the truth.

You can read more about that, Marcos and what really happened to John Alite at Ary Franco in: The Brazil Files. Feel free to contact Marcos on Facebook.

Kasparoza Radio is coming soon. Podcast episodes will be available at Kasparoza.com/Radio.

In this excerpt from a 10/5/2016 interview Chris and Marcos discuss Alite’s upcoming book, “Prison Rules,” and touch on Alite’s prison time in Brazil.


  • Scottyo Olivieri

    sounds like the brazilian inmates knew “george mike” was a homo sexual

      Don’t talk shit about him,whoever is talking shit about Our President…7 More years Chris

  • this guy who loves rats 2 ton tony sessa believes if he writes a inmate he is a pal 3 pages lol oh wow NS thinks your a jag off like your pal alite

  • Just because Alite supports Donald Trump, it doesn’t mean that
    it’s Trumps fault and that Trump is a bad guy. I respect the work
    done on this site and Chris for doing a great job. But why go after
    Trump when all he wants to do is help America? I know that the things
    you’re going to say are the same buzzwords, rhetoric and ad hominem
    attacks that are from the lying Mainstream media. Also everybody
    that hates Trump will list everything bad about him from what they
    heard on the mainstream media. Trump gives speeches almost
    everyday for even 2 hours and all the media does is use sound-
    bytes and nitpicking from his speech. Stop using ad hominem
    attacks and from the MSM and think logically for yourself about what
    kind of person Trump is for America. If all you have is buzzwords
    and the decision is made for you by the media then you are insane.

  • So you guys never said something 15 years ago and then decided that it was
    wrong today ? Everybody has done that. You may have supported abortion
    10 years ago and maybe have changed your mind as you got older. Sarah
    Silvermans video exposes nothing and I can nitpick things about what anybody
    thinks today vs what they thought 14 or 15 years ago. You are eating up the
    MSM garbage and they have decided who you put on your ballet. Yeah come
    at me with Trump is insane, a racist, a sexist. I guess you hate the 2nd
    amendment also.

  • So what are you Chris ? Are you a Social justice warrior ? Do you have a feminist
    girlfriend that has screwed you up ? United against hate ? OK Chris. How does Donald
    Trump hate ? How is he causing any hate ? Its obvious the race baiting media and
    blacklivesmatter are the most hateful, privileged, extremely racist and cop killing group
    of thugs. Look at Milwaukee, the black people in that city went out and attacked anyone
    who is white, just for being white. They called them the worst names and smashed ‘
    their cars. This is how powerful media brainwashing is. I respect this site exposing this
    fraud, but supporting a worse fraud like Hillary or supporting Communist garbage, means
    you don’t know your history. Also there was slavery against white people by Africans, look
    up the barbie trade. White guilt is bullshit. Snap out of the SJW trance they put you in and
    support Trump. You have no facts against Trump.

  • I support this website and exposing that scumbag John Alite is good
    for the world. I think Alite is a punk and one of the biggest liars I have
    ever seen. But lets leave Trump out of it. Him and Alite have nothing
    in Common. Alite is just like Hillary.

  • everyone knows john alite’ is on the down low -gay- not my business but i guess it don’t go over good in the gang world.

  • i dont know who is more of a liar, anastasia or alite. george at least had a career, alite is trying to convince ppl he was a gangster. it didnt work in the USA so the clown is going over seas to tell his tall tales.lol

    • He wasn’t a gangster he was a wankster.

      • ur right mate, he been a “misnight” grasser for yrs, he begging ppl to believe he was someone, who pleads to be known as a hitman =a crack addict, thief, and woman beater he gets the trophy.he has a a few dozen young albanian nationals who dont know and dont care, as long as alite takes their $$$ these sucka’s are content thinking they gonna get a music rap deal to funny just asl koke whyte what he did for him

  • Trust me, its alite. Ive known the guy for a loooong time. He thinks he is a gangster, now recently he gets albanian symbols tatt’d on him, before he wanted to be italian. Actually I worry about him making these false claims of being in organized crime, its going to catch up with him.

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  • So John is a scumbag and a thug but knows all of the names and internal affairs of Gotti’s deals? Was arrested in Brazil and trailed in USA?
    Get real… the guy was a living Gangster and found a way to turn his life around, now making a living from telling his tale.. This does not make him better than the others, everyone in that business is a crook, a liar and would betray to save their own ass, few survive and found a way of turning themselves around. Well done to him!

  • Dammit, all of the videos are no longer on here. Let me guess, Alite had them taken down.