Pedophiles are lower than rats.

John Alite has misquoted John A. Gotti on many things but the most serious misrepresentation is probably what he said in 2015 in an interview and on stage at The Mob Museum:

That John A. Gotti said ‘rats are lower than pedophiles.’

The Mob Museum (9/10/2015, 24:34):

“He’s a rat. He’s a cooperator, and, in his words, lower than a pedophile. Those are his words.”

Interview with John Ricciutti (2:39), published to YouTube on 12/3/2015:

“In his words, uh, ratting, uh, lower than a pedophile. And I’m using his lingo, and his terminology, towards other gentlemen that came in and decided for whatever reason to cooperate with the government.”

If you find yourself interviewing John Alite, especially as this is a very serious allegation, please ask him exactly where did John A. Gotti ever say that informants are lower than pedophiles?

Because: What John A. Gotti did say in a 3/24/2015 interview with the Daily Mail/Laura Collins was the complete opposite:

Only a pedophile is lower than a rat. You’ve got pedophiles, then there’s rats and rapists.” 

In fact, the title of the article even began with:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Only a pedophile is lower than a rat. We had rules.’ – John Gotti Jr launches a new Mafia war against claims by former enforcer that he turned FBI informant

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