John Gotti/Latin kings – john alite’s lies debunked by George Anastasia’s colleagues

In December, 2019, over 60 alleged members of the Latin Kings were arrested in “Operation Throne Down.”

Almost immediately, mob rat John Alite and his cronies began spreading rumors and fake news that John A. Gotti would be indicted on charges related to the operation, trying to plant false stories in the media to dirty his name and the names of our friends. In addition, Alite also contacted law enforcement, trying to plant false tips that Gotti was engaged in criminal activity with the Latin Kings.

This is corroborated by none other than the colleagues of George Anastasia, the co-author of Alite’s book, the person who gave Alite his platform to go on a defamation campaign and speak to “at risk youth” even as he commits new crimes, terrorizes innocent women, and associates with pedophiles, while refusing to publicly denounce Alite as the fraud that he knows he is.

Below is an audio clip/transcript from an excerpt of a recent episode of the Philly Prime Podcast, hosted by Dave Schratwieser, who is Anastasia’s longtime partner in “mob reporting.” Scott Burnstein, his guest on the episode, is a true crime author who was mentored by Anastasia, who helped Burnstein break into the business. What’s most interesting about Burnstein’s work, however, is that he runs a popular true crime website, Gangster Report, but in the over five years since Alite/Anastasia’s book came out, Burnstein never promoted it on his site, barely mentioning it once, even as he’s mentioned Anastasia in dozens of articles, and featured Anastasia in a documentary he produced. In over five years, he’s only mentioned John Alite in two stories on his website, and one is a recent one about individuals planting false stories against John A. Gotti.

Burnstein had every incentive to share Anastasia’s work about John Alite, more incentive than any other mob reporter to promote it all over his website, but he never did. I have to believe that is because Burnstein knows Anastasia/Alite’s book is bogus, and John Alite is a fraud/pathological liar. Cheers to you, Scott Burnstein.

Check out Scott’s website:

Philly Prime Podcast – Episode 8:

Burnstein: “The FBI was getting tips but these tips were coming from, rivals of Junior Gotti that were trying to stir the pot, and, or feeding the FBI false information just to drag Gotti’s name into this, and to possibly get Gotti’s name in the press, and cause him embarrassment.”

Schratwieser: “Well that’s exactly like I said, what I heard when the Latin King indictments came out, it was like a forewarning by some folks in New York saying, there are people who are gonna try and drag John Gotti Jr. into this. Don’t listen to it ’cause it’s not true.”

Burnstein: “So I got some calls from Fed sources in New York, you know, early on in this, and they said listen, yeah, we did get some tips, but we know where the tips are coming from, we know that there’s an agenda there and there are not gonna be any charges related to this, to this part of that investigation.”

Schratwieser: “Right. That was the other prediction from the guys I talked to in New York. You will not see any charges whatsoever that involve John Gotti Jr. and the Latin Kings.”



    • nick your like who i talk about just another big mouth sarcastic coward that’s listening to us but hide behind a keyboard . You want respect by us be up front with your face

  • John Ricciutti

    Nick, I must be honest I am too, I went along with the con but it is well past time for John to stop the hoax.

  • “When you stop telling lies about me I’ll stop telling the truth about you”

    Can I be the official quote on this website

  • yo yo “stabbed up” just to repeat what alite sayz turnz me out, hows about you gome?

  • I had no idea you were invloved with this man, 4.5 stars (-) shocking

  • It’s funny that he has dates, times, etc. when baby Gotti resorts to a web page he controls the content of. This dumpster fire Gotti couldn’t bring a crew to clean up after John A. Baby Gotti was a disaster for the mob, a coward, and didn’t even rise to the level of street punk.

  • So these websites files are easily accessed using a dime Python Injection,
    bz the main directory contains notes about thee author intending to fabricate lies.
    If you have access to the deep web, I made a paste bin with screenshots of how I backdoored into the website, and what I found. Paste bin URL is;
    Will be hosted for one year. Enjoy.
    The author is a liar and he can’t cover his tracks.

  • John Alite was a low level hitman, a rat and used Gottis name for a shorter sentence. He is now making money with social media book sales and is a male escort on Alite has also been involved in robbing post offices and selling cars and is affiliated with Nick the Greek and Bullet tooth Tony and Oscar de la weirdo who he sells coke and red panties to.

  • he was/is a druggy thief, his ability to kill was with one eye closed, trembling accidental discharge, drugged induced. he was no killer, no boss, no leader, a wanna be thief n drug addict, woman beater


    Here is my point !!! ant for years has bad mouthed abused jacobs called him a Rat and ton of other things now his looking to act like he likes him and respects him . Treacherous phony bastard and life , there is my point of bullshit .

    • Alite was the muscle for the Gambinos, I’m finally coming to see that by following the Johnny and Gene Show.

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