John Alite: Lies about Killing A Woman?

John Alite has repeatedly said that John A. Gotti’s uncle, John Gotti Sr.’s brother, alleged Gambino soldier Vincent Gotti raped and killed Robin Lynn Vitulli, a 25-year-old woman in Queens, New York in 1985.


However: After speaking with numerous people who were around back then all have told me that many in the neighborhood thought it was actually Alite who was responsible. “He was that kind of guy, the type of scurve who would do something like that. He was disgusting,” one woman said.

In fact, John A. Gotti said that after Alite was chased in 1991 and no longer under the protection of the Gambino family various people came forward and said they believed Alite had something to do with it.

From Shadow of My Father:


All this website knows for sure is that John Alite told a blatant lie about this murder in a 10/10/2014 interview with The House of Faith N Fashion making this website seriously wonder if he was involved in it.

At 50:51 into the interview when host Tobi Rubinstein Schneier asked John Alite what he regretted most in his life he said that it was not killing Vincent Gotti after learning about the murder and even mentioned that after the murder:

“The next day when I knew and I spoke to, I spoke to a captain in our family at the time about it, this guy Mikey Scars, and, we discussed, uh, the, the Gottis hiding that fact, and, and, letting him get away with it because he was a Gotti.”

PROBLEM: Former Gambino captain turned cooperator Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo was not a captain the day after the murder in 1985, in fact he was not even an inducted Gambino soldier until Christmas Eve, 1988 when he was made the same night as John A. Gotti, something Alite acknowledged in his book (page 111) and even testified to at trial:

Carneglia (Direct, 3302):


NOT TO MENTION: DiLeonardo never once brought up the conversation with Alite the day after the murder and the covering up of it by the Gottis in his testimony at over 14 trials and numerous grand juries nor does it appear in his FBI debriefings.

But, if that conversation did take place? Where DiLeonardo definitely would have brought it up was at the four trials where he testified against John Gotti Jr. because it would have made Gotti look like a scumbag and prejudiced the jury against him, making it easier to get a conviction.

In fact, John Alite didn’t even bring this conversation with DiLeonardo up at the trial where he testified against John Gotti Jr. and it does not appear in his FBI debriefings either, nor did it appear in any newspaper accounts by those covering the trial, or, in Alite’s book.

This story would have made great reading material and if either Alite or DiLeonardo brought this conversation up at the trials, testifying about how they discussed the Gotti family covering up a girl’s murder, it would have appeared in print.


DiLeonardo testified that when he first met John A. Gotti his father was already the Gambino boss, and, Alite’s personal hero, former Gambino underboss turned cooperator Sammy Gravano testified that Gotti did not become the official boss until January, 1986.

Yet Robin Lynn Vitulli’s body was found strangled months earlier in August, 1985 and upon asking John A. Gotti about this he said that Alite did not meet DiLeonardo until after he did and that even when Alite met DiLeonardo “it was only on a hello, goodbye, go get the coffee for us basis.”

Backed up by the fact that nowhere in DiLeonardo’s testimony in over 14 trials, numerous grand juries or in any of his FBI-302 memos that I have seen does he mention having a close relationship with Alite which would have been necessary to discuss the Gottis covering up a girl’s murder with him. DiLeonardo also did not testify about it being common knowledge that Vincent Gotti committed the murder even though Alite said in his book on pages 314 and 315 that Everyone and “Everybody” knew what happened.

Since Alite has claimed on Facebook that he and DiLeonardo talk, though, that they are friends, he is welcome to have DiLeonardo come on here at any time and confirm whether or not he and John Alite discussed the Gottis covering up this poor woman’s murder… and if so, why didn’t he testify about it?

But this website does not believe DiLeonardo ever spoke to Alite about it or had anything to do with it which, again, begs the question:

Is it possible that if Alite lied about speaking to DiLeonardo the day after the murder in The House of Faith N Fashion interview he lied about his own involvement in it as well?

NOTE: While the murder did come up at the 2009 Gotti trial where Alite accused Vincent Gotti of killing the woman John Alite made no mention that he raped her nor did he bring up the rape aspect in The House of Faith N Fashion interview, or, in his book.

John Alite only added that rape lie in after the fact, because, that’s what he does:

He makes up the story as he goes along.

Gotti (Cross, 2146):


Why did John Alite lie in an interview that he discussed the Gotti family covering up the girl’s murder with Michael DiLeonardo the day after it happened?

And: Why is John Alite now saying that a rape also happened when he didn’t testify or mention in his book that a rape happened?