John Alite Did Not ‘Know’ John Gotti Sr.

John Alite has told some fascinating tales about his relationship with John Gotti Sr. but what he has not done is provide any proof that he actually ‘knew’ John Gotti Sr.

From the moment he became the Gambino family boss after the assassination of his predecessor Paul Castellano in December, 1985 until he was arrested for the last time in December, 1990 John Gotti became the New York FBI’s number one target as well as the New York media’s and squads from various law enforcement agencies. In fact, he even grew to become a target of Washington, D.C., making John Gotti, as multiple law enforcers would refer to him, “The most surveilled man in the country.”

The Gotti home in Howard Beach was under constant surveillance with cars parked outside– sometimes at the same time– from the FBI, the Organized Crime Strike Force, the Organized Crime Task Force, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in addition to the Queens District Attorney’s Office while simultaneously? Wiretaps from different agencies were placed inside Gotti’s various hangouts just as video cameras filmed 24/7 outside Gotti’s social club, The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club in Ozone Park and his Manhattan headquarters, the Ravenite Social Club in Little Italy and The Fact that there are no known pictures or recordings of Alite on film or wiretaps with Gotti especially since Alite continually trashes Gotti for having always appeared on them is proof that Alite is a liar.

From Shadow of My Father:


Did Alite ever meet John Gotti? Probably.

“My father used to stand outside the Bergin and shake random people’s hands when they came up to him to say hello,” his son, John A. Gotti said. “Alite even came by the Ravenite twice, maybe three times. If my father was standing outside at the same time, he would have said hello. But Alite didn’t come by the Ravenite to hang out, he came by because I shylocked his sportsbook for 50 grand and he owed me money. This was sometime in 1989 or after. Before that, before 1989 he was only a freelancer bouncing around from crew to crew. Then I made him an associate of mine from sometime in 1989 until I chased him in November, 1991. But, he was only an associate of mine. Not my father’s, not any of my uncles, just mine. I put him on record with me after I started building my crew and sometime after that I financed his book, but, he was living all the way out in South Jersey by then so rather than have him come all the way into Queens he’d meet me in Manhattan, out of convenience. I’d meet him by the Ravenite and we’d go down the street and have coffee and he’d give me an envelope, but, he was never one of those guys you’d see on the surveillance hanging out front and commiserating with my father. There was never a relationship of any kind, none at all between a John Alite and my father.”

However: in my interviews with the Gotti family they did say that Alite was inside their house– TWICE.

Once, on Christmas Eve, 1984 when Carmine Agnello, the newlywed husband of Victoria Gotti Jr. came by like he was supposed to, albeit with several uninvited guests. While Agnello obviously stayed behind, after paying their respects Alite and the “approximately three others” were asked to leave as John Gotti Sr. did not want strangers in his house.

The second time, said John A. Gotti, was on April 21, 1990, the day of his wedding when Carmine Agnello who was by then a Gambino associate and in charge of all the associate’s in John A. Gotti’s crew rounded up “about 15 guys” who came by the house in different cars to serve as “blockers” to stop the press from following the limos and finding out where the wedding location was.

A far cry from Alite and Anastasia’s claims that he spent many nights “sleeping over” on the Gotti family couch through the 1980s.

John A. Gotti told me, “Alite never slept over at my house. My own cousins never slept over at my house. No one ever slept over at our house.” When I asked him why? “That’s just the way it was. The way my father wanted it. It was his policy.”

And if his father wanted Alite around a surveillance picture of them together would have been presented as evidence at the 2009 Gotti trial to make Alite a more credible witness and then it probably would have ended up on the cover of and definitely inside Alite’s book to give it substance.

Notice how Gotti’s Rules has pictures of John Gotti Sr. in it, just not a picture of John Alite with John Gotti Sr. in it?

John Alite may have met John Gotti Sr. but he did not know John Gotti Sr.

“Just about every person of importance, anyone that mattered from that time was surveilled with my father at one point or another, and Alite wasn’t one of them,” Gotti said. “Mutts like Alite weren’t even allowed in the same room as my father.”

And if Alite was as close to Gotti Sr. as he claims three places where he definitely would have shown up on surveillance– that Alite could easily retrieve to rebut this due to all his FBI contacts– were the following:

1- The December, 1988 Gambino family Christmas party which, according to Jerry Capeci of GangLandNews.comJohn Gotti threw “for about 1,000 mobsters, associates, wives, children, and other guests” at the El Caribe Beach Club costing “an estimated $200,000.”

When I asked John A. Gotti why Alite didn’t attend?

“It was because he wasn’t invited. That party was for people that mattered.

2- The June, 2002 wake and funeral for John Gotti Sr. and more importantly the June, 1992 wake and funeral for John Gotti Sr.’s father, which, according to law enforcement records was attended not just by nearly every free wiseguy in the tri-state area, but, many more who flew in from around the country out of respect for Gotti who had just been sent to USP Marion to serve a life sentence in solitary confinement.

Since Alite was chased from the Gambino family in November, 1991 and no longer an associate after that time he was welcome at neither.

From John Alite’s testimony at the 2009 Charles Carneglia trial (Direct, 3484):


But: He didn’t.

Honorable mention:

In his book and increasingly since its publication John Alite has attempted to vilify John Gotti Sr. as a disloyal monster, which, makes no sense because if John Gotti Sr. was only half the creature Alite makes him out to be he never would have become the still-revered boss of the Gambino family whose funeral procession (pictured above) was attended by thousands of people who lined the streets of Queens.

However: John Alite has now gone a step further, saying in various interviews that John Gotti Sr. was stupid, a coward, and not a real tough guy– even though he spent nearly a decade in 23-hour lock-down before he died from cancer choking on his own blood, handcuffed to a bed because he refused to cooperate with the authorities– and that “no one ever put a gun in his hand”, that Gotti never killed anyone personally and was a lesser man because of it.

When, actually: An untold number of law enforcement officers, government informants and alleged organized crime figures have contradicted this publicly, like:

John Alite’s Facebook friend, ex-Gambino associate turned cooperator Dominick Montiglio who said in a 3/3/2016 interview: “John Gotti Sr had a lot of good points. He was a mans man, he was loyal, he was tough and he was uncompromising.” [sic]

John Alite’s personal hero, former Gambino underboss turned cooperator Sammy “The Bull” Gravano who said in his 1997 book, written with Peter Maas, Underboss on page 108 that: Castellano didn’t hesitate to use Gotti on a hit contract and on page 167: “I knew John did a lot of hits for Paul” (Castellano).

After which Gravano went on national television to promote it and told Diane Sawyer that Gotti was “a tough guy in the street… If I have 19 (murders) he has, forget about what he’s got.”

And, when Sawyer asked him if Gotti knew “how to run things?”

Gravano said, Oh he’s smart, there’s no question.”

But while former Colombo capo Michael Franzese wrote on Facebook on 1/27/2016 that “I respected John. He was who he was and didn’t pretend to be anyone else. He believed in our life. And I will tell you this, on John’s worst day he was a far superior man then Sammy “The Bull” could ever hope to be.”

Former Colombo associate Frank Castagnaro said on the History Channel’s The Definitive Guide to The Mob in 2013:

“I have so much respect for John Gotti, that I don’t want to talk about him… there’s a guy who did it from the day he was born, until the day he died, he did it the way it’s supposed to be done.”

Similar to Vincent Basciano, the alleged former boss of the Bonanno family who in 2004 was caught on Bonanno capo turned cooperator Louis Tartaglione’s wiretap stating: “You know what? He did it the way he wanted, and he died the way he wanted.”

While former Gambino associate turned cooperator Dominick Lofaro who wore a wire on and then testified against Gotti in 1987 said on HBO’s Mob Stories in 1993:

“John Gotti, if he had to, [would] kill you in a heartbeat.”

Former NYPD Detective Tommy Dades said in Channel 4 UK’s The Real Sopranos in 2006 about John Gotti:

“Whatever he was, whatever he wasn’t, you gotta give the guy a little bit of credit because he was really treated like, um, the lowest form of dirt in prison and he never broke. You admire that kind of quality in somebody ’cause he backed up what he said.”

In Fox News’ The Last Godfather in 1992 Jules Bonovolonta, the former head of the FBI’s New York organized crime section said Gotti “was a tough guy, he was a street guy, with tremendous ambitions” while former FBI Agent George Gabriel who was put in charge of the Long Island office said “people loved him, neighborhoods loved him, the soldiers loved him, he kept everybody happy.”

Tommy Gallagher of Gallagher’s Gym in Ozone Park spoke about how John Gotti helped save his boxing club when it was in financial trouble.

Not to mention: Deceased Gambino Joe DeCicco, who grew up with Gotti, said on camera, among other statements, “John never feared nobody in his life, nobody. I don’t care who it was, small, big, or what. He was that kind of a kid. And that’s why I always respect him, loved him, and told you I love him.”

Whatever John Gotti was or wasn’t, who the hell is John Alite, a miscreant of a federal informant, a fountain of never-ending lies and excuses to ever say one bad word about him? Especially when the truth is he didn’t even know him…

“He knew me only,” John A. Gotti said, “and when I really got to know John Alite, who he really was? He was chased. End of story.”

UPDATE — 4/8/2017: 

While researching a separate project I came across the following Fact.

Unlike what John Alite keeps saying– that “no one ever put a gun in his hand…” That no one ever testified that John Gotti shot anyone, etc., well? That is not the case. At the 2011 Vincent Basciano trial former Bonanno boss turned witness Joseph Massino testified that he was actually present in the 1970s when a young up and coming John Gotti, as a personal favor to then Gambino boss Paul Castellano, shot and murdered Vito Borrelli, his daughter’s boyfriend, a job that surely no slouch would ever have been given.

NOTE: At that time Gotti was fresh out of prison for taking part in a killing as a personal favor to the previous Gambino boss, Carlo Gambino, to avenge the kidnapping-murder of his nephew Manny Gambino, something that also no slouch would have been involved with.

(Click images to enlarge.)

Basciano (Direct, 4723-25):


  • The real truth about ARAT

    • John gotti is a rat
      there is prof the he spoke with the FBI
      john alite has never been cought in camera,video tape,nobody has ever seen him kill somebody.
      how did he end up in prison.
      ill tell you how john “the rat” gotti Jr has soken about him ?

      • Steve Lenehan "Picasso"

        another cult member LOL, he didnt show up on audio/video/still frame because he was NO one, a zero, he was a puppet who tried to frame others for his own freedom, he failed at that to, (see court transcripts) i am so glad you gullable foolz show your public support of this fruad, THE WORLD CAN SEE WHO IS AND WHO AINT A PENTITO – GOTTI? fought five trials, can you count? or has alite’ embrace muffled your ability to think right? ever see gotti on the witness stand? how does a informant have to fight for his freedom in five trials facing buck rodgers time – YOU BIG DUMMY.PIC & tINy / ps:if u see jimmy alite’ ask him to address his comments about his brother being a flop, bwahahahhahaha he is real as belluvz hair LOL

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  • Why not one piece of surveillance footage of #alite with Mr.Gotti?? Answer, there is NONE. He lied and continues to lie, the only person who entertained it was poor Sir Trevor McDonald, across the pond in the UK where his fans have NO clue how they have been conned. Others are more victims from Albania, most are good loyal people, #alite has spewed lies in their language, more victims left behind #alite & #anastasia scam.

    • Send an email through John Alites actual website and he can send you several surveillance pictures of he and Gotti. You came here looking for “Facts” correct? Here is your chance and then you can judge for yourself. Go to

      • The wedding pictures are not the Ravenite surveillance pictures. Are you a clown ? Please
        read both sides before typing this nonsense. Arat is the one going all over media and the
        internet trashing the Gotti’s. While Junior doesn’t have time for this crap. Enjoy the fiction
        movie ” The Perfect Gangster ” . It would have some truth if it shows Junior bitch slapping him
        out of New York in 91.

      • John alite I mean Steve Riggs post here ONE PIC of you and John Gotti Sr just one!!!

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  • I find it ironic on how he denounces Mr Gotti Sr constantly ( though its making him money ) and calls
    the man all kinds of names, even tries to look like him. Wearing the suits, the hair etc… He is trying
    to like like Mr. Gotti Sr, but is a low life wannabe. He would never have the balls to say what he says
    to Gotti Sr if it was 1990. Almost all his fairy tales are about people who are deceased and can’t refute

    • Please check on YouTube for “The Perfect Gangster” and “Trevor McDonalds” interview with John Alite. The former is a full feature film releasing in Europe before the US on John Alites life. Kindly review those and see if you feel the same way. John Alite speaks openly and honestly about people alive and dead. Dare I say you may have some facts wrong.

      • You idiot, we already saw that a long time ago. This site has already debunked every bit
        of crap you are posting. Everything he said on Mcdonalds show was a lie and this site has
        all the documents and proof. That movie is nothing but a pack of lies and what kind of
        ” perfect gangster ” ; beats women, threatens women ( to this day ), is a rat, a liar, is
        friends with pedophiles, sleeps with transvestite prostitutes ( he admitted ), wants to
        blow a horse, steals money from his brother who has cancer, can’t live without using
        the Gotti name and is a piece of shit. Is that going to be mentioned in the film ? Or is
        this to make him look like a angel and everyone else is a demon. More ratfiction.

      • The “perfect BI gangster” is fiction, Sir Trevor a UK journalist was conned, in either of these projects not one certified fact, NOT one court document introduced, simply alite spinning lie after lie. Read the certified court facts here, alite’s own brother testimony, hear alite’s in his own words, his written admissions, irrefutable evidence he is a psychopathic liar.

      • There isn’t an honest bone in all of ARATs body he’s a sad wannabe that the real gangsters laugh at and make fun of get outta here with that trash

  • Alite is nothing but a rat piece of shit! He wishes he could be like and have the respect like Gotti Sr. did. If this was 1990, he wouldnt even have the balls to say that shit to his face! Gotti was the man! Everybody respected him and he did alot for his community!

    • I respect your comment even if I don’t agree with it entirely. Have you read George Anasthasias book on John Alite called “Gottis Rules”. I think you may have an inflated image of Mr Gotti Sr. The truth is the truth. Even if you don’t like John Alite, Mr. Anastasia has a well respected reputation beyond compromise. If you need a copy of the book email your request through and they will send you one. That’s how I got one and read it in one night. Wow. What a MANS MAN john Alite is.

      • Dude is this for real ? You gotta be joking. This whole site was about debunking that book, why
        would you even ask that ? This is a troll account. LOL, Is this Arat ? Why did you say that you would
        blow a horse ? Have you ever done that before, be honest ?

      • Mr.Riggs, would your thought of this self proclaimed notorious gangster alite change if it is confirmed he is Bi sexual? You must know Riggs this is a major violation ” in the code of honor” in “the life” (anthony sessa) of an OC associates ?

  • I agree, from everything I hear out of his mouth, he has an obsession with Mr.Gotti, all the Gottis for that matter. During his last basement radio stunt, he had to be muted by the host because he kept throwing out the mans name repeatedly.

    • Which radio spot are you talking about? I listen regularly and John Alite never got cut off. If you dislike him that much how are you going to deal when the Oprah interview with John Alite and Sammy “the Bull” Gravano airs after mid next year?

      • Oprah interview, congrats. Her staff executes extremely thorough back round checks, you can be reunited with all your victims, boy friends, and mother of children you owe child support payments.

  • Do you guys have a link to the last radio thing he did ? I just wanna hear more fake stories of
    100’s of shootings and how he is a changed man today LOL. The last thing I saw with him is
    he says he is working on stopping ISIS and is giving tips on how they operate. Man this
    guy is delusional.

    • Chris did a good job but really didn’t say much of substance to contradict anything John Alite was saying as 100% truthful. The question is why does Chris call all the time as if an aficionado on the Gottis. He’s just a fan. Nothing more. And you used to write John Alite in Jail all the time asking for signed authographs and stuff. Funny thing is, even though Chris calls in to disrupt John Alites shows and events, john always treats him with respect. In fact he demands it of his employees to. One time Chris called in and was acting like a fool and have Alites attorney was kind and respectful of him so that he had an opportunity to speak his mind. It was like listening to a poor stuttering kid trying to get a few words out. Chris was stumbling and mumbling like a retard. Anyway. Listen in on all of John Alites radio and TV shows and see him live this weekend for a “Youth Chat” seminar at MTV studios 4pm this Saturday 5/27.

      • I am 99.9% sure this is Arat that just posted this. LMAO. Chris made you look stupid and exposed
        you. Thats why you mad. I heard the chats and you had to be muted, because you were acting like
        a jackass. Then you said you would blow a horse. How low can you go ?

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    you asked her to read it on the air for proof, she says it was too long. LMAO. This is gold. He would
    give oral sex to a horse for charity was his words. What a idiot, this is too hilarious. Arat completely
    diverted to saying why doesn’t Gotti jr debate him on the radio. Why would jr debate with a proven

    • Have you seen JR speak. It’s painful to watch. Like he is chewing cotton. Can’t get a word out with his eyes bugging out and him looking like a retard. The best is watching him defend himself when, instead of giving an answer, he says “why would I” Bla Bla Bla.

      “Hey JR you clearly ratted to the Feds and Alites book rats you out for doing it. With documentary evidence. You even admitted in the channel 11 interview that john was YOUR muscle and that you met with the Feds. Why did you meet with the Feds?”

      Usual answer ” why did I meet the Feds? Why did I meet the Feds? Why would I meet With the Feds? Why do you think I would meet with the Feds? I mean… Who are the Feds anyway? I don’t know, it’s so crazy. The Feds”. All while his big eyes with those stupid big black side arm glasses are on his melon head and those sweaters in the summer that hide his little man titles. I would say JR looks like a Down syndrome kid but why would I ever want to say something so horrible about Down syndrome kids.

      • You’re a rat since 91, everything you say is bullshit. You were the least believable witness.
        Nobody believed you.

      • When you have nothing to say truthful resort to name calling, typical #alite. I am greatful Jr.., played the fed’s had them spinning their wheels, they got nothing. Channel 11, he used you to clean his car, you valet fool. A true Christian mentor like you alite would use “down syndrome” [anal ogy} you changed man you.

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  • This idiot is claiming that he was great friends with Sammy Gravano and still keeps in touch
    with him and his family WTF??

    • He wasn’t great friends with him because if so Gravano would have testified against him after he cooperated in 1991… he is however represented by the same lawyer/agent as Sammy and his daughter Karen– Doug Anton. He’s a rat agent.

      • Rats can’t do time or a 9 to 5 job. I heard Arat saying his brother is a quiter in life and doesn’t work, because
        he is on SSI. Has Arat ever worked a day in his life ? 8 hours ? His job is lying. If someone is on SSI for legit
        reasons. How is that being a bum ? Arat needs to say Gotti to make his money all day. Saying Gotti has been
        a ATM for him. Arat claims Gotti Sr was a bad leader, but he needs to watch Sinatra club, because the people
        involved in that time with Gotti Sr claim he was a very good leader. Such as if a guy in his crew was cheating
        on his wife, Gotti would tell them to make up with the wife and make sure no crazy broads stick their noses
        in. Also giving speeches to motivate them. Arat is a moron.

        • He also says “Gotti” as part of his routine to get around the Son of Sam Law. By mentioning Gotti and not necessarily his own crimes he thinks he can get paid for it and not give money to his victims. It’s all a scam. Talk anti-bullying and trash Gotti to get paid while getting around the Son of Sam Law.

          • I wonder if he tells the kids that transvestites are good ? He would be telling some
            truth if he did.

        • Did his daughter use that same lawyer for wanting to sue the makers of GTA5 ? That was
          ridiculous, but Gravano’s problems are greed. And check it out, Arat stopped by this website
          posing as Steve Riggs. LMFAO.

          • U guys are forgetting a good one how he told tommy pitera he was gonna kill him

        • Busted Roman. The red name same as the administratior

  • Alite is nothing but a Gotti coat tail rider. He has nothing without using their name. I just saw his brother’s posts on Facebook what a shame. Poor guy is sick and Alite robbed him. Jimmy Alite said he was on the phone with Angel Gotti and she heard his mother say John Alite is a liar. Man oh man, nothing worse than a mother saying her son is a liar. Hopefully they taped it! Hey I saw John Jr’s new documentary video looks great!

    • I know and he is the younger brother. The younger one has to do 10 times more bad things to get
      the same trouble. Arat is bashing his own brother while he has cancer and is going through disabilities.
      How can you call someone weak or a quitter when they are down and very sick ? Anyways I believe 99%
      that Steve guy is really Arat. He is promoting his book, making fun of Jr, talking about new movies and
      Oprah. Kinda like a kid saying ” na na nana nah “, despite the proof from this site showing him as a liar.
      He uses fake accounts.

  • Steve Riggs why won’t Alite admit he’s bi sexual? I mean it’s 2016 what’s he worried about?

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  • Riggs, are you sexually attracted to john alite? johnny “the perfect BI gangster” is a homosexual, nothing wrong with it, I dont roll that way, to each his own, but as anthony sessa, speaks in gangster terms ” the life ” – “put in work” he should tell #alite street men would frown about him being a homo. #alite should mentor the gay gangsters help them in coming out of the closet.

  • Chris does a better job at researching than George Anastasia, that’s for sure!!

    • I think George didn’t care, because as soon as he heard the Gotti name all he saw was money
      in the bank. Even if its all lies, he would rather make the money. The draft of the book was written
      by a pedophile in jail. I seen a recent video of Mr Anastasia and he still talks about John Arat’s
      life. Can somebody get a hold of George and show him the video/audio clip where Arat wants
      to blow a horse or him bashing his brother who is sick.

    • I agree 1000%. I would love to see Chris write the real biography of John Alite. At least I would know I’m getting the real story!

      • Carissa at some point I am going to turn this website into a book but right now I am actually putting this all together as a documentary. John A. Gotti is a producer on it.

  • George Anastasia is just as responsible for creating this BI monster as the Fbeye.

    • I’m watching the Trevor Mcdonald thing again and this I find bizzare. He had his crew with him
      in his house and they grabbed pistols to do a hit according to Arat. Then the 7 year old son wants
      to come and he says ” yeah sure ” , So the kid got a water gun with him to this so called hit. In which
      today, he says he doesn’t remember. This guy is nuts, he needs to be put on some strong

      • You should check out this post, it has video from that show in it and addresses the “shootout” Alite says he got into on his property:

  • Arats murder numbers keep going up. I mean is he trying to be Kuklinski ? That guy at least knew
    Sammy and Demeo. But was batshit insane.

    • Lol in the Crime Watch Daily show he did he said quote on quote, “I killed dozens of guys.” LOL

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      • Before you claim Trump is unfit and shouldn’t be president due
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        and has been successful for decades. The same can be said
        about Ronald Reagan who was an actor and Obama who was
        a community organizer in Chicago.

        Yet Obama is the worst president in history. You won’t even
        give Trump a chance. You’re acting like its the end of the
        world, because you bought all the lies from the media.
        Give the guy a chance before judging him. You can see
        all the division caused by Obama’s run, you should be
        blaming and protesting him. Hillary is under investigation
        by the FBI and still is protected. She is lucky that she is
        not in prison.

        Trump will get things done, unlike Obama. So stop the riots.

  • Then its time to re-open these cold cases,“I killed dozens of guys.” the families deserve justice.

  • My brother didn’t know John Gotti Sr. He knew John Jr many years ago but never knew Sr.

  • If that punk was in the same 1000 miles of Sr., at any given time there would have been surveillance footage, there is NONE, because he is a liar w psychotic delusions, and stalker.

  • If you look at him prior to FBeye’s make over the rat wouldnt know what to do with shoes, he was a broke crack head.

  • What happened to jeff lowman his lapdog??? All of his mob talk radio stuffs been deleted from youtube..

  • Makin a score "Sessa"

    He was so busy dropp’n bombs each week, breaking the OMERTA’ code in his basement, it caught fire. he now calls himself the ” Infiltrator” he recently been pricing tattoo removal for his well earned tatt of “LCN” – “OMERTA'” – ” ARYAN BROTHERHOOD ” (AB) its said he is concerned if he films for “Lock Up” they will be grind off with a brick

  • Why delete all his stuff though……… It did get a bit spooky at the end though when they wheeled that young girl in and fed her a script!!!!!

  • Makin a score "Sessa"

    He was trying to be a double agent, he flipped like a carp out of water. He founded out alite jilted him, scorned he trashed his archives of all (2) shows where he & alite did the “dumb & dumber” interview. Claims he is off the grid. But I know she is out there, 😉

  • Shame really, i enjoyed the shows about historical figures but the Alite stuff got out of hand and really pretty boring tbh!!

  • Instead of being hood winked by Alite the fool had a shot at being a basement radio host, he is better the joey ciccone who is a complete idiot wanna be. when you sell your soul the light always shines, TRAITORS always get the due

  • Do you guys know him?? I’m from England so only ever heard his radio show..he came across as pretty ok to me but obviously the young girl thing was all a con, i don’t know what to believe now……i know one thing though lifes too fuckin short for games n bullshit!!!

  • He has nothing to report but old news articles, period. He is no one.

  • Reading between the lines here, or tryin too, is this mob talk show all a con with lowman as the frontman and alite in the background pullin the strings????

  • alite can only pull zippers down, flunkies like lowman befriend them because alite pumped sunshine in him, lowman hides out because he knows he made a international fool of himself. alite does not want to get a job, so he will continue to lie about being a killa even though his federal agents files on him reflects a drug abuser woman beater. his name only comes up when he alite inserts it. my cousin john alite is a pathological liar who has damaged our name from albania, brazil, to this great country the USA.

  • I’ve found lowman. He’s doing a radio show called the Jeff & Dan show. Man it stinks, so false it’s untrue..

    • anyone who puts a tattoo of LCN OMERTA’ or hint towards being “AB” needs a detroit beat down daily. my cousin john alite has damaged our family name with lies and cowardice were sick over it


  • I met Alite three times during the fall of 2013, he intimated to me that he was sorely in need of cash and that under the advice of a talent agency he was going to create a fiction based on him having a close relationship with the Gotti family…. this was the key, he stated, because the Gotti name and exploits were world famous, and if he could make up stories and tall tales about things that were difficult to prove or disprove, then he could sell these false stories and live off the ill-gotten gains..

  • Be happy not crappy

    Mike Jacobs looks like an anorexic Bruce Wayne. Jimmy Calandra looks like he ate all the food that Mike Jacobs didn’t eat. John Alite looks like the steroids have taken a toll on him. His face is deformed. Don’t they piss test him at probation?

  • Leslie Mendoza-Morris John A Carter

    check out john a carter another convicted deviate, lewd & lascivious acts in florida, alite’s cheering section are such up standing citizens.

  • Leslie Mendoza-Morris John A Carter

    mr carter yet speaks of honor respect n loyalty, he insults others families w/o cause.who would trust a child near him?

  • This is so disturbing, Why does John Alite attract all these types?

  • Leslie Mendoza-Morris John A Carter

    mr carter once praised Mr Gotti b4 being locked out of his old account, why the flip flop?did “george mike” sing to him?

  • Possible! After seeing this about Carter I am convinced that All Alite could attract are these types of ppl, this Carter guy has a lot to say in JAF FB page but conveniently left all this out? Called others names spoke on other people’s children WTF

  • Scottyo Olivieri

    This Carter is a bum, a bowling ball “bum”

  • What the f@ck is a bowling ball bum???? Is jeff lowman one of these bowling balls?????????



  • mayor of Gjorkastra

    me too,trust me he is not in my country albania filming.he trying to do a pyramid scheme with anti aging fountain youth goods in ny/nj.sick of his fairy tales and hurting my people

  • i Endritt alite’ cousin who is not like or loved in family we hate him.sorry gotti family.

  • john alite is a lying scum bag, he is a bigger asshoe then me

  • After I originally commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox
    and now whenever a comment is added I receive four emails with the exact same comment.
    Is there a means you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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  • I am finding this all very amusing. You all have nothing else better to do but hide behind a keyboard and trash Alite? Really? You make your unverifiable statements and ask inane questions. Why ? because none of you were there. If you had been you would be speaking a whole lot different about the person you vilify as well as the candy ass you worship. Talk about trading on the Gotti name….Jr. should thank God he has it or he wouldn’t have lived past the 80’s and that is possibly the only FACT on this page. He brought & continues to bring shame upon his own family he professes to love so much. Let’s be real he spent his life trying to make his father proud , still is, but he was and is nothing but a disappointment. If you weren’t in there or even in the neighborhood at the time then be quiet and go home because you have no idea what your speaking about. You are all being spoon fed a bunch of BS by people who are trying to stay relevant in a world that shuns them. They lie as easily as saying hello. Go ahead Chris write your book of BS ,see how that works out for you. You are a lapdog punk recreating history you were never apart of. Grown ass man actin the fool ,even a sad excuse for a wanna be. As for Rat Junior & his illegitimate sister….keep it up. Bring more shame to your father it is what you have always excelled at. If any of you had a brain you should be ashamed. You are all a disgrace.

    • Nobody in the gotti family is a rat there all in jail doing a bunch of time even the grandson took it like a man 22 I think doing eight years there a tough family uncle Pete doing life gene doing fuckin fifty years

      • The gotti family specially Gotti Jr didn’t need to rat because he talked too much and the FBI was able to record him. The Gotti’s are stupid.

        • Gotti Sr. was an idiot. Sang like a canary for the feds. He portrayed Gravano and that’s why Granvano “ratted”. If spending your whole life in jail is the way it’s supposed to be done—then that’s your stupid fault. The mob “Gottis” aren’t even loyal to their own.

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  • I don’t believe a thing John Gotti Jr says, the guy is a born liar.

  • Omg for crying out loud Johnny Jr. this is a petty ass website. you even went so far to lock this man’s wikipedia page. you are obsessed like a school girl.

  • why does alite’ have not ONE female friend? NO American friends?

    • All you need to do is let Alite talk and talk and talk, then go back and listen to his earlier interviews in 2014/15 and compare them to his more recent interviews in 2018/19 and watch a liar at work, you will see time and time again HIS STORIES COMPLETELY CHANGE… the # of guys he shot and killed increases, the amount of robberies he did goes up, HE MAKES 25X’s more money in 2018/19 then he said he made in 2014/15, 97% OF ALL THE GUYS HE CLAIMS HE DID CRIMES WITH AND BUSINESS WITH ARE DEAD OR DOING LIFE AND NEVER COOPERATED AND NEVER WILL (which is what he counts on not to be exposed) HE went to 5-10 more countries on the run, HAD MORE BUSINESSES & INCOME then he did in his first Book/Interviews, changed the DATES COMPLETELY of this “shoot out” on his property by a few years and added “finishing a guy off” which was NEVER MENTIONED IN HIS BOOK, IN HIS FBI 302’s (he loves talking about), DIDNT MENTION THEM DURING TIME ON WITNESS STAND TESTIFYING, and the 3 guys who are all “witnesses” in his latest Valuetainment Interview HAVE NEVER BEEN MENTIONED BEFORE NOT ONE WORD AND IN FACT ORIGINALLY SAID THEY NEVER SAW OR HEARD ANYTHING TO POLICE/FBI (but now have all apparently “testified” but he means they got paid money to say what Alite asked them to on camera – was never in court of law). THIS IS THE TYPE OF PATHOLOGICAL SOCIOPATHIC LIAR WE ARE DEALING WITH AND IDK HOW THE FCK THESE GUYS PAY HIM TO LISTEN TO THIS FANTASY FAIRY TALES AND BS HE SPEWS IN EVERY INTERVIEW HE DOES IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE & evidence these guys care ONLY ABOUT the # of clicks they get and views and money BECAUSE IT DEFINITELY IS NOT THE TRUTH THEY ARE AFTER I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!

  • wish i could have met mr gotti, did he ever come to miami?

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  • Ask Alite why he wasnt at Gotti SR wake/funeral is 2002 when Alite himself in court said “WAKES AND FUNERALS ARE MANDATORY UNLESS YOU ARE IN PRISON YOU HAVE TO BE THERE OR PAY CONSEQUENCES,” so why wasnt he at the wake/funeral? 2002 BECAUSE HE WAS CHASED FROM MOB AND HE WASNT ALLOWED TO BE THERE!! He is a liar and a fraud!

  • i apologize to the gotti family after doing my research i found that john alite is a con man who never knew anyone or busted a grape HE NEVER KNEW MR GOTTI SR alite was a drug addict & thief, young albanians think twice about hanging with this rat grasser.

  • This website is bullshit. Just like John Gotti was bullshit. Gotti was a punk ass bitch in prison. He was no tough guy. All of these ‘mafia’ assholes in Gotti’s generation were scumbag losers. The bottom of the barrel. Why do you think the Mafia imploded under the reign of these fools. The fact that people worship these punk ass bitches is amazing. The real mafioso are turning in their graves because of these losers.

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