John Alite: BEATS WOMEN.

John Alite testified in numerous trials to his history of violence towards women– to his having assaulted multiple women.

However: He and George Anastasia left that out their book where they actually presented him as “a good bad guy” who would never hurt a woman, one who was even there to defend a woman when she was beaten by her husband (a lie– Victoria Gotti took a lie detector test to prove she was never abused by her husband).

Until recently John Alite also left his history of beating women out of practically all of his interviews.

That changed after I pressed him numerous times that if he was “a changed man” he would admit to beating women, and he now admits that he did– but has only been saying in interviews that he raised his hands to his ex-wife, when, again, he testified in multiple trials to assaulting multiple women and is still out their trying to be a hero to abused women and speak at domestic violence workshops and shelters for them.

Which, disgusts me.

John Alite is not “a good bad guy” and if George Anastasia was a good journalist he would have included Alite’s history of beating numerous women in their book. He would not have white-washed his history of domestic violence, giving John Alite the platform to strut around like “a changed man,” putting John Alite in a position to hurt even more women by not being upfront about his history of assaulting them.

John Alite is not an “anti-bully,” John Alite was and still is one of the biggest bullies in the world.

Part 1- Audio Excerpts:

To prove that John Alite has been lying about his abuse of women we present the following excerpts from Alite’s interview on Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser (3/6/2015) where he denied hurting women and instead actually tried to say that the Gottis hurt women– because that’s what he does, he takes all his “bad crimes” and deflects by saying others (the Gottis) did them– and then it is followed by an earlier, “rare” excerpt from before his book’s publication from his appearance on Let’s Talk with Darlene Macrina Supnick and Micke Stafford (12/12/2014) where Alite ADMITTED to hitting women.

Why did John Alite lie in an interview that he’d never hurt a woman when he’d already admitted in an earlier interview that he did and testified about it in multiple trials?

Note: Micke Stafford is also his therapist.

Hochheiser: “Did you ever beat up or kill somebody who wasn’t part of the life, part of the organized crime business?”

Alite: “No, I don’t have any bad crimes like, like them (the Gottis). Never killed a woman, never hurt a woman like that.”


Stafford: “It is in my, uh, awareness that you were particularly a domestic violent, person, violent person. Am I right?”

Alite: “Well, uh, you are right. Did I ever hit a woman before in my life? Yes.

Part 2- Book Excerpt:

George Anastasia did not just ignore John Alite’s trial testimony, he also left out what was written in Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Anthony M. DeStefano’s book which he most likely would have read in preparation for writing his own:

Mob Killer: The Bloody Rampage of Charles Carneglia, Mafia Hit Man
2011, Page 297

Though he was a big ladies’ man, Alite admitted to being abusive to women, smacking his wife around, even knocking out a lady friend of Charles’s outside a bar.

Part 3- Article Excerpts:

The following quotes are from articles describing Alite’s abuse and threats towards three separate women that George Anastasia would have seen had he done a simple Google search on his subject matter. He also would have been aware of what is mentioned in them had he read the transcripts and court documents like he claims he did.

Gotti mob rat’s boast: I’m a lying woman beater
New York Post, Bruce Golding
October 8, 2009

The heavily tattooed killer also gleefully described his violence toward women — admitting he punched and slapped at least five, including his ex-wife “during the marriage, [and] before the marriage.”

Alite wickedly smiled when asked about leaving an answering-machine message in which he vowed to make a business partner’s wife perform a sex act on him while forcing the man to watch — punishment for cheating Alite out of money.

Mob linked to valet parking
Tampa Bay Times, Graham Brink
January 10, 2005

Locally, Alite’s name arose in a lawsuit Prestige officials filed in 2001 that accused former employee Michael Malatin of stealing their business plan and clients. In his deposition taken June 20, 2003, Malatin said Alite threatened him during a telephone conservation:

Lawyer: What did you talk about?

Malatin: He did most of the talking, and it was threatening.

L: What did he say?

M: Well, he said that he would – that he wanted to kill me, and that he was going to rape (my wife) and slit her throat.

Woman says her family faced threats of harm

Tampa Bay Times, Carrie Weimar
November 8, 2006

Lorraine Lamendola was eating dinner with her children when the phone rang.

It was her husband’s former boss, John Alite. And he had a frightening message to relay.

“He began threatening me and my children,” Lamendola said Tuesday in U.S. District Court. “He also said he knew where my children went to school.”

She and her husband ran a valet parking company. She said Alite’s message prompted them to turn over all the company’s contracts in Tampa to Alite, who also owned a valet company. “If we continued to stay there and do business, he was going to hurt us, hurt my children,” she said.

Part 4- Transcript Excerpts:

NOTE: It is this website’s belief that if John Alite is still lying about and downplaying his history of violence, threats and bullying towards women he also lied about and downplayed it on the witness stand, so, instead of reprinting his entire testimony– testimony where he threw other men’s names into the mix to make it look like he wasn’t the only one hitting women– which this website believes were lies Alite told just to make himself not look as horrible– what follows are only selected transcript excerpts just to prove that John Alite testified to his history of abusing women.

NOTE: John Alite also frequently says that one of the reasons why he became an informant is because the Gottis and assorted gangsters threatened his wife and children when he went to prison. Actions that were against the code. Like in his speech at The Mob Museum on 9/10/2015 (32:33) where he said that:

“When I went to prison, and me and John Gotti Jr. were having our differences, he starts sending threatening messages to my wife, threatening my kids, threatening my wife.”

But the above quotes from the depositions of Lorraine Lamendola, Michael Malatin and the following excerpt from John Alite’s own sworn testimony prove that it was actually John Alite doing the threatening… because that’s what John Alite does. He accuses others of committing the same crimes and horrendous acts that he commits regularly.

Gotti (Cross, 2042):


Carneglia (Direct, 3503):


Carneglia (Direct, 3504):


Part 5- John Alite’s ex-wife, Carol Alite:

To conclude this post we touch on John Alite’s ex-wife Carol who he has trashed over and over in the media– even though she’s the mother of (two of) his children.

John Alite has called her a terrible wife, a horrendous mother, and even said during his speech at The Mob Museum (34:21) that John Gotti Jr. “convinced her to testify against me at the last trial, convinced her to lie and say I owed her child support, and she filed suit and did that.”

1- Yes, Carol was going to testify for the defense, not just to describe John Alite’s horrendous treatment and the beatings he gave her, but, to also tell the jury that he was chased by John A. Gotti and was not around him after 1991 and to convince the jury that he was not the big shot multi-millionaire drug dealer he claims he was. To describe that he was no “good bad guy,” because if he was, he would not have had a problem paying child support and his children would not have had to go on welfare.

2- The above quote from John Alite saying that Carol lied that he owed her child support?

Well, here is a document filed by the court just as the 2009 Gotti trial was starting up showing how John Alite was seeking to modify his child support payments, and lost:


NOTE: There are many other child support documents this website could post, but, it does not wish to as this website is only about discrediting John Alite and has no desire to embarrass members of his family even though he constantly trashes members of other peoples families, even their wives, siblings and children, regularly.

We will not stoop to his level.

From Shadow of My Father:

ALove1 ALove2 ALove3

From the New York Post:

New Gotti ‘family’ war

Bruce Golding, November 10, 2009

The former wife of the star witness against John “Junior” Gotti yesterday lashed out at the feds for helping her “liar” ex-husband skip out on more than $30,000 in child support.

Carol Alite told The Post that John Alite hasn’t paid her since he began cooperating.

“I just think it’s a disgrace the government is allowing him to . . . not pay child support,” she said of her husband, who admitted on the stand that he beat her and fathered two kids with a mistress.

Carol Alite was to have been the final defense witness yesterday but was late to court.

From a statement Carol Alite gave to Charles Carnesi about John Alite on July 23, 2009 to which she expected to testify truthfully at trial:

“There is nothing he wouldn’t deny or lie about. He would attempt to make himself right in any situation and lie to a point of, I believe, that he believed it.”

Calling him a “master manipulator”, Carol Alite even said that her ex-husband would constantly threaten her and she would be afraid of when he got home every night, in addition to what he might do upon his release from prison.

About Carol Alite:

I am told Carol Alite was distraught when she could not testify against her ex-husband. She sat outside the courtroom crying. This was her chance to turn the tables on John Alite after suffering years and years of his physical and emotional, psychological abuse.

I am also told that Carol Alite, who the judge said arrived too late to testify still arrived early enough to get a seat in the standing-room-only courtroom and if things were just at a minimum the judge would have let her testify a different day instead, making this website wonder if he was trying to railroad John A. Gotti as this was a major racketeering trial costing the tax payers millions of dollars and the judge would not let the ex-wife of the star witness testify to how he abused her for years and was a pathological liar.

I am told that Carol Alite was “shaking” when Charles Carnesi interviewed her. She was petrified of this animal who constantly beat her, and more. 

Carol Alite was so petrified she even believed that when John Alite was released from prison he would come after her for testifying against him yet she still showed great courage, came forward and did the right thing, only to be told she would not be allowed to testify.

But even so, Carol said that when John was released from prison twenty months early no one from the government notified her, a common courtesy, for her safety if nothing else and when she learned he was out she got so scared that she moved to Florida to get away from him.

The above information is just a sample of Alite’s violence towards women. As mentioned, if he left all of this out of his book it is safe to assume that he left much more out of his trial testimony and if you were a female victim of John Alite and would like to share your story please comment below or contact us privately.

This website would like to hear about it, and, future victims might like the warning.

If John Alite was “a changed man” he would have come clean about his full history of violence towards women long ago, during his testimony, and in his book and every interview he gives where he claims to be “an advocate of anti-bullying.”

As stated:

John Alite is not an “anti-bully,” John Alite was and still is one of the biggest bullies in the world.

But, if John Alite is constantly lying that other people beat their wives, and that other people raped and killed women, even though John Alite admitted in court that he beat his wife and threatened to rape and kill women?

What else has John Alite done that he never admitted to in court?



  • Very interesting, so #alite has a “unknown” female caller tell us he was like JESUS, that he was a man with honor. The only thing in common he had with our SAVIOUR is “JUDAS” – #alite is a cut from the same cloth, a TRAITOR LIAR. Other interesting trend I read is the similar style threats, verbiage if you will using [ “cut” – “slit” ] throats he uses to menace others. Similar threats used against parties who have recently the nerve to challenge and expose #alite for being a fraud. These very recent threats can be found here and others FB & Twitter. The beat goes on.

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  • Hello. I like to keep an open mind about the things I read. I read Gotti’s Rules and now I’m reading your blog. Your comment “I am told that Carol Alite was “shaking” when Charles Carnesi interviewed her. She was petrified of this animal who constantly beat her, and more.” What is the “more” that he did to his ex wife in addition to beating her? Has his ex wife been explicit about what else he did to her? Also, how do you know she’s not just a vindictive ex-wife trying to get back at her husband? I’m not saying she is, I’m just asking.

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