John Alite: Lies about a Lawsuit.

On February 1st, 2016 John Alite lied on Facebook that John A. Gotti was an informant who threatened him with a lawsuit for “being a public speaker about bullying.”



Not only did John Alite admit to meeting government officials, the existence of the Mafia and file suit himself long before he was extradited from Brazil, proving by his own terms that he was “a Rat” since at least 1991…

Read, print or download the real letter that John A. Gotti’s lawyer, Tony D’Aiuto sent to John Alite’s, Doug Anton, on December 30th, 2015 below– which so far has received no response.

Letter to Doug Anton 12-30-15.pdf

ltr to doug anton 12-30-15_FINAL 1

ltr to doug anton 12-30-15_FINAL 2