John Alite: Gets it Wrong About Joe Watts


Another man that John Alite has lied about multiple times is alleged Gambino associate Joseph ‘Joe The German’ Watts.

Specifically, when Alite was trying to prove that he was a big shot and to discredit John A. Gotti’s statements that Alite was a low-level, Albanian, non-Italian associate, the bottom of the Gambino totem pole, Alite has said that it was possible for him to be a big shot because other non-Italians became big shots. Like in his speech at The Mob Museum (55:48) where Alite said “Joe Watts, close associate of John Gotti Sr., had more power than most bosses on the street, was German.

However: if John Alite really was the big shot/insider he claims he was he would know that Mr. Watts, who allegedly yes, did in fact become a big shot– is not German.

While “The German” was a nickname allegedly given to him by his alleged boss John Gotti Sr. numerous sources have confirmed that Joseph Watts is Welsh on his father’s side and Italian on his mother’s, one of them being John Alite’s idol, former Gambino underboss turned cooperator Sammy Gravano who stated in his book, written with Peter Maas, Underboss:

Page 115: “Joe Watts–Joe the German–who could only be an associate because only his mother was Italian.”

Page 184: Joe (Joe the German) Watts, whose father was actually a Welshman;

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