Joe O’Kane: A Man’s Man.


Before the 2009 John A. Gotti trial the FBI visited alleged Gambino associate Joseph O’Kane at USP Canaan where he was serving a life sentence.

Joe, who was 42 and other than a short time when he was released on house arrest between 1999-2000 had been incarcerated since January, 1996 when he was 28 years old. But now, the Feds offered him a get-out-of-jail free card if he would testify against Gotti and back up star witness John Alite at trial.

Instead? He cursed out his visitors and returned to his cell, preferring to spend the rest of his life in a cage rather than live ‘free’ but on his knees.

And then: Like the Man’s Man he was, at extreme risk to himself– from both the government and fellow convicts who wouldn’t like him getting on the stand– Joe O’Kane testified for the defense and made sure the jury knew what a lying scurve John Alite really was and helped John A. Gotti beat the bogus charges lodged against him at the taxpayers’ expense.

To quote a letter he wrote to Gang Land News which Anastasia would have seen:

O’Kane stressed that he “came on board for the defense to put an end to Alite’s fabrication… in blaming Gotti for his own criminal endeavors.”

From information O’Kane gave Tony D’Aiuto, one of John A. Gotti’s lawyers in a May 9, 2009 interview with the expectation to testify truthfully to it at trial:

1) After he was indicted on racketeering-murder charges in June, 1999 when going through the discovery materials he realized that the source of the information the FBI used to charge him with one of the counts, a conspiracy to murder, was John Alite, THE RAT.

NOTE: John Alite testified at the May, 1999 Grand Jury the month earlier that indicted Joe O’Kane.

2) John Alite had a drug problem in 1991 and would hang out and get drugs by Crescent Street after John A. Gotti chased him in November, 1991.

3) John Alite was scared that someone would hurt him– kill him– after he got chased as he was no longer under John A. Gotti’s protection and had made a list of enemies a mile long (a claim that is backed up by John Alite’s brother, Jimmy Alite, who is a source for this website).

4) John Alite, going in to his 30s after he got chased would hang out with and manipulate young kids, began living with them and even drew them into a life of crime — some as young as 17 years old, and some of whom he turned into murderers.

5) O’Kane also noted how Alite, before he was chased would tell people that he was part-Italian to fit in… but in reality was full Albanian, a lie that O’Kane exposed in November, 1991, just before Alite was chased.

6) To quote his exact words– knowing what John Alite was doing, trying to lie his way out of prison by lying John A. Gotti into one, for crimes he did not do, for life– Joe O’Kane said he was “not going to let this pathetic fabricator get away with this.”

From a letter O’Kane wrote to Gotti’s legal team in 2009:


From Shadow of My Father:


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OKane4 OKane5

From the summation:


Joe O’Kane passed away on April 25th, 2010. He died in prison, just months after the Gotti trial ended…

And if you ever hear John Alite knock him? Just ask him: How does he account for Joe O’Kane preferring to spend the rest of his life in prison rather than take a get-out-of-jail-free card for backing up his lies?

Whatever he was or wasn’t,

Joe O’Kane was A Man’s Man.

One who will always be loved and revered by those who knew him.



In better times: Joe O’Kane with his pet cougar, Sampson.


Joe O’Kane: A Man’s Man.


  • I am very disturbed by all these NY’rs & others who fly under the handles of “luciano” “respect” “corleone” “omerta” ect., – especially the so called Italian by DNA, individuals who without hesitation support a court certified informant who ratted over 200 other Ny’rs for the federal goverment that being one John Alite aka Johnny Alletto, whom is of Albanaian DNA. Still knowing the aforementioned TRUTH & FACTS presented here they continue the smoke -n- mirrors side show, flipping the script. I would like for our audience to know them, a shout out to but not limited to known supporters & assoc., of informant #alite: SCOTT “Scotty yo” Olivieri, Elizabeth Tumminelli, Tomasso Rosiello, Anthony Sessa, John A Carter, alias one Francesco Frank Fiordilino aka Gambino, Roberto Falcon, Salvatore “Fredo” D’agostino, P.j. D’Alessio , Jeff “Canarsie” Lowman, John Ricciutti, Joey Ciccone, George Anastasia, The limited few fans left are victims, such immigrant Albanians and citizens of the UK, who were flooded with basement under ground radio broadcasts by #alite. These are thoughts I had to share because we know hat if anyone of them had to be unfortunately in the criminal justice system, the name #alite would not cross their lips or dropped by any menans. ” It is said, it’s better to have four quarters, then one hundred pennies. “

  • John alite is a RAT

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  • Alite is a jerkoff

    John Alite changes his wikipedia profile on a daily basis and fills it with lies. I’ve tried to amend it but he lives on it. Help make Wikipedia a good resource for everyone and help list FACTS not the Alite lies and propaganda. Thanks