There was no sit-down over John Alite between Richard Gotti and Joe Defede

One of the best lies John Alite told at the 2009 Gotti trial was that a sit down took place over him sometime in “2000, 2001” between Joe Defede, former acting boss of the Lucchese family and Richard Gotti Sr., an alleged Gambino.

Alite swore under oath that the purpose of the meeting was for Defede to get Alite transferred to the Lucchese group and away from the Gambinos where Alite was not happy and thought he would be killed… but, that he was not able to as the Gambinos would not release him.

Which was impossible.

Joe Defede got locked up in 1998, was in a federal prison between 2000 and 2001 and only moved out of the system when he joined Witness Protection in February, 2002. In fact, Defede even testified at a racketeering trial where Richard Gotti Sr. was convicted in March, 2003.

Long story short: If John Alite was the truthful big shot in the mob he claims he was he would have known all this and would not have lied about it on the witness stand where he swore under oath he was telling The Truth.

And: If George Anastasia was interested in the truth he would not have washed over this with a simple paragraph on page 198 of their book saying that poor John Alite tried to get traded to the Luccheses but Gotti and the Gambinos would not release let him.

Not to mention: If John Alite was not such a sick, twisted, pathological liar he would not have switched his story on February 17, 2016 when asked about this on Mob Talk Radio now saying that “No, I didn’t ask to be transferred at all” but that instead the “Lucchese family asked for” him to join them.

From Gang Land News, an outlet Anastasia is a longtime contributor for and whose owner Jerry Capeci he refers to in interviews as his “good friend”, so, he must have found the following information credible, especially since he wrote an article for Gang Land during the 2009 Gotti trial and Alite called Capeci one of “the best in the business” in an interview with John Ricciutti and referred to him during his speech at The Mob Museum as “the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out”:

Fearing Future, Little Joe Sings

March 7, 2002

A top Luchese gangster who refused to cooperate when he was jailed four years ago began singing to the feds recently – only a few months before he was due to get out of prison, Gang Land has learned.

Joseph (Little Joe) Defede – acting boss for jailed-for-life chieftain Vittorio (Vic) Amuso in the mid-1990’s – was whisked out of prison last month and relocated under the federal witness program, sources said.

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