• Johnny Slaplightly

    Lmfao Jimmy is ruffling Alite’s feathers and I’m here for it! Little Johnny doesn’t like to have his lies exposed or for others to outdo him.

    It’d be great if this website were a YouTube channel displaying and commentating all on the lies so it gets more views.

    • Santiago Vilela


      • Change For a Penny

        spot on Sant, they are all trying to squeeze a dollar, alite is a 110% fraud, “gap” is much more credible, he hurt a lot of people which was not seen coming. Anyone burned by alite was framed, alite could get close to no one in the know, all major players never dealt with him, he is a walking dictionary with tid bits given by feds or google.

      • Change For a Penny

        are some rats more entertaining then others I guess, that said when you take on a life as these snitchs did, they were all in during the fun times and the perks, hard times they fold, excuses range from he ratted me ect. bla bla, a true hoodlum either takes the pinch, accepts the damage done by others then exacts revenge for himself or his partner(s) or moves on roll with the ounches. the option to call the law is not in the dna of a true street hoodlum. i respect someone who didnt get invloved and could have, then a fink who gives diff excuses, witnessing others do dirt does not make you a tuff guy nor does a tattoo

        • The Balkanista

          i just seen jimmy gap recent video, startn get boring, his new nice guy / take the higher road schtik is commin off to sugary


          • HE IS BEGINING TO LOOK LIKE JOHN GACY. what these mutts will do for attention.

          • Jimmy Calandra A Bath Ave Story

            yeh say it to my face alite or anyone for that matter getting tired of you punks

    • Change For a Penny

      my money is on ” gap ” – snaggle toof taps out

    • this Jimmy lost his right to talk smack about good or bad guys, he has no right to bring up all these names of people living or deceased with rumors. Cause you heard of them dont mean they would have anything to do with you.

    • Calandra is setting the record straight, all those dummies were nothing zero’s except sg, jimmy putt that nice guy BS act to the curb, never let your foot off a snakes neck until it stops breathing . they want you removed cause you can tell people the truth by exposing them as jag off frauds this prevents their sucka money coming in. PS there is something suspect with that detroit guy

    • Jimmy take out larry the maid first, his weak A$$ posing in the worst side kick position ive seen, flexn n shyt, a queer he is in saddle shoes. then drop alite like a hot rock. GUNNAR BLOOMERS is a fraud, a true convice would never assoc with alite types

    • ThiFkn kid mazza needs to shup his mouth my money is on you gapper

    • I had no idea this alite was bullshityn me, thought the guy was down on his luck and neeed a hand up. He is a liar and con artist. Now I get why he wanted me to co sign his boxing skills bullshyt, he cant even box oranges at the shoprite.

    • yo alite you going into the ring with gap?you keep calling out everyone.

    • Angel gotti a white supremacist support done more to the family name than John aliar ever done absolutely shocking and the Jewish community are up in arms about it ….John alair said he’s getting out there about angel and gotti supporting racist

  • AlIAR is a joke, he was like 12 yrs old., he is calln ppl kids and wants one to believe he was allowed in the inner circle of some serious guys, anyone in the know can see this total BS. he is a name dropper who memorizes names, sentences, and crimes, thats his con nobody does this unless you been schooled by the feds, get a job arat

    • Bullshit destroyer.

      Just watched a video with Alite saying that he had sit down talks with Geatano Badalamenti the head Scicilian Boss on the Pizza Connection case? What a load of bollocks!! There’s no way he’d talk to an unmade Albanian associate, no way.!!He drops so many names so readily its disturbing? What’s he like in a police station? Bet the coppers end up telling him to shut the fuck up?

      • Alite is a complete deck. I think people are getting fed up of his Bullshit.

        • Change For a Penny

          he looks like the 1st uber driver in the tapes he is putting out, the heavy duty guys walk right past him to funny, this fool supposed be the boss, but in the letter to gotti jr., ” da boss” is whining & sniveling to just be his friend.


        • I knew that all the time, that scum bag was like twelve looking like the cast of 90120, thank you for your expertise.

          • glad you seen the light john, after i seen mob rats exposed on youtube in addition to this site and alettos lies changing the story in his own words one can only come to the conclusion he is a POS liar


            Do not feel bad took me many moons to piece his lies together., glad we made it here bro

  • This coward wanted to shake hands with John Gotti Jr after he tried to get him a life sentence.
    I’ve never heard anything like that before in my life.

  • Joey Staten Island

    I’m no fan of ex mobsters but I can clearly see Jimmy Calandra has slurred speech indicating either a wet brain or just slow in the head. John Alite and Sammy the Bull belittled him and they both are credible guys.

    Jimmy Calandra? Was no earner, no killer just another wannabe loser who tried to be a gangster but did not possess the guts or brains.

    No insult to Jimmy because 95% of all of these mobster wannabes are losers who chose not to respect themselves or their families by living this criminal lifestyle.


  • YES he is an active informant i learned the hard way. Calandra dont go gettn soft alite/mazza arnt goin away takn the higher road will fail you

  • Just saw a video where John Alite says if they needed $$ , they would go to the airport and do a score. I would bet my paycheck he never hijacked a truck in his life . That is pure bullshit . Gotti Sr had a crew of hijackers around him and did it himself when he was younger. JFK was like a piggy bank for those guys back in the day. That was a long time ago when Alite was around 8 or 9 years old . Maybe Gotti Sr let him sit on his lap and drive the truck . Who knows ? This guy was friends with Junior for a short time . He wasn’t working for his father doing all these hits and beatings . He was being a tough guy for Junior and his crew , not his ” babysitter ” like he claims. Sure he beat people up and killed someone but overall he was a low level associate who sold coke in a bunch of local bars , angel dust and weed in the parks , took bets and was generally a wannabee gangster that could never get made because of his Albanian heritage. He talks like he was so close to Gotti Sr . Nonsense. Gotti Sr told his son that his friends were a bunch of assholes and to stay away from them but he didn’t listen and look what happened . Now Gotti Jr isn’t getting off so easy either. He sat with the feds and I don’t give a crap whether nobody went to jail or everyone went to jail . When you are a mobster , that is a rat move period . You NEVER talk to the cops . He can spin it any way he wants to but he is lucky because not so long ago , they would have found him in the trunk of a car somewhere for that. At least he has the sense to stay off YouTube. All these other rats are going crazy fighting with each other trying to out bullshit each other with their stories of how big and bad they were . Real gangsters don’t have YouTube channels. They stay in the shadows like your supposed to . That’s why the mob worked for so long . It’s all over now . Too many rats . ???

    • 110% correct, these r lonely jagg offs trying to make a buck, the o nly ppl believing this shyt is foolz in the UK or albania, who judge by a friggin youtube video and weak lost amerikan wanna be’s who join their utube crews in cyber land. then you have the gunnar bloomers, who portrays an image as a true convict, a product of the state of MI only to come out and join forces with informants who caved after the perks ended

      • I live in the UK and believe me, nobody takes what these touting Arseholes are saying as gospel! Why the whole lot are still breathing is beyond me. Any self-respecting wise guy wudda had and shudda these ✊🏽💦💦in the dirt!
        Touting is what we in Northern Ireland call informers

      • calandra you lookn to score? sorry I dont feed addicts go to your pal john allettoo

    • Its at least amusing something to kill time.

  • I just saw a recent Alite interview on that show with that Jersey shore
    looking homo. They were claiming John Gotti jr is jealous of Alite because
    Alite is friends with everyone including the feds and the cops.

  • John Alite should say at the beginning of his mob videos “once upon a time in a place far, far away.” He tells more fables than Hans Christian Anderson. Hey Alite why don’t you pull your lip over your head and swallow.

  • like text’n peoples wives huh punk you cant keep friends the world knows it

  • Check out John A. video of him being the big boss with cigar and a bag full of money sitting in front of him on the table,and of course a big Orange Hummer with dirt on the tires,like a guy in a suit with scrufty shoes on and all his lap dogs singing his praise,how’s that helping kids?And he contradicks himself so much,then he gets clocked in a club with his own kind in there[Albanian] and they chase him outside and make him take a dip,how imbarrassing

  • Embarrassing

  • Maybe ill get a dictionary,I saw that video on Discover Johnny Alite popular video’s/tik tok,there is a shit load of these goofy things.

    • Just heard about him texting other guys wifes,if he’s drinking he needs to lay off the booze,thats about the worst,inappropriate thing for anyone to do,i wish him well and he finds peace,that goes for all of them.

  • Your different people now,its a different world out there,make the best of it move ahead and forget these old beefs and insults,instead of reacting to everything just ignore it,try to do something worthwild,Volunteer work,helping kids with good advice ,anything whatever works for you,and get on with your life,its to short.And you got to change your old way of thinking.Good luck to all of you.And church isnt a bad idea.

  • I think John Jr is just trying to set the record straight,most of the rest are just getting over,still working that con.

  • All of this is becomming ridiculous even though it doesnt have to be,so as Popeye would say “I had all i can stand and i cant stands no more” Arrivederci

  • see ya punk

  • ant sessa aka hollywood


  • John A-lie is the biggest piece of shit nobody on yt right now. He paid me $2k to say good things about him (like we knew each other) but then he wanted me to become part of his schtick – no dice. He tried to put John Jr away but they couldn’t even use his testimony, more holes than Swiss cheese

  • About texting other guys wifes,thats Jimmy C. Not John A.


    john a does not care for the ladies

  • Jim c. is a nobody would never be acceped anywhere,John A. made your own way something these guys put together could not do,hats off to you John A.Jim C. just doesnt have it,not made for it please just find a job and get out of this.I dont want to get anymore insulting.Sammy the bull is the real liar here,look at the mug shot says it all.He’s just a con,lies about the tattoo of Oden leaves out very important info about that.And he lied in a BIG way about John Gotti SR.Hope some day sombody holds him to it does not let him get away with it,those tapes in the beg. said nothing ,meant nothing,and now he speakes of a whole new agenda.John A. dont worry about being top dog,the insecure sammy worries about that.Just get on with your life and help kids,what are they doing thats so noble.

  • Hey baboo, make sure yous follow da new Alite Show on Youstube!

  • Good site Chris but this shitshow with MRE is ppl who dont know history attacking him. You got your WW2 history from Wall street. You think Hollywood is true history ? The same government that railroaded Gotti is teaching the winning narrative ? Britain and international Jews declared war on Germany first. Here is a different sides, always 2 sides.

    I cant post links. But go on Odyseee that website. type in

    Europa the last battle part 1

    The Greatest story never told

    Ask yourself why the establishment does not care if you have Communist flags which killed
    off 50 million in Europe before WW2.

  • Bro you sound like you got a womans emotions with this outrage you sound
    like a commie. Communist fag. Youre a POC now so you gotta be a victim now
    to evil Whitey. Dude I saw your picture you are Spaniard you are White. But you
    are a White cuck. Hitler had POC in his army if you look into the history. LOL POC.
    Thats a weaponized Commie term BTW.

  • Red cross numbers show only 170 000 died in the holocaust and that includes
    every race in the camps. Those deaths are from starvation or pictures of bodies
    starved because no food was available at the end. David Cole, Ernst Zundel, gas
    chamber expert Fred Leuchter all got their lives destroyed for giving expert
    testimony. You gotta be nuts and have zero logic if u believe schindlers list is
    true. You believe the kids swimming in crap or the gun jamming 20 times is
    real ? Look who owns hollywood or why Spieldberg a Jew would make this anti
    German atrocity propaganda. Why no movies on Communism and 50 million deaths ?
    do a dna test, its gonna say you are Spaniard or castizo. That victim shit is a
    Communist tactic. Maybe you should be questioned for being a Commie? Its real
    personal with me. NSC131 are good guys BTW.

  • Germany woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to murder
    these poor Jews for no reason. Look up Weimar and the Bullshit Communism
    Jews were spreading in Europe you Kike, Commie,basturd.