Jimmy Alite Tapes #2:

“My brother… he tells tall tales and makes up stories out of the blue.”

–Jimmy Alite

The following is a clip from a 3-way call interview on 5/2/2016 between Jimmy Alite, Chris Kasparoza and a mafia podcaster.


Jimmy Alite Tapes Episode 1: Molestation threats from mob rat brother John Alite


Mob rat John Alite: Lied about Being Sexually Abused by A PRIEST?

Mob rat John Alite: Boxing with The Castros

John Alite: The Brazil Files



  • thanks so much sir for give good information.

  • This guy who is a mob buff who wished he was italian with his fake fila velour suit. Grow up living in the 80s. John A would wipe the floor with you. I saw him fight and play ball he was amazing ball player and great street fighter not like HB coward who drive Benz at 15 yr old.
    You are the rat who has a mob website. Your a coward and the first to call cops and fbi. Carnarsi my ass never heard of you and never saw ya in streets. You can’t even walk in john shoes. Website about mafia lol grow up man 1989 is over. Get a job you have to be on ssi or disability. Yes look at my name Albanian who gives a fuck about these guys. Glorify criminals. But truth john A can fight not like you or rest of guys you kids ass. Look at my name look.

  • Richard Spencer

    What a scumbag, delusional maniac this guy is.

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