Jimmy Alite Tapes #1: Molestation threats from mob rat brother John Alite

In a 9/25/2017 conversation, Jimmy Alite and I discussed how his SICK, disgusting, mob rat/pathological liar brother John Alite threatened to tell people that Jimmy “jerked him off” when they were kids.

Jimmy and I also discussed how his brother is a serial liar who has lied about numerous people concerning rapes and molestation, not just Jimmy.


A Letter to Jimmy Alite

John Alite: Lied about being Sexually Abused by A PRIEST?

John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls

Mob Rat John Alite Admits “A PEDOPHILE” Wrote The First Draft Of His Book

Jimmy Alite Discusses Lawsuit Against His Brother On The Frank Morano Show

Interviews With Marcos: John Alite’s Cellmate In Brazil



  • Richard Spencer

    This is slander and it shows the deranged mind of this sick individual. Maybe all this sex stuff
    is what happened to him in prison. He is trying to act like this new changed man on TV, but
    everything he posts ( which anyone can see ) says he is still a twisted individual..

    • Hey Richard, how does it feel to be a white nationalist asshole? Do you really want to replace the USA with a white ethnostate?

  • Hi Mr Alite. I was surprised Patrick didn’t ask Sammy “ The Bull “ about you. Since you were on his show. Would had shut lots of people up, seems you are lying

  • Chris Kasparoza get a life you idiot lmao

    What kind of website is this, don’t you have anything better to do? Go live life, be a man or grab a gun and get a grip punk.

    Cheers from Albania

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