A Letter to Jimmy Alite

On February 5th, 2018 Jimmy Alite went on a podcast with his brother John Alite, supporting his heinous lies while telling numerous lies himself about John A. Gotti and I.

On February 7th I sent Jimmy Alite a 2.5 page letter asking him to please make an apology video correcting the falsehoods told on the podcast. In this letter, which was also sent to John Alite’s attorney, Doug Anton, and the host of the show, Ray Scipione, I told Jimmy that if he didn’t correct those falsehoods we would have no choice but to defend our reputations, research and the projects we are working on.

Jimmy Alite chose not to make that video, and to tell even more lies on Facebook instead. Even though he was told in the letter that we might begin releasing tapes of our interviews with him if he didn’t make the video to defend ourselves against their lies… Something we would have NEVER done otherwise.

Read, print or download a redacted PDF version of the letter at the following link: Jimmy Alite Letter – (Redacted).

Or, read the letter in the viewer below:

[pdf-embedder url=”http://johnalitefacts.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/RedactedJimmyAliteLetter.pdf”]

The recordings will start being posted on this site in the coming days as Jimmy left us no choice but to defend our names, projects, and very hard work.

Below is an audio clip of me calling into the podcast the following week on February 12th to rebut their claims.

–Chris Kasparoza



  • If alite conspired to kill others recently as stated this info must be turned over to law enforcement

  • I wanna know what person even gives a shit about any of this website? Who would ever go to johnalitefacts.com and actually read this? Most people are worried about other shit. This is a 200 buck a week flunkie site. U would be better off getting a real job get off ur knees and be a man have some respect.

    • Krissy, obviously you went to this website and took the time to comment. You must not be “worried about other shit. Idiot.

      • 200 a week to have no balls or pride. A writer teamed up with gotti to prove someone lied?! That’s not real journalism, you want real go work for the daily news or the star ledger not “johnalitefacts” how could you be proud of this site? What would your parents think when someone asks oh what does Chris do for a living “ oh you know John A. Gotti, yea he writes articles to prove that he wasn’t a rat and John Alite was” they will laugh in there face. This whole site, instagram, Twitter and Facebook is not worth your time! Get a real job and be a man get out of the gotti club. Since you write all this shit you must know it won’t “end” well. So if gotti ratted in 05 and alite didn’t until after 05 doesn’t that rebuttal this site? Get your facts straight Mickey Mouse club. Nobody cares about this shit it’s all nothing going back and forth over some interviews. You guys got nothing! Why doesn’t John box with jimmy no awnser on that ever I hear? Why doesn’t gotti say hey we both did some bad shit but let’s be men and help kids out and just let it go. Be a man about it. It’s better than going on 60 min and making movies, this defys everything his dad was about, to Sr he is now a rat regardless by doing all this. He’s gotta be rolling in his grave at all this shit. Grow up krissy stop attacking people and trying to prove everyone wrong. Help someone who really needs it and put that 200 a week into a charity, only good thing to come from it.

        • Alite can sit and make a fool of himself on Facebook all he wants. He can’t change what was done. Alite is a rat who testified against Gotti and Carneglia. He ratted and he can’t handle that he was so weak instead of fighting a case or going to prison like the men he ratted on he chose to rat. Gotti admits what he did he also never gave them anything it was a sham plan according to another rat Dominick Cicale, he testified against Gotti. Was Cicale lying under oath? Why is there a website about Alite? It’s because he lies so much and is a fraud who rides on the name Gotti. Why does he keep putting Gotti on his books? Is it because no one would even look at the name Alite? I now believe with Chris bringing out all Alite’s lies, he’s not only lost the tiny shred of credibility he might have had left he’s also lost his mind. Did you see the video of him and his brother Jimmy? What parent wants that idiot around their kids? Chris did a really great job on this website and witsecmafia.com as well. His hard work paid off as it will be a book and documentary. I bet Alite would get a tiny bit of respect back if he manned up and admitted he lied.

        • Anyone can see Alite and his fellow rats have there rat associates writing on here to stick up for these Rodents. All of Alites story’s are just that he’s got nothing to back up any of it but other rodents. And you challenge a name like gotti whether you like gotti or not we know there the real deal, and the senior gotti wether liked or not was definitely the boss!!!! How can a bus boy/pee on like Alite try to change history with none evidence period that’s why he can’t get traction. I’m shocked podcasts still invite him to just try changing facts some of you people are pathetic I admit Alite is a great story teller but he wasn’t even Italian but says he knows all the inside scoops. Come on people use your heads he was a bag boy for the real gangsters but today he’s a FEDERAL INFORMANT!!! That’s some jacket to carry wake up people it’s time to let the alite story teller fade out period!!!!!

          • LOL he wasn’t John Gotti’s hit man he never met John Gotti or Sammy the Bull. He was a small time associate of John Gotti junior.

      • LOL, I was just thinking the same thing.

    • You are a fag Alite!

    • Sounds like John Alite is writing posts on this site dogging it lol

  • How much does Jeff lowman get paid by gotti to “profile” people. The secret group that he infiltrated, so he can run back like a puppet to his boss and spill. Talk about shitty journalism both of you are involved in garbage. Your just starting out your career and this is what write about? If not already this will ruin your chances at getting a real job! Go to mikey ds your better off. You both look stupid going back and forth over some shot that don’t even matter. Truth is at the end of the day if anyone lied, will it change anything? No. Get off your knees and have some balls, I mean you do carry a gun, right? I’m sure you all meet up at the tire shop in Hempstead to collect your 200 every week from Kaplan. When you see Jeff this week, you need to discuss an exit strategy for when your gotti club goes to shit like it is. What will you do when you realize this is garbage and no one cares? That you can’t hide all these lies, lowmans lies and gottis lies.

    • No one cares yet here you are! Alite gets caught in every lie he tells, commits welfare fraud, lies and threatens to tell people his brother molested him and you’re annoyed at Jeff , Chris and John Gotti?
      A-Rat throwing Kaplan into this proves he’s still the same low life liar rat he always was. Hey what happened to him? He looks skinny and sick.

      • his FBeye provided teeth look like floor tiles in that shrinking corpse

      • The Gottis are all rats and have been for a very long time, that’s a fact !! The gottis are all drug dealers, drug smugglers, and addicts… I don’t say Alite was not , but at least he is not trying to hide it like these fake phony’s the Gottis ! They are mutts , riding on their fathers name.. he himself calls JR. A looser, he calls all his kids losers, you just need to watch the tapes on you tube… and as far as Jeff and the rest of these so called experts who spout off their facts, Well I say this .. I grew up in the neighborhood, I seen and socialized with these people, never did I see or even hear of these experts, so all the lies they spout out of their ass is comes out of their ass … they are nothing but coat tail hanger on’s They just want to be able to say they know Gotti… news flash… Gottis are no ones to brag about… they are bottom feeders… and those shows and movies , well let’s just say ? badly told fairy tales !!!

      • Alite has Aids, he caught it after fucking those cub scouts

    • “How much does Jeff lowman get paid by gotti to “profile” people. The secret group that he infiltrated, so he can run back like a puppet to his boss and spill. Talk about shitty journalism both of you are involved in garbage. Your just starting out your career and this is what write about? If not already this will ruin your chances at getting a real job! Go to mikey ds your better off. You both look stupid going back and forth over some shot that don’t even matter. Truth is at the end of the day if anyone lied, will it change anything? No. Get off your knees and have some balls, I mean you do carry a gun, right? I’m sure you all meet up at the tire shop in Hempstead to collect your 200 every week from Kaplan. When you see Jeff this week, you need to discuss an exit strategy for when your gotti club goes to shit like it is. What will you do when you realize this is garbage and no one cares? That you can’t hide all these lies, lowmans lies and gottis lies.”

      Dear John Alite, because I believe this is actually penned by Alite, because he can’t speak in correct grammar, it’s always the same shit. Let me answer these questions.

      1. I do not know John Gotti Jr. I have never met him. I also am not on any “payroll” In fact I have only met Chris three or four times. So to say I am paid, is laughable and pathetic. It’s the only excuse you can come up with.

      2. This site has nothing to do with me. I also don’t conspire with Kasparoza or have anything to do with his work on this site or other sites, but I support him because he’s telling the truth.

      3. In Federal Court you told the judge I was in “the mafia,” as well as you slandered and attempted to slander a well known Attorney you claimed was “on the take.” Your excuses know no bounds, and this is just your attempt at giving plausible excuses for your demonic behavior.

      • Salvatore A. Grasso

        Mr. Canarsie – I am new to this site. I came across your comment re Alite. Very well put, sir! Chris has done a superb job – BAR NONE!


        Sal G.
        T 859.475.3334

    • You sound like a real Cunt.
      You talk out of your disease ridden mouth and talk about being on payroll. How much does that snaggletooth rat pay you. Oh that’s right you can’t pay you is the FBI stipend probably doesn’t allow for that. You’re not fuckin him because he’s a f****** faggot. So you like fake tough guy Rats that’s great

  • Jeff keep threating people from fake accounts, since your a man and if you got problems you say it to be person. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say.

    • How did you guys get all those docs, that was good work! Did you know they were reported stolen? So you guys are now in possession of stolen property huh? Did king rat get it? Or did you pay for it with Kaplan’s 200 he splits with you?

      • Wow Krissy did Alite say the docs were stolen? Are you the least bit appalled that he’s committing welfare fraud? Or is that’s no big deal to you? You admitted they are his docs, did he say they were stolen? Why didn’t Alite talk about Jeff’s Mob talk radio? Is it because he’s being sued? Are you enjoying watching Alite become unhinged on social media as much as I am? Do you think his handlers are also or are they cringing that this is who they used as their star witness against Jr?

      • Do you know when they were reported stolen? Was his EBT card reported stolen also? Does it bother you that he has a welfare card while deducting pizza from his $40,000.00 ledger?

      • Richard Spencer

        John Alite is a massive liar. Stop shilling for him… Isn’t Alite now faking disability and collecting money
        from it ? That is so low.. The guy is not disabled he is healthy as a horse, challenging people to fights at
        age 55. Thats nonsense.

        • has never challenged me and if he ever did we would not be posting anything again. Give the guy a break, The feds did and so did we…. but that can change at any moment just when you thought thing were great…..rome comes tumbling down

    • Hello Jarrett, Or Mike. We both know neither will use your own names. Cowards per the usual. Hiding behind a fake name.

      1. I never threatened anyone. I simply informed Jarrett that my friends are angry at his non stop lies on social media which have been proven to be inaccurate and lies and if they decide to talk to Jarrett it has nothing to do with me. They make up their own decisions, but they also know Jarrett and know he’s always been a bullshitter, so it is what it is. I also have texts where he admits “I didn’t nothing to him, that’s he doing this for Alite.” That being said, that should tell you everything.

      2. You same pinheads keep saying I have fake accounts. Not true. For starters you claim I run the True Crime page. Sorta impossible because it’s registered I believe to co.uk and in case your not up to speed that’s England. In addition Scott is a real person. I do NOT run that page. The only other FB count I had which was only one, was deactivated.

      3. You have posted shots of fb pages which are not even people I know or associated with. I did however reach out to a friend in California to inform him that you are all wrongly accusing him of being a “fake profile.”

      4. I don’t need to hide behind any veil. I am sitting here using my own name. Why can’t you? That’s because you lack the courage to use your own name. At least Chris, myself and others stand tall speaking the truth and don’t hide behind monikers.

      5. As for your secret group. Im not in your pathetic group. There are enough others who don’t like your group who send out screenshots. So you might want to look at the people you think are supporting your nonsense.

      • Hey “semi-pro” it’s not John or Jarrett or mike. You don’t need to know my fucking name. Do you lick the carpets in jerk rooms or what? How stupid are you? You don’t think we saw the messege from Gentry fake acct where u talk out of your ass? You and that stupid mob talk radio, what the fuck makes you a mob historian? Did you even graduate high school? Shut the fuck up with ur dumb shit and be a fucking man. I’m so sick of you gotti do boys, u and krissy always talking in circles. Doota a doo fucking idiot Canarsie you pussy named after a town your not even from. Wanna tell us about ur charges in va?

        • His radio show is quite popular and what do you idiots have? You can’t even listen and pay attention to details properly.

        • I will add Jeff used his name and picture when commenting . That’s his real facebook account , how about you? So who’s the pussy now?

        • I like your comments krissy! Lol you’re writing what I’m thinking !!

  • I believe those who think there”s value” in listening” to falsehoods widely and fully proven to be untrue, and in opposition to reams of empirical evidence demonstrating that their falsehood is, in fact, a falsehood. those who think “listening to this has merit are engaged in something other than reasoning.

  • Krissy where u been hiding? Are you on a special mission from the crime fighter? Shlomo aka your boss have been doing some great promoting for the book! Thank you guys for all the help we really appreciate it! Sales are through the roof! We really couldn’t do it without you. I hope all is good at the Mickey Mouse club you Jeff and krissy and John and whoever are hiding out in the mansion. Krissy does sir blink a lot give you time off? Please if you are ready to respond to questions instead of deleting everyone’s stuff, provide a number or email to reach out. Would love a response!

    • Come on tell the truth is Alite off the steroids or sick? He looks like he’s shrinking. When I see his recent pictures all I see is a tiny guy with chipped fake teeth. How did that happen? Cuzins or Sugar daddy’s? Can you answer that and why Alite needed $80 for Gotti books?

      • I didn’t see any chipped teeth! He looks great, keeping in shape. I believe the books were a debit from his books? How come krissy won’t respond? What would sr think of jr being a crime fighter? Would he accept that?! Why does Angel Gotti keep bashing John Alite? Did she even know him? Why is mike Jacobs being targeted? Why is anyone who posts stuff being targeted or there comments deleted? They have a right to opinion just like the gottis do? Any one ready to actually answer questions!

        • I saw the picture on Twitter his tooth is chipped. He looks sickly. Very thin and what’s wrong with the left side of his face? The same side of the chipped tooth. I can’t answer questions for the Gotti’s but I’ll ask a few for myself. Why did Alite threaten his brother Jimmy that he would tell people he molested him as kids? Why was Alite mother and brother talking to Kasparoza? Why did Alite call a pedophile his friend?

          • And you are right isays he is skinny and must be off the steroids looks like he gave them to his brother ‘polygraph Jimmy’ LMFAO

        • I think Sr would be very proud of his son exposing the fraud rats! Some of the guys in prison are! I had to copy every post on both websites and send them. LMFAO!

  • Hey Chris do you think you could call into Mike Calta on wendsday to answer some questions? I think at this point it would be good for some healthy debate right?

  • Wow krissy you got owned on calta! You suck! Did dumbfella ground you after? Did he spark you like he does to Kim? Nice bringing up johns kids, your a low level nobody pr for the gottis and that’s the truth. You made your self look dumber than gotti, we know he was sitting next to you, did he coach you? If he did, tell him he blows! Come on kid get a real job and stop embarrassing yourself. When you say your working on a docu series you sound like a 10 year old. Make sure you include gotti since he ratted and went back to commiting crimes. Tire shop ring a bell? Have a good in your bedroom kid being a little baby fake gotti bitch slob nobody. Johns older than you and he’s better looking and would knock you the fuck out in the ring, why would you say 6’3? That’s schoolyard girl play grow up baby bitch!

    • Hey Krissy did you see the video Kasparoza just posted on Twitter ? He went by himself to meet your rat friend and confront him one on one? Alite took off like a fat rat chasing cheese. Alite has a big bark when he’s on the radio but in person not so much. Can you ask him a question for me since you’re his friend? Why is he collecting food stamps?

      • That’s a lie made up by sissy! Now question for you, does John Gotti pay you too?

        • No Gotti doesn’t pay me. I just can’t stand Alite, he’s a lying degenerate rat who testified against Charles Carneglia and Gotti. Good thing Carnessi was a good lawyer and showed the jury Alite was a lying sack of shit. So you really think Kasparoza made up that Alite has an food stamp card? WTF do you smoke?

          • I just wanna he the one to say it’s obvious username “krissy” is John Alite himself commenting

    • I actually have another question if you’d be so kind to answer. When Alite made all those posts making fun of the Gotti kid who got arrested did he think it wouldn’t bite him in the ass? He posted that the Gotti kid “only” got 8 years so he must be a rat. Alite didn’t say anything about his own kid being in jail. Alite should have left the kids out of it because time and time again karma proves to be a wicked bitch. Same goes for accusing the tire shop owner of committing crimes.

      • The tire shop owner is Steve Kaplan. He DID commit crimes! His kid has nothing to do with it, gotti brought the kids up first and following his kids and making threats through his wife. Do your research sissy is all facts so go back and check it out.

        • Did John Alite say Kaplan is committing a crime? Gotti never brought up any kids but now I have a feeling Alite opened the wrong door by accusing Gotti of it. It’s a real low move to lie that someone threatened your kid but it’s not the first time Alite lied that his kids were threatened. How come he never has any proof? When someone threatens your kids don’t you document it especially when you’re a rat?

  • Leave the kids out of it you cowards, all of us say a big fuck you and ur movie will never come out. It’s in the garbage just like the gotti clan. Ugly sisters and Pete fat fuck Carmine fat and bald. Carmine ur ugly with that pony tail. Stupid phenomena with there grandfather he didn’t even like then getto white niggers he hated that shit. Grow up be men not pussys. Dumbfella ur son sucks at boxing, soon as he gets a real match lights out ur other son look gay like u. Keep talking about the kids and wife’s ur stupid and nobody likes or cares what u say or write.

    • So that means you’re not answering the questions just going to toss out insults? Typical Alite move. Sticks and stones will break their bones but at least they never ratted out their own father! LMFAO!

    • Check out the Shadow page run by Angel Gotti the movie will be out June 15 How much does that bother the rat pack? Go Jr go! LMFAO!!!

  • for 3 yrs I have seen Alite go after the Gotti grandchildren not only him but Jacobs and the rest of Alites lil bully crew! You see once you post in cyber space it NEVER goes away! All those disgusting pics on his page the gay bashing the language the constant obsession with Gotti Gotti Gotti? His children his grandchildren will for ever see? He needs to move on get off the Gotti coat tail and concern himself with his own family period.

    • Then y do they pay sissy to make Twitter fb and websites? Talk shit about his kids? What about there obsession? FYI it’s going to get worse pussy fucks keep shit talking. We’re gonna prove you lie

      • Does Alite pay you? Maybe you guys should all ask for the proof first before defending that buffoon’s allegations? If Alite didn’t lie I don’t think there would be any website genius.

  • Can you ask your friend Alite to shut Chris up and unseal his sentencing minutes? Ask him why they’re sealed? Aren’t you one bit curious about that? Also ask him why he’s obsessed with pics of naked men? Do you think the self proclaimed anti bully should behave in that way?

    • There’s a disclaimer on this website saying if anything is proven to be a lie just show the proof, they will not only take it down and correct it they will publicly apologize. Well Krissy why hasn’t anyone in your “we” circle done that?

  • what kids we attacked ? The drug dealing thug who sold and stashed in his grandfather house ? That child , he’s a fucking loser low life nobody. No there is a low level drug dealer nobody living off his grandpas legacy of shit. Vincent Asaro would wipe his ass with gotti, i believe he had him do that arson cuz he wanted to banish that shit gotti name even more. That stupid gotti of course got caught, big mouth fuck like the rest of em. History repeats, Sr big mouth arrested, nephew big mouth arrested, now blinky bitch baby keeps talking he is going to get reindited. Hey krissy tell gotti to smarten up and shut the FUCK up! Quit beating ur wife and kids, be a man and leave Alite alone, you can talk shit for 100 years he still don’t care! Nobody does. You may have some followers but most people could care less. When they hear the gotti name they associate it with jail, losers, good clothing and that fucking disgrace growing up gotti show. Average people hear gotti they think of garbage. So shut the fuck up with lies and bullshit.

    • And that’s the reason why Alite uses their name on everything he does? Does Alite pay you? You still never answered why hasn’t anyone provided proof that this website lied? All you do is throw insults out just like your boy Alite. I heard that movie is going to be the biggest hit since Goodfellas is Alite mad he’s not in it? lol

    • Hit a nerve? You just proved my point! But still no answer to my questions? That kid took responsibility not like Alite who’s not man enough to do prison time he took the easy way out and handed up how many names? You sure do throw around a lot of names do you know these ppl? if I were you I would stay as far away from Alite as you can, you do know he’s still on the governments payroll don’t you?

    • Did the rat Alite ever tell you about the disgusting texts messages he sent Angel’s son? You and me both know Alite is a fraud. Now the question is why do you support such a a disgusting human being? Does he pay you and how? I’ll say it again unseal your sentencing minutes!

      • True a Gotti kid is in prison doing time unlike the rat Alite. I wouldn’t talk about history repeating itself if I were you. Did Alite’s kid get arrested? He talked about the Gotti kid getting arrested on social media but never mentioned his own. Why is that?

    • Welfare fraud doesn’t bother any of you section 8 people does it? How’s it feel to be a mother who had a kid taken away? You talk about other people’s kids you low life? You had your kid taken away. You have to be a real piece of shit to get your kids taken away “Krissy” and then history repeated itself with your grandchildren. You cow cunt.

    • Sounds like Krissy is John Alite’s alter ego with all the unwavering support and incorrect grammar. No wait, Alite was and always will be a rat bitch so maybe he calls himself Krissy when at home. Alite is a dick-sucking, pedophile supporting(probably one himself) liar. “I killed dozens of guys” but “I wanna help kids not go down the wrong path. The only reason anyone knows his name is the put Gottis. I’ve seen John Gotti Jr and John Alite interviews and I see growth and intelligence with Gotti like a man should get with age. Alite is a douchebag liar and George Anastasia is a piece of shit for putting his book out. Lets not fact-check, just put a compulsive liars words down on paper as they’re said. That isn’t true journalism or the actions of a good author. All the best to the Gottis! Even if people didn’t like Gotti Sr. being so open he was what he was and he was proud. He didn’t snitch or raise snitches which is better than most people in America nowadays. But Alite can eat a dog’s dick and die, the fucking loser.

  • lying rat PUNK
    food stamos??


  • Hey bitch gang you been quiet? Krissy how did it feel getting shutdown on calta? You really fucked up im sure king rat grounded you after. Krissy George why did u lie about your last name? That means if u ever got a real job all of ur garbage u post wouldn’t even be to ur advantage? Gotti quit mob in 98 but got permission from the bosses to queen of the day in 2005? How does that add up? Did you fuck up or what? Ur so dumb I stutter all the time about ur docu series and bitch tittys. You and lowman are fucking weird and will never have shit. U nobody fucking loser gotti parade faggots u all suck at life. Stop bullying and grow some balls. Get the fuck off ur knees to that ugly ape looking fuck u call daddy or boss. U think u made it big by being with gotti? He’s gonna wipe his ugly wife with u when he’s done. How’s his kids, still hate him? Tell lowman to come out of hiding and u and issues an apology for all ur fucking antics. 3 stooges u guys and gotti.

    • Krissy you guys aren’t too bright are you? Maybe listen to it again? What Kasparoza said was “It was another rat Dominick Cicale who said on the stand when he testified against Gotti that Gotti and Basciano made up the whole thing. Feel stupid yet? You should you idiots make comments and you don’t ever add up.

    • But we all have fun watching! LMFAO!!

    • Gotti’s kids hate him? LMFAO You really do buy the shit that rat says? Hey genius, who’s kid contacted Kasparoza?

    • Richard Spencer

      From what I heard about John Jr and the queen of the day thing was that he was being tortured and he
      was being poisoned with diesel exhaust fumes and he needed pain medicine at the time. So he sat down
      with them and gave them nothing. Its just like how they tortured the nazi soldiers to get fake confessions.
      Look up testicle crushing at the Nuremberg trials.

  • John Alite’s Teeth

    Hey sorry little late but this guy Krissy is Alite right? I noticed he pretty consistently murders the English language while simultaneously throwing around painfully dopey insults that sound like 12 year old (a 12 year old that left school 3-4 years earlier). He also doesn’t seem to bright as he doesn’t do a great job hiding the fact that whoever is commenting is clearly taking it personally that Alite’s lies are being addressed here and more often online whenever his name is mentioned. Plus there aren’t many people coming to defend Alite other than himself.

  • Krissy, I can’t figure out from the posts who is the bigger loser you or John Alite. Of course you and he could be one in the same. A big catfishing scam pulled off from a low-level street nothing of a wannabe gangster who Hope’s that Reelz makes another John Gotti documentary so he can be on for 90 seconds taking about what good pals he was with him.

    Nothing can be verified of the stories Alite tells with more Imagination than Hans Christian Anderson. Time for him to go back to the land of make believe.

  • This Kasparoza is an idiot. He should get a real job.

  • This Kasparoza is an idiot. He should get a real job. This website is a joke

  • jimmi can you recommend a expert in polygraphs?

  • First 12-15 minutes Interviewer asks my brother john Alite (5) different ways to explain HOW/WHY he isnt doing a Life Sentence w/ ALL these murders he has committed AND (5) Answers later HE STILL HAS NOT ANSWERED THE QUESTION SO for anyone who still doesnt know who this liar is..

  • Just looking at Alite you can tell he is one shady motherfucker.And a queer


  • alite and i will lie for a hug

  • At first I thought Alite was the real deal. After watching some interviews I relized he was full off lies. Who the fuck brags about being a serial killer and a drug-dealer? And its abious he’s jealous of the Gottis. Man, was I wrong about Alite. As I know many albanians I thought it could be cool to tell them about him but know I can make fun of them instead, just for fun hehe. They would be ashamed as hell haha. Excuse my spelling, Im from sweden so my enlgish isnt 100%. Anyway, great website, I hope u get 200 a week, it would be worth your while 😉 ////

  • your 110% correct i am inside his inner circle he is a RATS rat who – i will be coming out when the time is right to expose him in his own words – he is a major fraud harming people in other countries with lies sole purpose is money – i must set the record straight itz gone to far

  • Alite Licking Cyclops

    Anyone see John Alite on Vladtv? It’s a YouTube channel he’s on there going on about how gangster he was. Anyone who can’t see how whack he is insane. Also him showing up on there only put this site on a bigger platform. I think more people should visit the videos and post this site up. He’s on there talking major shit about all he’s done, with shades on no less looking shaky. What a liar.

  • I am trying my hardest to throw shade for this dummy, its getting very difficult his lies are getting taller

  • John Alite is a lying, moron scumbag. I do not personally known any of the people involved but boy am I sick of watching every new mob doc and since the list of rats who agree to appear on those programs is small they have to constantly use Alite, a low level associate at best. Him saying he made his whole crew buy corvettes in fear city HAHAHAHA. Alite says he had 150 people working for him, and not only said a kilo is a pound (even though kilo means a thousand such as kilogram – 1000 grams and kilometer – 1000 meters) but that his “150” workers who controlled most of NYC moved 1 kilo a month?Mid range dealers in tiny towns easily move a single kilo in a month. That is barely over an ounce a day, a kilo a month is not nearly enough product to employ “150” workers if it took them a whole month to move it.

  • Francesco Frank Fiordilino

    the fool had no teeth, he still doin basement videos without curtains he is a bust out lying fraud, gene b keeps glaring at his own arms with dark shades too funny these two are on the down low

  • I’m just here to be entertained.