Radio: Jimmy Alite discusses lawsuit against his brother on the Frank Morano show

Jimmy Alite, brother of John Alite, calls in to Frank Morano’s radio show, discusses his defamation/theft lawsuit against John and reaffirms that he’s a pathological liar.

The lawsuit was filed by New York attorney and former Marine Elio Forcina.

Note: Frank Morano sat through all four of John A. Gotti’s RICO trials and witnessed John Alite’s disastrous testimony in two trials and is as qualified as anyone to discuss his lies. Which is why John Alite refuses to go on Frank’s show — because he knows he will be asked tough questions and get destroyed just like he did on the witness stand.

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  • jimmy was such a kind loving soul months ago, what happened to him? Did his brother threaten him? Drug him? Offered a scam cure to him? To many polygraphs? Seems anyone assoc with john loses their soul