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Unlike others John Alite received absolution for his past crimes by the federal government meaning that he can say anything he wants about them– even that he can add crimes and murders that he never did to his resume to enhance his “credibility” because he does not need to worry about going to prison for them– which, also means that he does not need to bring a lawyer to interviews with him– so, if you ask him or George Anastasia questions about the material on this website they should have no reservations about answering them.

“And so you know how honest I am with things, you can ask me any question, I don’t come with an attorney, you can ask me anything you want and I’ll answer it, I won’t refuse to answer it.” –John Alite, The Mike Calta Show, 2015

From February 13, 2015:


Every time a new post goes up exposing FACTS about John Alite and his web full of lies a corresponding interview question will be posted below.

Do John Alite and George Anastasia have the balls to answer them?

Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus: False in one thing, false in everything.

A Roman legal principle indicating that a witness who willfully falsifies one matter is not credible on any matter. The underlying motive for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: the principle discredits the rest of their testimony if it is without corroboration. —


1- Old News

John Alite was exposed in lie after lie during his testimony at the 2009 Gotti trial and it was covered by various news outlets including one George Anastasia is a longtime writer for. Why did he ignore them?

2- John Alite: Informant Since 1991

Not only has John Alite been cooperating since at least 1991, he even testified to his longtime relationship with an FBI Agent at the 2009 Gotti trial and admitted under oath that he told FBI Agents in the 1990s that he would tell them whatever they wanted to know on the sneak, as a confidential informant. Why did George Anastasia leave that out of his book, and why hasn’t John Alite acknowledged it in interviews? Why is he trying to rewrite history, now saying that he didn’t flip until 2007?

3- The List of People John Alite Ratted On

John Alite has said in interviews that he didn’t rat on anyone, that everyone gave him up instead. Then how does he explain the letter written on his behalf by a prosecutor praising his “substantial” cooperation and the list of over 200 names he gave up to the FBI?

4- OPEN CHALLENGE: John Alite, Provide Proof that John A. Gotti Ratted on you.

He keeps saying Gotti has, but hasn’t produced a shred of evidence to back up his claims.

5- OPEN CHALLENGE: John Alite, Unseal you sentencing minutes.

The transcripts of John Alite’s sentencing hearings are sealed. Why? What are they hiding? And does John Alite have the guts to make them public?

6- John Alite: was ORDERED to go to therapy

How come he mentions in almost every interview that he sees a therapist but never includes that his sentencing judge ORDERED him to get “Mental Health Treatment”?

7- The Frank Morano Show

Frank Morano attended all four of Gotti’s racketeering trials and part of the Charles Carneglia one where Alite also bombed on the witness stand, making Morano as qualified as anyone to interview him. So why is John Alite so scared to go on his show?

8- John Alite: Wrote a letter to John A. Gotti

Why didn’t George Anastasia include in his book that John Alite was exposed at trial by a letter he wrote in 1993 showing how he was broke and unimportant and trying to get in John A. Gotti’s good graces, not the opposite?

9- U.S. Code § 1512 – Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

John Alite keeps saying that he has no fear of the Gottis or anyone else and walks through the old neighborhoods without a care in the world… but, why doesn’t he mention that one of the reasons he claims he fled the country in 2003 was because he thought the Gottis wanted to kill him, and now, he’s protected by a law that says because he’s an informant someone can get 20 years just for threatening him?

10- John Alite: Lies about a Lawsuit.

John Alite actually claimed that John A. Gotti threatened him with a lawsuit for “being a public speaker about bullying.” Can he actually produce proof of this “threat”?

11- No One Threatened John Alite’s Daughter

After this website went up on 2/18/2016, in an effort to further discredit John A. Gotti and myself John Alite has now been saying that we threatened and tried to “intimidate” his daughter… yet he provided no proof of this. So, will he come clean and admit it never happened?

12- John Alite Did Not ‘Know’ John Gotti Sr.

John Alite has told some fascinating tales about his relationship with John Gotti Sr. but what he has not done is provide any proof that he actually knew John Gotti Sr.

So, will he finally admit that he didn’t?

13- John A. Gotti: GRADUATED from Military School

Why did George Anastasia write in his book that John A. Gotti didn’t graduate from military school when not only did he graduate with honors but the rank of Staff Sergeant and as the Captain of the boxing team?

14- John Alite: The Anti-Semite?

If John Alite is a “changed man” and “motivational speaker” why did he refer to John A. Gotti– in 2015, to his nephew– as a “blow job jew?”

15- John Alite: Lies about all the countries he visited.

Why are John Alite and George Anastasia totally inconsistent on the number of countries Alite says he visited after he fled the country in March, 2003? And, more importantly: Why does Alite give a different number in almost every interview, and, why did he give three different numbers in his trial testimony?

16- John Alite: Lies about Angelo Ruggiero

If John Alite was as close to Angelo Ruggiero as he claims then why did he get so many Facts wrong about him?

17- John Alite Bought Fake Twitter Followers

How can John Alite call himself “real” and a “leader” when he bought fake Twitter followers?

18- John Alite Did Not Slap Gene Gotti

Why did George Anastasia write in their book, and why has John Alite been saying on Facebook and in interviews that he “slapped around” Gene Gotti in prison, when John Alite told a different story entirely during his trial testimony?

19- Pedophiles are lower than rats.

Why did John Alite misquote John A. Gotti on this subject multiple times, and, why does John Alite keep discussing pedophiles? Why are they constantly on his mind?

20- John Alite Never Went to Paul Castellano’s House

John Alite tells a great story in his book about going to Paul Castellano’s mansion as John Gotti Sr.’s back-up, but, what he never provided was proof that he did… something he would have in the form of FBI surveillance photos. Will John Alite admit that this story was a lie, that he never went to Paul Castellano’s mansion, especially as John Gotti’s “back-up?”

21- There was no sit-down over John Alite between Richard Gotti and Joe Defede

Why didn’t George Anastasia write in his book that this was a major, out and out lie that John Alite got caught telling at trial? That the sit-down never could have happened because Defede was in prison during the time Alite said it took place, and, Defede was only released when he went into Witness Protection? Something John Alite would have known if he was the big shot he claimed he was.

22- John Alite, Prison Expert:

John Alite keeps billing himself as a ‘Prison Expert,’ especially in regards to what happened to John Gotti Sr. when he was incarcerated at USP Marion. If John Alite really was one, however, then why did he repeat FOUR different times in an interview that Marion is located in Colorado when it’s really in Marion, Illinois?

23- John Alite Does Fake Book Signings

Why has John Alite done multiple fake book signings? Especially if he’s so “authentic?” LOL.

24- The New Jersey “Shoot-Out” — That Never Happened??

John Alite described a “shoot-out” that took place on his property in New Jersey in 1990 in his book, FBI debriefings, a documentary and on the radio. If it really happened, however, then why did he give varying accounts in each one, even about the number of people he killed during it?

25- John Alite, Super-Bully: Part 1

How does John Alite explain his threatening to pass out an English woman’s address all over the U.K., on television and the radio, even in schools just because she challenged his lies and he wanted to silence her? Will he admit that this is cyber-bullying at its finest?

26- John Alite Did Not Demote Joe Gallo

George Anastasia wrote in his book that John Alite was sent to demote Joe Gallo, the consigliere of the Gambino family by John Gotti Sr… But, why does he expect anyone to believe this, especially when Alite did not testify about it and there is no mention of it in his FBI debriefings?

27- John Alite: Admits he committed Perjury?

In Gotti’s Rules John Alite said that he ‘tailored’ his testimony so it would be consistent with the stories of the other cooperators who came before him… but, does that mean he’s admitting to committing perjury? That he lied on the stand and didn’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in his attempt to convict John Gotti Jr?

28- Joe O’Kane: A Man’s Man.

In 2009 Joe O’Kane who was 42 and serving a life sentence was offered a get-out-of-jail-free card by the FBI if he would just back up John Alite’s testimony at the Gotti trial. Instead: he testified for the defense and helped John A. Gotti beat the bogus charges lodged against him based off John Alite’s lies. How does John Alite explain that?

29- John Alite: Gets it Wrong About Joe Watts

If John Alite was the big shot/insider that he claims he was, then how come he didn’t know that Joseph ‘Joe The German’ Watts… is not German?

30- Alite and Anastasia: Lie about John A. Gotti’s Retirement

Alite and Anastasia have lied in numerous interviews that there was a tape recording made of John A. Gotti in 2003 complaining that he’d been demoted from boss to captain, but, if that were true, how could Gotti have avoided conviction at four straight racketeering trials between 2005 and 2009 where the main facet of his defense was that he retired from organized crime in the 1990s?

31- John Alite’s All-Star Boxing Challenge

On April 14, 2016, John Alite “formally” invited John A. Gotti– via Facebook and Instagram posts– to fight him in a pay-per-view boxing match to end the “girl talk” and raise money for Alite’s charity. He even told his Facebook supporters to chant that Gotti was “a rat” from the front row. However: when this challenge was answered by myself on behalf of Mr. Gotti via email– even though Alite also said on Facebook that if Gotti wouldn’t fight him he’d fight me instead– the first thing John Alite did was tell me not to message him ever again and said that my email was being “turned over”– to the FBI, I presume, proving yet again that John Alite is as big of “a rat” as they come.

32- John Alite: Chased Since 1991

John Alite denies that he was chased by John A. Gotti in 1991 and was no longer a Gambino associate after that point. So then why can’t he produce just one picture of him with Gotti Jr. after 1991? Why does all the evidence show that he was no longer with Gotti and the Gambinos after 1991?

33- John Alite: Lies about Bobby Boriello

If John Alite plotted a murder with and was as close to Bobby Boriello as he claims– and even testified that he learned about his murder from his wife, who he said he used to speak to on the phone every day from prison– then how come he didn’t know her name?

34- John Alite: Lies about Killing A Woman?

John Alite keeps saying that alleged Gambino soldier Vincent Gotti raped and killed a woman in 1985 and that the Gotti family helped cover it up. But, if that was true, why didn’t he bring up the rape part when he discussed the murder at trial and in his book, and, why did he tell a blatant lie about the murder in a 2014 interview? Is it possible that Alite is lying about the murder because he himself had something to do with it?

35- John Alite: Boxing with The Castros (and Fighting for La Revolución)

John Alite actually said on his website and in a one-sheet his representatives sent around to market him as a “motivational speaker” that while he was on the run he boxed with Castro’s sons in Cuba and fought with Chavez’s armies in Venezuela. LOL

36- John Alite: Sees A Psychic???

In a February, 2015 interview John Alite actually said that his longtime psychic told him that John Gotti Sr. wants him to kidnap, torture and kill John Gotti Jr… Really?

37- Ronnie Trucchio Did Not Rat Out John Alite

John Alite keeps saying that one of the reasons why he became a cooperator is become his “bosses” in the Gambino ratted him out first, one of them being alleged captain Ronald ‘Ronnie One-Arm’ Trucchio… but, if that was true, then why is Trucchio serving life plus 20 years while John Alite walks around free and attacking him while he’s in maximum security and can’t defend himself? Isn’t that “bullying?”

38- John Alite: Deletes People Who Ask Questions

Why does John Alite consistently delete the questions of those who challenge him and then block people on social media so they can not further challenge him? Especially when he repeatedly says that he’ll answer any question from anyone?

39- John Alite’s Albanian Pride

John Alite keeps repeating on social media how proud he is to be Albanian… but, numerous people this website has spoken to say that in the 1980s and early 90s, in order to fit it and gain acceptance from the Italians, he used to tell everyone that he was part-Italian. Why didn’t he mention that in his book?

40- John Alite: Lies about His Imprisonment

Why did John Alite lie in an international documentary that he spent close to a decade in solitary confinement, when he barely spent a decade in prison total? Especially when the only solitary confinement this website could find him doing was when he went into protective custody before he was transferred to Witness Protection?

41- John Alite: BEATS WOMEN.

John Alite testified in numerous trials that he assaulted multiple women… so, why has he left that out of all of his interviews, even saying in his book that when he was a criminal he was “a good bad guy” who would never hurt a woman… one who was even there to defend an abused woman?

John Alite testified under oath to beating an array of women!

42- John Alite: Confirms He’d Blow A HORSE.

John Alite confirmed during a radio interview that if we brought him a horse he would “suck the horse’s cock” if it got John Gotti Jr. to fight him in a boxing ring.


43- John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls.

Some of the same people who are “friends” with John Alite today? While he was in prison he told attorneys and their investigators, to provide information to discredit them at trial, that they raped and killed girls… So, why does John Alite still talk to them?

44- John Alite: Ladies’ Man?

George Anastasia painted John Alite as a ladies’ man in their book and said that he would get women wherever he went… but, he left out what John Alite said on Facebook: that he’s bisexual and used to get transvestites.

45- John Alite: Lied about being sexually abused by A PRIEST?

John Alite said on the radio in late 2014 that he was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic Priest… However: He left that out of his book, trial testimony, FBI-302 debriefings as well as every interview and speech I’ve seen and heard him give since, leading this website to believe that he never really was abused by a Catholic Priest.

So– should he be allowed to “mentor” children?

46- John Alite Protected A Rapist.

John Alite has stated in multiple interviews that John A. Gotti “protected a rapist,” that he would not let him kill drug dealer John Gebert after he raped a girl in the 1980s… but, according to John Alite’s own brother Jimmy? It was actually John Alite who tried to get to a witness to protect drug dealer John Gebert from being convicted of a rape he committed in 1982… and, according to John Alite’s own book? He didn’t start associating with Gotti until the summer of 1983, so, how would he have stopped John Alite from killing John Gebert anyway?

47- John Alite Was Not “A Mafia Hitman.”

John Alite said on Crime Watch Daily that he “killed dozens of guys.” But, can he actually name them? And if he really did kill them, how is he walking free? And why did he leave them out of his book and the thousands of pages of reports from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and over 1,000 hours of FBI debriefings where he only claimed that he killed “Five” guys?

48- John Alite Was Not A Major Drug Dealer

John Alite testified that he was one of the biggest drug dealers in New York City who controlled and was the sole supplier for the cocaine trade in over a dozen different neighborhoods with “About 150” employees… But, if that was true? Then how come he didn’t know that one kilo of cocaine does not equal one pound, but instead, over 2.2 pounds?

49- John Alite Posts Fake News Articles

When John Alite is asked about this website he says that it’s “fake.” That the documents on it are photo-shopped, etc. So… why is he printing fake news articles?

50- John Alite DID NOT Get The 302 In Brazil

John Alite claims that he received the infamous 302 document while he was in prison in Brazil… But: if that was true he would have testified about it and it would have been included in his FBI debriefings, as well as in his book, and it was not. Why is that?

51- The Brazil Files

This post, at around 10,000 words, contradicts nearly everything John Alite has said about his time in Brazil, specifically in prison there, and raises a new question: Was John Alite raped in Brazil?

52- John Alite got beat up at a Strip Club

If he was really a Mafia “hit man,” why did he jump in possibly the dirtiest, most disease ridden water in New York to escape someone trying to beat him up?

53- Mob rat John Alite admits “a pedophile” wrote the first draft of his book

If John Alite is a changed man and advocate for victims’ rights, why did he admit that someone who admitted in court to downloading child pornography wrote the first draft of his book, and why did Alite say on the radio that this individual is his “personal friend?”


  • This scumbag was using the Gotti name to try and make a buck. He’s so full of crap, any moron out there stupid enough to spend money on his book is an idiot. I’m so glad John Gotti Jr decided to write his book which is the most truthful book you can buy out there about the Gotti family because it’s written by one of the most important people in John Gotti Sr’s life, his own son. Put your money to good use and go out and by his book. John Alite would suck a horse for any sort of attention or money. He’s a garbage pail!

  • I feel a lot of these comments are slanderous, I know John Alite from my days in Tampa and he is an upstanding fella

  • Italians from Brooklyn know that Albanians are the biggest bullshitters around.
    All of them . They come from one of the most backwards fourth world counties in the world. They only know how to make pizza, pass themselves off as Italians to non suspecting Americans and how to be thugs. If John alite was John Gotti sr. Back up to big Pauls house, that would be the early 80’s and that would make him late teens early 20’s. I’m sure Johnny boy had better choices than him to take his back going to big Paul’s house. Keep in mind, most times Johnny g was called to big Paul’s house, he thought he might not come back, why would he take a dim witted teenager with him as back up. It just shows that George Anastasia is a fool, or a lyin sack of shit like alite.

  • I posted that last comment, I was raised in dyker heights and owned a bakery on 18th Ave.
    I’m 58 years old and I know Mikey Scars and Tommy Cherubino since I’m 12. I was also vert tight with Frank and Scott fappiano among many many others. I met John gotti Jr. In pastels in late 1986 having been introduced to him by Frank mariconda. I sat next to John gotti sr. Numerous times in the VIP room at pastels thru that same year, I never saw John alite with them, ever!!

  • John Alite is the real deal, Junior Gotti is the RAT.

  • i did find one pic with john a lite with john gotti jr only one

  • I am NOT defending anyone here, and just reading. But John did in fact mention on a show ( don’t remember which one) that he was molested by a Priest and said his brother killed the priest.

  • Thats priest thing sounds like a Ray Donavan show.

  • From the few things I have seen and read lately (last few yrs) there is a new belief if you Rat on Ppl you can have your own TV/Radio/Blog/Co-Ed page etc…and make a lot of money. Not to mention, finally getting what you always truly wanted. Recognition .
    Many ppl want that “attention” some just thrive on making “Grand Entrances” regardless the doors you need to go thru to have that attention.

    This fellow seems to be in love with himself, he talks just to listen to his voice, which in reality should be muted.

    Lastly his self admiration being conducted by his self appointed expert opinion is worthless.
    Someone should have told him that his name in the Greek Language means “A Bum” someone who is a “loser, scum” if you are referred to as an “alite” in Greek it is one of the worst things to be called. Now I see the pedophile connections…
    As they say in Greek “Onoma Kai Pragma” Name and Item/Description”
    Alite….Scum..What is Scum? An alite. What is an Alite ? Scum/Loser ….
    Need we say more.

  • vincent cirelli

    My Father’s Uncle (Mike Cirelli) was the caretaker of the ravenite and lived in the apartment above, he was under Neil Dellacroce, my Father also was always in the ravenite, no mention of John Alite being there back in the day.

    • Change For a Penny

      alite can never ever prove by independant evidence i.e., rat tesitmony, video, audio, or law enforcement sources he was ever on the same street as Mr.Gotti, alite is a fraud. Now get in the RING alite

  • I am the daughter of Vincent Cirelli (Jr.) and his name is not known to me either. I was in the neighborhood in the late 70’s early 80’s and he is not known to me. My Uncle Mike D was the caretaker of the ravenite club for years under Neil Dellacroce, the underboss at the time. I just watched ALITE’s VIDEO and according to the tapes he was there but that doesn’t mean he is what he says he is. I think he was just a driver for Gotti Sr.& Jr.

  • watching cole1111, now this is a genuine show/podcast. john alite’s is starting to come unwind and ready to be dismantled.

  • vincent cirelli

    he needs to take a lie detector test or work for Burger King because he tells a lot of Whoppers.

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