The Idiots Podcast: Kasparoza rebuttal of John Alite

The Idiots Podcast/Ray Anthony and Andy Julia host Chris Kasparoza who discusses mob rat John Alite and the website he built,, exposing hundreds of Alite’s lies and the book full of rat fiction he wrote with George Anastasia.

Alite was on this show previously.

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  • How come everytime someone rebutts your one sided claims you either block them or completely delete the messages off your websites and dont respond?

    So here I go again and maybe this time enough ppl will see it before u take it down.

    SINCE YOU ARE 1 of JUNIOR GOTTI’s “PAID CRONIES” (who he USES to do his dirty work & push his agenda) IF JUNIOR GOTTI says that Alite was an informant since 1991 and HE PERSONALLY “chased & ran out” Alite from QUEENS/GAMBINO FAMILY; THEN WHY/HOW in the 2000’s was ALITE still in business and in kahoots with MADE MEN/CAPOS in the Gambino Family!?!

    If someone is labeled an informant and chased NOONE IN ENTIRE GAMBINO FAMILY would be permitted to even speak with him let alone have an ongoing business (legal and illegal) with ALITE!! So how is it possible under Gambino Capo/Flag w Ronnie Trucchio could Alite be doing business w him under Gambino control!?! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!

    You also continuously ONLY use Junior’s side of story and take everything as fact WHEN EVERYONE has seen the A&E (Gotti narrative) AND NOW THE NEW GOTTI MOVIE AND EVERY1 knows 110% FOR A FACT that it was 75% complete BS! Gotti SR. NEVER KILLED ANYONE (he had other ppl kill ppl BUT HE NEVER DID HIMSELF!) like first Gotti film showing what really happened to McBratney when Ralph Gallione killed him which is why SR only copped to manslaughter and got 4 years for the hit. ONCE A LIAR ALWAYS A LIAR. If you lie about little things YOU DEF LIE ABOUT BIG ONES!

    Bringing me to Alite and Gotti case when he testified and Junior claims noone believed Alite. WELL THATS NOT THE TRUTH AT ALL! He WAS NOT THE ONLY WITNESS! And if Junior “beat the case” it had nothing to do w Alite (prosecutors/feds cant control who the jury chooses to believe or how they make their decisions) OBVIOUSLY! IF Alite is a liar then MIKEY SCARS DILEONARDO MUST BE A LIAR, including Al D’arco et al.

    Once again noone believes anything ur website says BCUZ “journalism/writers/documentaries” ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IMPARTIAL LIKE A JURY AND TAKE ALL THE INFORMATION NOT THE ONE SIDED BIASED INFORMATION U AND GOTTI PRESENTS!

    The FEDS/Govt WOULD NEVER use a witness who had 0 credibility and was “lying/making things up out of thin air for reduced sentences” BCUZ BY LAW U NEED COOBORATING EVIDENCE NOT JUST TESTIMONIES! Secondly, there was a recent case which the GOVT/FEDs THREW OUT once they found that some information the turncoat presented was flasified and proven wrong AND when an informant does this THEY GET THEIR AGREEMENTS TORN UP AND LOSE ALL COOPERATION and the benefits of someone doing so.

    YOU MY FRIEND ARE A LITTLE SLOW AND DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION/WORK or Combination of both and proly see Junior Gotti as a pay day or a way make money cuz u have done and dont do anything else and it is obvious that this is a fact. Furthermore, you should reallly think before you call write and type up stories that u are being told by someone with an agenda and reason to lie for fear being prosecuted ever again in future. FYI

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