John Alite: Confirms He’d Blow A HORSE

Ever since the post John Alite’s Albanian Pride went up one week ago on April 30th John Alite has been posting all over social media about how proud he is to be Albanian to overshadow and distract people away from The Truth that was printed on this website… that he never really was all that proud to be Albanian.

However, John Alite didn’t just post about his Albanian roots on social media, it appears he even planted a fake story in an Albanian newspaper about how he was suspected of burning down a Serbian church in New York City on May 1st… and then on May 7th even got a follow up story about it printed in the New York Post where he adamantly denied being involved in the church fire in a shameless effort to gain publicity.

But, while the New York Post did publish a second story on May 8th with John A. Gotti’s take on this what they left out was the alibi John Alite put forward in the Albanian interview. After doing a Google Translate John Alite was quoted saying that “at the time when this happened I was live on radio show.”

Which is correct. I even called into that radio show… and, after I told the hosts that he is a fraud? John Alite asked me:

“Did you send me a letter that before John gets in the ring with me I gotta suck a horse’s cock? Did you send me an email that said that?”

To which I agreed that I did in fact send him an email. In response to John Alite’s All-Star Boxing Challege on April 14th to get John A. Gotti in a ring with him I forwarded a message from Gotti to Alite and his attorney Doug Anton saying:

John Alite:

John Gotti wouldn’t wipe his ass with you. You had your chance to be tough 25 years ago when he slapped you and chased your crying ass out of Queens. He would never lower himself and make you more than the dog that you are.

You’d blow a horse if it got someone to pay attention to you. 

Point Being: After I confirmed that I sent him an email I asked John Alite if he’d like me to read it on the air, and after I did, he confirmed that he would in fact “suck the horse’s cock” to get John A. Gotti in a boxing ring with him.

Listen to the clip below.

“I said, I said– Bring me the horse, because I’ll suck the horse’s cock to get him back in the ring with me. That’s what I said. I says, so, if you’ve got the horse, bring him over to me. That’s how bad I want to get him in the ring.” –John Alite, 5/1/2016


  • Lmao a lying , woman beating, Bisexual and now Beastality wow when does the Insanity stop??

  • He’s actually sicker then I thought!! Animals who even refers to any animals that way UGHHHHH

  • Even animals hate him.

  • Just curious, what happened to his teeth in that picture, Did he get his ass kicked in prison and
    have his teeth knocked out ? I can see he had work done and now his teeth are like chicklets.

  • Those new teeth were paid for by the Government $55,000.00 because his previous set were knocked out

  • Any chance of getting interview(s) with his male sexual partner(s)? As student of psychology it would be interesting to know if he was violent with them as he is with women.

  • Building off that question, can you obtain the recorded phone calls which occur in all federal prisons (FOIA) which may let us hear and confirm exactly what his brother is telling us.

    • Yes. I have access to John Gotti’s archive, all the discovery materials from his case, which includes the phone recordings. There is great stuff on them like Alite crying in jail and they’re going up soon.