John Alite Was Not “A Mafia Hitman.”

John Alite has said all over the place that he was “a hitman” for the Gambino Crime Family.

His website even says that he was the top enforcer and earner in the Gotti Organization for years.”

The truth though is that the homicides he was involved in were low level drug murders and when he testified at the 2009 Gotti and Carneglia trials John Alite lied and tried to amp them up to make it seem like they were ordered by the Mafia to make himself into a big “hitman” to gain credibility with the jury to hoodwink them into thinking that he was committing murders for John Gotti Jr. so he would get a life sentence and he, John Alite could walk free at his expense.

But, not only did John Alite lie that Gotti ordered him to commit drug murders– which made Gotti eligible for the death penalty– Alite also lied that he was involved in actual Mafia murders that he was not to make himself into a bigger player and gain credibility with the jury (and of course to set the tracks for the lucrative book and movie deal he hoped to sign upon his release from witness protection).

And, now? John Alite has been saying in the media that he was involved in even more murders than he admitted to when he testified because:

  1. He’s out of his mind and can’t stop himself from making up more and more lies as he goes along (after all, he was ordered by his sentencing judge to get “Mental Health Treatment).
  2. He has absolution for his past crimes, can say anything he wants about these old murders and can even make up new ones because he is not going to be prosecuted for them.

So, just how many guys has John Alite actually said he killed?

The number varies but let’s take his recent statement on Crime Watch Daily, which aired on national television across the country on February 18, 2016, where he lied that: “I killed dozens of guys.” He even said that when he became a cooperating witness “I admitted to more than a dozen murders.”

But can John Alite actually name these “dozens of guys” or “more than a dozen murders?”

Well, he’s said in numerous interviews that he “shot” over 40 men and that he’s not even sure whether many of them lived or died… which makes no sense.

If John Alite was a big time hitman who was smart enough to amass millions of dollars from the rackets, as he claims, wouldn’t he have at least been sharp enough to check the newspapers the next day to see if the cops found a body? Or to call one of the many cops he says were on his payroll to see if they’d heard anything?

Not that any of that matters, though. When John Alite signed his deal to testify for the FBI in 2007 they would have gone over all of his alleged shootings with him. They would have pressed for details on each one to see if they could close any unsolved homicides and afterwards John Alite would have had a pretty good idea of just exactly how many people he shot wound up dead.

But let’s not get off track. Let’s just focus on the exact murders he testified that he was involved in to prove that either they were not mob hits, or that if they were, John Alite was not actually involved in them.

NOTE: In that same Crime Watch Daily video, the one where Alite says he “killed dozens of guys” and “admitted to more than a dozen murders?”

Showing just how all over the place he is, in it he also said: “I plead guilty to, I believe, six murders.”

So, he “admitted to more than a dozen murders” but only plead guilty to “six murders?”

Which one is it?

Well, it definitely can’t be “more than a dozen murders” because his book only says on page 183 that while he doesn’t know exactly how many people he killed, he ‘admitted his own involvement in six’ murders… even though page 323 says that when he plead guilty he only admitted ‘his role in four murders.’

But, at the 2009 Gotti and Carneglia trials?

John Alite testified that he was involved with FIVE murders: George Grosso, Bruce Gotterup, Frank Boccia, Louis DiBono and John Gebert.

Carneglia (Direct, 3512):


Gotti (Cross, 2146):


All we know for sure is that John Alite has repeatedly berated John Gotti Jr. and John Gotti Sr., alleging that they were not real tough guys because they never killed anyone personally. He keeps saying that instead they only had “real” tough guys like Alite kill others for them and that they were cowards because of this. Page 183 of Alite’s book also says something interesting: That the November, 1991 murder of Bruce Gotterup ‘was one of the few in which he did not pull the trigger.’

BUT: Forget the Gotterup murder, John Alite testified at the Carneglia trial (Direct, 3378) that the 1988 George Grosso murder was the ONLY one where he pulled the trigger and killed someone personally:


So, who’s the real coward?

NOTE: All the “mob hits” that John Alite says he was ordered to do by John A. Gotti? It’s worth mentioning that in his three prior racketeering trials between 2005-2006 none of the prosecutors or prosecution witnesses ever tried to tie him to the “mob hits” that Alite did. Out of around 20 Gambino cooperators, none ever put Gotti into any of those murders. Only John Alite did.

1- The 1991 murder of drug dealer Bruce Gotterup

Bruce Gotterup was murdered on November 20, 1991 in Queens New York. John Alite alleges that Gotti ordered him to murder Gotterup and that in turn he ordered John Burke, who he claims was his (Alite’s) underling, to murder Gotterup, and that Burke carried it out.

However: Gotti says this is totally untrue and that right after the murder was when he broke off all ties with Alite and “chased” him from his crew. That he ostracized him and from that point forward Alite was no longer his associate or affiliated with the Gambino family. Gotti says that Alite had been screwing up royally all over the place and the deciding factors in chasing Alite were that he was dealing drugs, and that he killed Gotterup without approval from his superiors. However, Gotti also said that during that November, right after it was revealed that former Gambino underboss Sammy Gravano cooperated with the government, a corrupt police officer alleged that Alite was also a confidential informant… and that while he was not sure if that was true? Gotti said that even if he wasn’t sure if Alite was an informant, but he’d still killed people for him, he would not have simply chased Alite, he would have had to kill him.

“You don’t chase someone who knows your secrets,” John Gotti said.

NOTE: A witness testified at Gotti’s 2009 trial that he did not order Gotterup’s murder but that it was instead put in motion by government cooperator Guy Peden. Read about that and other evidence not listed in this post that Gotti was not involved in this murder, or the following ones, in John A. Gotti’s memoir, Shadow of My Father.

2- The 1988 murder of Gambino associate Frank Boccia

John Alite said that he was in on the conspiracy to murder Frank Boccia in 1988… but while his book says on page 102 that he was in on the conspiracy but just wasn’t there when it went it down? He didn’t explain why and neither did prosecution witnesses Thomas Morea and Anthony Ruggiano, who was Boccia’s brother in law, when they testified at the 2007 murder trial of alleged Gambino captain Dominick Pizzonia.

Ruggiano testified that he helped Pizzonia kill Boccia– who he claimed had assaulted the wife of his father, deceased Gambino soldier Anthony Ruggiano Sr.– and Morea said he helped them dump Boccia’s body off a boat, but, neither one of them testified that John Alite had anything to do with it.

Only John Alite said he had something to do with it.

3- The 1996 murder of drug dealer John Gebert

John Alite testified that he was in on the conspiracy that killed John Gebert on July 12, 1996, just two days after Alite turned himself in to federal prison to serve close three years.

Well, John Alite testified at the Carneglia trial that he “ordered” the murder but then said in the Gotti trial that he only “suggested” it… and later said in his book that he told his underlings that if they did it for him while he was away it would be “a nice gift,” even though Alite’s gone on to say in multiple interviews that he killed Gebert and or ordered his murder, etc.

But: in his attempt to turn the Gebert murder into a “mob hit” John Alite has also said that John A. Gotti ordered John Gebert’s death in the 1980s, about seven years before Gebert was actually murdered… but that Gotti “protected” him at the time and put the hit on hold because Gebert was earning money for him and then it continued to be on hold when Gebert went to prison. According to multiple sources though including Alite’s brother Jimmy, Gebert’s murder had nothing to do with John A. Gotti but instead was instigated by John Alite because he thought Gebert was a threat. He was worried that if he didn’t kill Gebert, Gebert would kill him instead.

Yet there is another reason this was not a mob hit:

John Alite was chased in 1991 and no longer on record with the Gambinos after that point.

Four participants other than Alite also became cooperating witnesses– Michael Malone, Patsy Andriano, David D’Arpino and Peter Zuccaro– and not only did none of them present evidence that John Gotti ordered this murder or even that he was associated with Alite after 1991, but, they all contradicted details of each others stories of how it went down. Especially Zuccaro, who told the jury at the 2009 Gotti trial that unlike what Alite suggested– that he had minimal, marginal involvement in this murder– Zuccaro testified that Alite helped plan it.

However, in his effort to make this into an even bigger mob hit– one where if he had convicted John Gotti Jr. of it, he most likely would have sought to convict alleged Gambino members Gene Gotti and John Carneglia of it as well at a future trial– at one point in his testimony Alite at the Gotti trial said that he discussed the Gebert situation with Zuccaro, Carneglia, Gene and John Jr. Gotti at a luncheonette in the 1980s.

But Zuccaro testified that he never discussed the Gebert murder with Carneglia or the Gottis and swore under oath the meeting never took place, which was backed up by the fact that there were no FBI surveillance records of it taking place– and there would have been records because Alite said the luncheonette was the one across the street from the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club which was under 24-hour FBI surveillance.

Instead, contradicting Alite’s new testimony that he had marginal involvement in this murder, Zuccaro testified that a 1988 meeting took place between him and Alite only in a McDonald’s parking lot, and that later on in the 1990s, a series of meetings took place that Alite attended where the Gebert murder was planned.

Why would Alite not want to admit to ordering the murder in the Gotti trial? Because he was an informant since at least 1991 and if it was revealed that he ordered a murder in 1996 while he was an active FBI informant the entire case could have got thrown out and he would have had zero use as a prosecution witness and in all likelihood would be spending the rest of his life in prison where he belongs… so, it would make sense that Alite arranged for the murder to happen immediately after he turned himself in to do a short stretch in federal prison because he would have a rock-solid alibi.

NOTE: The one person who was convicted of the Gebert murder? Not of being a shooter, but of being a lookout in it, up the block? When John Burke went to trial for it John Alite, who testified to ordering the murder was not called as a prosecution witness because he had been so discredited by all the lies he got caught in at the Gotti trial that he could have actually got him acquitted.

NOTE: John Burke originally went to trial for the Gebert murder in state court in 2002 and was acquitted of it, and if he really was in on it with Malone, Andriano, D’Arpino, Zuccaro and Alite? Well he didn’t give them up when he first went to trial for it, yet these loyal turncoats still cooperated against him after the fact and got him convicted when he was re-tried for it in federal court in 2012.

Read more about the Gebert murder here: John Alite Protected A Rapist.

4- The 1988 murder of drug dealer George Grosso

John Alite testified that he made his bones when he killed George Grosso on orders from John A. Gotti on December 20, 1988.


He said that the reason for this, his first murder, was because Grosso was running around saying he was selling drugs for the Gottis when he was told not to and that the order to kill him was stamped by the boss of the Gambino family himself, John Gotti Sr.

How did John Alite carry it out?

He said that he recruited several men from his crew to help him do it (Gotti’s Rules, 108)– and specified in further interviews that the men worked for him. One of them was an ex-NYPD Detective, Phil Baroni, and another, Nick Tobia, later became a cop on Long Island. John Alite alleged that this was a very important hit, that he and Gotti were making their bones, that this was their moment to move up in organized crime and said in his book (Page 111) and numerous interviews that four days later on December 24, 1988 John A. Gotti was inducted into the Gambino family as a result.

However, the evidence suggests that this was not at all a mob hit, just a low-level drug/revenge murder (Grosso had tried to kill Alite earlier and Alite took over Grosso’s drug business after the murder) that Gotti had nothing to do with. One that Alite did on his own and then tried to tie to Gotti (and the cops) over 20 years later to lie his way out of a life sentence and sound like a big shot on the witness stand who was doing mob hits and had cops on his payroll so he could land a book and movie deal after he was released.

Alite’s recounting of this murder does not add up and if by chance he is telling the truth of how it happened, how he set it up, aside from Gotti ordering him to do it, if Alite put the following plan together on his own then it is just more proof that he was never the master criminal that he claims he was.

Ask yourself, are the following the actions of someone who, as Alite described himself, was a savvy, street smart mafioso whose cocaine business was grossing over a million dollars a month at that time? Because to me they seem more like the work of just some drunken, drug-addled street urchin.

For instance, Alite says that before he shot George Grosso in the head while in a car on the side of the Grand Central Parkway, with Grosso up front and Alite shooting him from the back seat, to “rock him to sleep” and get Grosso comfortable Alite and the four others he recruited drank with Grosso in a bar.

But, Alite says that he secretly drank shots of water while the others drank shots of vodka with Grosso to get him loose. Alite says that he told the bartender to just pour him shots of water so he would have a cool head while everyone else got trashed.

So: John Alite, the former big shot, multi-millionaire, master criminal claims that on the first murder he committed for the Gambinos, the one where he made his bones, the one where his whole future relied on him getting this right, and where he would be killed if he got it wrong, John Alite had both the driver of the car where the murder would take place and the driver of the back-up car, who would be following close behind to “crash” into police or any other interfering vehicles, Alite had both of these guys taking shots of vodka before getting on the road?

John Alite, master criminal, got not just one, but, the two drivers to be used on an ultra-important mob hit stamped for approval by the biggest crime boss in the country drunk before they carried it out???

And: A savvy, seasoned, former NYPD detective went along with this half-cocked plan?

Since George Anastasia didn’t challenge it, he must agree with it. He even quoted John Alite on Page 108 saying that he, the big shot, was “buying” the shots for everyone.

He wrote that they were getting DRUNK.

What Anastasia did not write, though, was how the veteran ex-Detective, Phil Baroni, who testified that he was in fact corrupt, and involved in bookmaking with Alite and Alite’s father between between approximately 1990-1992, and who was called as a witness by the government, not the defense, contradicted various aspects of Alite’s account at trial.

From a 10/1/2009 article on, a website owned by Anastasia’s “good friend” Jerry Capeci, who he referred to as ‘the dean of mob reporters in America’ in Gotti’s Rules and who Alite called one of “the best in the business” during an interview with John Ricciutti and said during his speech at The Mob Museum: “If any of you people are familiar with Jerry Capeci he’s the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out”–

NOTE: Anastasia is a current, longtime contributor for Gang Land who even wrote an article for the website just three weeks after this on 10/22/2009, while the trial was going on, so, he must find Capeci/the following credible:

For one thing, the feds have to iron out the contradictions between Alite’s testimony that he enlisted former NYPD detective Philip Baroni and three others to whack Grosso for Gotti, for example, and Baroni’s version of events. Baroni, who preceded Alite to the stand, testified that he didn’t know Grosso was going to be killed, and had urged Alite not to kill him when he realized he was about to shoot him in the back of the head as they drove along the Grand Central Parkway in Queens on December 20, 1988.

George Anastasia wrote in his book that Alite was stalking Grosso and knew he frequented the bar late each night, so, Alite and the others were there waiting for him when Grosso walked in and Alite called him over and got him drinking to loosen him up– before they took him for a ride and killed him.

However, Philip Baroni said in his 302 and testimony that they just happened to be there when Grosso walked in and the fact that the drivers were drinking, in addition to the fact that other witnesses also said that it was spontaneous supports Baroni’s version of the event more, that it was a low-level murder he was not in on the planning of and just happened to be in the car for.

Because: No smart, sane, capable individual would get the two drivers on a big mob hit drunk before they did it– not even just a little tipsy. These are not the actions of a big shot, multi-millionaire master criminal.

However, when I discussed this murder with John A. Gotti he brought up another point:

That these were the actions of a coward.

“This John Alite, he calls himself a big tough guy, right? Says he was a shooter? Shot dozens of people, was involved in dozens of murders, had balls the size of an elephant? Okay. Forget the fact that he shot this guy from behind. If he was such a tough guy then why did he need four, or, about five or however other many guys he said to help him kill somebody? He wasn’t man enough to do it on his own?”

Note: While Alite said in his book (page 108) that he had four men he recruited with him to help carry out the murder in the Carneglia trial (Direct, 3379) he testified that he had “about five”:


More important than that discrepancy though are the following:

1- Numerous sources this website spoke to who were involved with John Alite and George Grosso said that they never heard Grosso dropping the Gotti name. In addition, these sources said that they never heard John Alite say that John A. Gotti had anything to do with Grosso’s murder when he bragged about it after the fact. They said he walked around proud like he’d just been knighted, had earned his stripes, and took sole responsibility for the hit and never said the Gotti family ordered it.

2- George Anastasia wrote in Gotti’s Rules that Alite and Co. were watching Monday Night Football when Grosso walked into the bar.

That Monday was December 19th.

Tuesday, when the body was found, and when the shooting happened sometime after midnight was the 20th.

Alite testified in the Gotti trial and Anastasia wrote in his book that early the next morning, only several hours after the murder John Alite discussed it with John Gotti Jr. in the presence of his uncle, alleged Gambino captain Gene Gotti, brother of former Gambino boss John Gotti Sr.

Alite’s ludicrous story is that he was at a nail salon next door to John Gotti Sr.’s social club getting a manicure with John Gotti Jr. when Gene Gotti walked in and John Jr. told him what happened, leading Gene to tell John Jr. to make sure things happened just like Alite said they did. So? John Jr. forced Alite to drive him (Gotti Jr.) past the murder scene to get a look at the body, even though the place was now swarming with investigators… leading Alite to chastise Gotti Jr. for making him drive back there in his book and practically every interview where he recounts the story, calling Gotti Jr. “stupid” for doing it, while of course, leaving out how “smart” he was to ply his drivers with vodka before all this happened.


Forget that if John A. Gotti was convicted of the Grosso murder John Alite surely would have sought to indict and convict his uncle Gene for it also…

Before existed as a website Jerry Capeci had Gang Land, a weekly column in the New York Daily News covering organized crime that began in January, 1989. Later, a collection of his Gang Land columns were republished in book form as Jerry Capeci’s Gang Land in November, 2003. A collection that George Anastasia most definitely has a copy of because Anastasia is mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of it.


If Anastasia opened the book, however, he would see that the very first entry is a reprinting of Capeci’s column from January 8th, 1989 called:

At holiday bash, many merried to the mob

Printed below, it detailed the 1988 Gambino family Christmas party that was hosted by John Gotti Sr. ‘for about 1,000 mobsters, associates, wives, children, and other guests.’

In fact, Capeci, who again, Anastasia must find credible, he wrote that the party costed an estimated $200,000 and lasted from about 7 P.M. to 2 A.M.

But, when did this party take place?

December 20th, 1988.

Yet nowhere in John Alite’s testimony, book or interviews does he mention attending this party, which, as John A. Gotti told me, was “mandatory” for Gambino members and associates of importance.

If John Alite was such a big shot, one whose businesses were grossing over $1,000,000 a month at the time, and especially, as he says, was John Gotti Jr.’s “bodyguard,” “protector,” “best friend” and or “babysitter,” one who spent “many nights” sleeping over on the couch at the Gotti home in Howard Beach, then why was he not among the 1,000 revelers being hosted by the boss himself at the El Caribe Beach Club in Brooklyn?

“Because he wasn’t invited,” John A. Gotti told me. “That party was for people who mattered.”

And of course, Alite wasn’t important enough to be someone’s guest and didn’t become a member of Gotti Jr.’s crew until sometime in 1989, after Gotti became a made man, and figured he could use a mutt like Alite to deal with other mutts he might come across.

There was no mention of this Christmas party in Alite’s testimony in the Gotti or Carneglia trials, and, Alite is not listed in the FBI surveillance reports of all the people going in and out of it. He didn’t mention it in his book, which he would have if he was there the night after the murder. Because if he was? He would be telling some grandiose story about how John Gotti Sr. and his fellow Gambinos greeted him like a hero when he walked into the Christmas party. John Alite would be describing how proud he was having just made his bones and how grateful and appreciative the Gambinos were for him killing someone for them less than 24 hours earlier who was running around telling the world that he was dealing drugs for and disrespecting them.

Instead of some nonsense about getting his nails done and being forced to drive past who knows how many cops at the crime scene.

The George Grosso murder was not a John Gotti sanctioned mob hit, it was nothing more than a low-level drug/revenge murder carried out by John Alite.


5- The 1990 murder of Gambino soldier Louis DiBono

The big ‘Mafia Murder’ that John Alite tried to pin on John A. Gotti at his 2009 trial was that of Louis DiBono in October, 1990.

Alite said that Gotti, who had recently been promoted to Gambino captain, was given the DiBono contract by his father John Gotti Sr. and that it was to be his first major assignment as a captain… and that Gotti Jr. in turn tapped him to carry it out (with deceased Gambino soldier Bobby Boriello and alleged Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia) because Alite had already proven himself a successful ‘hitman’ after executing George Grosso for him in 1988. However, while he swore under oath that Gotti wanted Boriello to drive and Alite and Carneglia to be the shooters, Alite said that Gotti later took him off the job and replaced him (Alite) with Gambino associate turned cooperator Kevin McMahon.

PROBLEM: Various aspects of this tall tale were contradicted at trial by a series of government witnesses including Kevin McMahon who unlike Alite actually plead guilty to helping carry out the murder and being on the scene to know what happened.

NOTE: Even though McMahon testified at the Carneglia trial that he was present for DiBono’s murder McMahon was not called to testify by the prosecution at the Gotti trial because they knew he would discredit Alite’s testimony.

So, instead? He was called by the defense to discredit Alite’s testimony.

But not only did McMahon make no mention of Alite being involved in this murder plot, neither did former Gambino underboss turned informant Sammy Gravano who testified against multiple alleged participants in the 1990s just as government cooperators Michael DiLeonardo, a former Gambino captain, and former Gambino associates Peter Zuccaro and Michael Finnerty never once mentioned Alite being involved when they testified about the murder.

Only John Alite testified that John Alite was involved in this murder.

But of course, George Anastasia again ignored what his “good friend” Jerry Capeci, who he referred to in Gotti’s Rules as ‘the dean of mob reporters in America,’ and whose website Anastasia is a contributor for, whose website Anastasia even wrote an article for during the 2009 Gotti trial and who Alite called “the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out” during his speech at The Mob Museum and one of “the best in the business” in an interview with John Ricciutti

George Anastasia totally ignored what Jerry Capeci had to say about it when writing his book of lies:

Alite: Junior & Gottis Taught Me Treachery of Mob Life

October 1, 2009

Alite’s account of the 1990  murder of mobster Louis DiBono is also at odds with the version that mob associate Kevin McMahon, (right) who was part of a three-man hit team that killed DiBono in a World Trade Center parking garage, gave at the trial of mob soldier Charles Carneglia, the triggerman in the slaying.

Teflon John Does It Again! Feds To Do The Right Thing?

December 3, 2009

The prosecutors didn’t convince Gang Land of Gotti’s guilt in those slayings either, but they fared even worse regarding the third listed murder in the racketeering indictment, the October 4, 1990 rubout of Gambino mobster Louis DiBono

The story always sounded far fetched: Alite insisted that Junior supervised the murder plot, and had initially enlisted Alite to be part of it, replacing him later with mob associate Kevin McMahon. 

One of the reasons this sounded unlikely is that Junior hated McMahon (left) so much he had once shot him. Another is that the root cause of Gotti’s hatred was that his brother Frank was killed while riding McMahon’s motorbike. Does that sound like someone an up and coming gangster would tap for a mob hit? 

McMahon himself, an admitted member of the hit team, put the lie to the story, and other aspects of Alite’s account. 

There’s more: At the time of the killing, according to sources on both sides of the law, the two mobsters whom McMahon accompanied on the hit – Bobby Borriello and Charles Carneglia – weren’t members of Gotti’s crew then. Carneglia was assigned to then-capo Peter Gotti, and Borriello was under Junior’s then still very free and very active, hands-on old man who had ordered the murder, the late Mafia boss John Gotti

There’s no question the elder Gotti brought his son into the life. But Gang Land doesn’t think that the murderous Dapper Don had the need, or the desire, to drag his hand-picked flesh-and-blood successor into a murder when he had 19-time killer Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano as his right hand man and the very capable Borriello (right) in his own stable.

But just what did Sammy Gravano say about the DiBono murder?

In addition to ignoring ‘the dean of mob reporters in America’ George Anastasia also ignored the FBI debriefings of the most notorious mob rat on the planet.

The following is Sammy Gravano’s FBI-302 pulled from where it has been available for years… and in it, Gravano made no mention of Alite (or Gotti Jr.) being involved in the DiBono murder, and in the rest of his 302s, there is no mention of Sammy Gravano even knowing a John Alite… which he probably would have, if he was important enough to be tapped for the DiBono murder (or if Alite was nearly as close to the boss and his son as he claims he was).

Did Sammy Gravano even know John Alite?

An interesting question that you can easily inquire about by asking John Alite’s attorney Doug Anton who also represents Sammy Gravano and his reality TV star daughter Karen.

But when you inquire make sure to mention The FACT that Gravano didn’t even include John Alite on the full list of people he believed to be Gambino members and associates that he provided to the FBI after he cooperated, which he would have, if John Alite was anyone of importance.



John Alite was not “a Mafia hitman.” John Alite was a low-level hood who was involved in low-level drug murders who tried to portray himself as “a Mafia hitman” to convict real, high-ranking mobsters of these low-level murders in addition to real mob murders (that they had nothing to do with) so he could escape a life sentence and walk out of witness protection with a lucrative book and movie deal based on the lies he told from the witness stand.

NOTE: While John Alite did not kill “dozens of guys,” he did say in his book that he got into a “shoot-out” with several Mexican hitmen in 1990, but, the amount of people that he says he killed during it varied between his book, FBI-302, an interview he gave for a documentary and another during an appearance on a radio show leading this website to believe that the “shoot-out” never actually happened.

READ MORE: The New Jersey “Shoot-Out” — That Never Happened??

NOTE: While John Alite was not “A Mafia Hitman,” there is evidence suggesting that he may have been involved in the murder of a woman in 1985.

READ MORE: John Alite: Lies about Killing A Woman?


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  • I think it is extremely evident and has been verified by multiple sources and with intimate knowledge that the Feds obsession with anyone having the last name Gotti (both agents and prosecutors *including rats/informants looking for reduced sentences and avoiding life bids* would use anyone regardless of contradiction testimonies and misinformation to use the name and involvement as a stepping stone for promotions and achievements in their careers) would go thru extremes/measures regardless of the amount of lying/fabrications simply to put any Gotti away for life because of the threat John J. Gotti (SR.*) caused by being the quintessential wise guy. A man who stood for everything law enforcement and the likes hated (someone who hated cops, stood for the code and refused to break his vow or bend his rules for anyone and took his oath to the grave).

    It was men like this who posed the most threat to law enforcement and agencies attempting to dismantle Cosa Nostra because they could never be broken (agents and law enforcement are only able to get convictions based on the quality of their informants; this is a reason MANY/ALL of the old timers (ex. Carlo Gambino) were never brought to trials or caught lengthy sentences because the code was a code of honor and secrecy, without the informants and rats/cooperating stool pigeons they would never have gotten at any of the top echelon of the mafia and admit openly without these sources of information their jobs would be impossible). It only takes one cooperator to tumble an organization because other people will see the deals they get an understand if they can throw the Feds a bone and give information on “prime targets” regardless of it being truthful is all they need to get a monopoly card “get out of jail for free”.

    We have seen countless cases against Mafiosi where the government has brought liars and stoolies who contradict other informants testimony which put guys in jail for life only to find out it was all lies. So what does the government do? They baracade potential previous cooperators for the defense from testifying who would counter their informants testimonies and discredit witnesses as we saw in the Gotti (JR.) case which ultimately set him free (none of the jurors believed the BS Alite was saying and was the Feds worst nightmare when they tried to flip a Gotti loyalist in prison with a free pass on his bid to admit lies for Alite their star witness), these real men took the stand in defense of the accused (Gotti JR.) as an example and discredited Alite sorting multiple inconsistencies and lies from the stand he spewed In an attempt to avoid a life sentence, he lied so much with the governments knowing to the point they never used him again at any other trial in which he was the main source of information against Carneglia that he was never even called as a witness. Also mentioned on this site is the fact that Sam Gravano in his 302’s and all his confessions and information never even knew who John Alite was (now that should have been the first inclination that he was nothing more than the pee brained pee-on he is and nothing more than a stool sample)!! The government breaks and bends rules when it is convenient for them and uses “extortion tactics and threats” to corroborate witnesses and testimonies from people who have nothing to do with their targets other than knowing who they are, they make money off crime and profit from others wrong doings and then throw RICO Cases against them for doing the same shit they do to people to get their to cooperate (If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black idk what is… SMH)….

    It’s abuse of power and intimidation that government agencies who are sworn in to protect citizens and stand up for a code of honor and bravery who break every law and rule they were sworn into as agents and members of government. But it’s almost an oxymoron when you think about the fact that cops and agents hate rats and informants; anytime an internal affairs investigation or any investigation against an officer or police department/agency any cop or agent who even thinks of snitching on another cop is blackballed and in jeopardy of getting killed) yet they expect and give passes to these informants/rats on the street. If more guys were like Gotti he would have never ever been prosecuted or brought into court. If everyone stood for the code and what they swore allegiance to only those found in direct evidence would be prosecuted and brought to court for their wrongdoings (not dragging in others based on lies and deception to get a free pass because they are spineless, sewer rats who can’t accept or handle doing the time they deserve for their crimes)!! Alite is a prime example of a spineless scumbag who entrenched everything wrong with the justice system, police work and POS’s who will do anything they can to deflect blame for their actions and are willing to throw their “friends” life sentences to avoid doing time for crimes they committed!!

    Alite talks repeatedly about being a stand up guy and a man’s man. If this is the case then why didn’t he keep his mouth shut and take responsibility for all the shit he did?? He wishes he had half a ball or an ounce of flesh that Gotti SR. had, he isn’t even a 1/100th of the man who he has paraded around trying to defame and making money off the Gotti name riding the coat tails of the men he wishes he could be and he can’t even hold their jockstraps.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Ahhh.. Where do I begin to try and explain the “spin” that both Gotti and whoever the man is behind this site to go through great lengths to discredit Alite is simply preposterous. So I shall begin, with intimate knowledge regarding the 3rd “outside perspective”. As the great proverb says, there are 3 sides to every story, “mine, yours and the truth.” So for what it is worth I can say without a doubt that Gotti’s main intent to play along the lines regarding his fourth trial and jurors claims that Alite was a “bad, unbelievable & unreliable witness, who may have lied and or embellished the truth regarding certain events, times and his role in the mob and his relationship with Gotti.” I can say this is not true and Gotti is one lucky SOB for beating multiple trials due to hung juries. That doesn’t mean he was innocent or found not guilty that simple means 1 or 2 people just wouldn’t write down a guilty verdict, many times it was not in his favor and many jurors were trying to convict him regardless of whatever spin Junior tries to put on the outcome and innocence he claims.

    With this said, I can tell you it is 100% a fact that Alite was in fact one of Junior’s right hand throughout a majority of his time in the mob before he claims he left the “Life”, which in fact Junior much like he claims he ran Alite from the Life, was also ran out of the mob because his 302’s and proffer session came to light to the ruling panel of the family and in turn was shelved. Now if this had happened during the time his father was still alive, he would have killed his son without a doubt. He is lucky his father wasn’t around or alive when he proffered and tried to cut a deal with the Feds, and I believe he decided ultimately to try and cut a deal and plea after his father passed away for such reasons. If his father was still alive he would have never even thought of cutting a deal let alone proffering with the Feds because he knows what would have happened to him. He played the court and the Feds by meeting with his father one last time for what he claims was “closure” and uses that meeting as his basis for defense that he left the Life long before any of the indictments were brought down and therefore should never have been tried for the cases based on the statutes of limitations which were I believe are 5 years for RICO cases. Neither the Feds nor the witnesses and testimonies believed and knew this wasn’t true and came out during his fourth trial that it was a fact that he came up with this strategy knowing it would be on tape and recorded in which he would and could submit as evidence on his behalf and would be later used in trial as per his defense.

    If his father was never arrested and found guilty and sentenced to Life do you think Junior would ever have left and wanted out from the mob? Absolutely not! He did exactly what everyone else does when facing lengthy prison sentences, he made a defense claim he strategically implemented knowing he would be recorded and taped meeting with his father and other visits regarding not wanting anything to do with the mob, and it caused many issues with members and made guys wondering what his intentions were in doing so, which would later come to light. Following this recorded and audio taped visit he decided to take a proffer which he claims made him sick and is his only regret In a moment of weakness. Which isn’t true he had many moments of weakness beginning with the fact he wanted out of the Life as soon as his father was given a life sentence and he ultimately knew that his fate would be the same and wanted no part of it. And this is that facts that should be highlighted and understood. Junior wasn’t the tough guy his dad was and was simply a follower and exactly what his book claims a Shadow of his dad, except when he finally realized what his life would be if he continued to follow his father he wanted an out, and made every attempt in doing so. He was still in the mob throughout the 90s and early 2000’s and didn’t leave until he was shelved once the proffer and 302’s came to light and were documented and given to the ruling panel of his family through Corozzo. In the 302’s he implements guys for murders who were dead, and another of his father’s enemies responsible for deaths of his fathers close friends in which he sought revenge including Marino. Don’t let this dummy fool you with these shenanigans on the Internet, the interviews and the spin he puts on all his stories. He is not different than anyone who took the stand against him because he wasn’t cut from the same cloth as his dad and once he found out what his life would become he wanted an out, and knew how to get it.

    Junior was everything his father was not.. He was unintelligent, he was a mutt, a liar, and a snake. He operated, thrived and lived thru his father’s reputation and that is a fact to anyone who knows the truth. I know for a fact that Alite was his muscle and bodyguard on the streets and was and still is a real tough guy who is and was considered “capable” to those in the life this means someone who will inflict violence, murder and do anything necessary to protect his interests and the men he works for and with. It is on record and known that Alite served time with Gene Gotti and was his cellmate at Allenwood, from memory I believe was during the late 90’s, and early 2000’s.. I think the latter maybe 98-99 was the time. It has been on record from informants and other inmates records and testimonies, said Alite was the mouth and representative at Allenwood and was considered a tough, capable guy who was in charge of the guys in prison he represented.

    Now contrary to Junior’s claims he says Alite was ran out of Queens in the early 90’s, than how and why was Alite his uncle’s cellmate in prison almost 10 years later? If Alite was run out of the mob and was a knuckle dragger and low level guy than why would he be involved directly in many Gambino cases and in contact and ran business with Gambino guys in Tampa and South Florida in the late 90’s and early 2000’s? If Alite was such a low level guy than why was the FBI so hell bent on indicting and capturing Alite if he was nothing than a low level associate and small time drug runner? Because he wasn’t and Junior knows this, Mikie Scars knows the importance and relationship between Alite and Gotti and has went on record stating these facts. If Scars wanted to nail Junior in his trial prior to the Tampa case he would and could have. Junior claims Alite wasn’t brought up during Mikie Scars first testimonies at the trial prior not because Scars didn’t know who he was it was because Scars didn’t want to bury Junior and put him on murders and send him away for life, because Mikie actually did care and have love for Junior regardless of what Junior claims, and Gotti knows that he could have buried him if he wanted to do but he didn’t. Also at the time during Junior’s third trial in which Scars testified, Alite was still on the run at the time and hadn’t been arrested and Junior and Scars know that if Scars wanted to bring Alite into that prior trial he would have had to speak about their relationship and the murders he could put Junior onto and chose not to because that would have got him a life sentence without question.

    Now I have gone thru some of the claims made by the writer of this site and the articles contained within, and it makes you wonder why someone would go through such great lengths to discredit a guy “Alite” and go through such great lengths to give rise to a simple question, “If Alite was such a non-factor and of no importance, than why is Junior giving him so much thought and going through the motions of trying to discredit him through various interviews, online articles and so much information?” Now with this question in mind doesn’t it make sense that Alite was in fact everything he says he was, because if he wasn’t than there wouldn’t be anything to talk about. if everything Junior claims is true regarding Alite, than a simple statement that Alite is a liar and a fabricator which was proven in my fourth trial where Alite was the main witness, the jury agreed and that’s all the proof I need to say regarding him being a liar. Lie detecting experts and body language experts will agree that Junior habitually lies and is evident in the amount of times he blinks during questions regarding Alite, hence the nickname “Blinkie” that Junior got on the streets that everyone knows whenever he is lying he expectedly does over and over. You can also spot a liar easily when someone is asked a simple yes or no question. Is Alite telling the truth!? The answer should be no. A simple and easy no, or absolutely not. Now, when Junior is asked about Alite what does he continually do? He consistently, starts talking about the jurors who said he was a lair, the testimony of other guys he says prove he is a story teller. It is like when they asked OJ Simpson questions about the murder and he brings up the case and evidence and the jury found him innocent, he never just says No! This is the first inclination someone is lying, and it is simple as that!

    Junior is extremely lucky the jurors were hung on his cases and should thank his attorney Carnesi for a great defense, and masterful spin he put on the cases and testimonies of witnesses. It was ingenious, it wasn’t because guys got on the stand and lied and didn’t tell the truth it is because he played and dealt his cards right and happened to beat the cases. I think part of it was because of the admiration for his father, and the influence he had in the media, and Junior and his attorney were able to use that to spin his case to the jurors which I believe affected the outcomes by playing the card that “the government is simply trying to come after me because of the sins of my father, and will go through great lengths to convict me because of my name.” This is the fact that I believe got him off and the jurors I feel we’re tired of the government cutting breaks to vicious, egotistic, and selfless informants willing to cooperate against a Gotti to get out of jail and profit off his name, and both sides used this effectively.

    Alite was telling the truth regarding almost all of his dealing with Junior and his role in the family, none of it was just made up out of thin air to try and beat his case and walk from his crimes, the only difference between Alote and Junior is that Alite has admitted and taken responsibility for the things he has done, while Junior tries to spin and deflect his own problems and blames others instead of owning his shit. If Junior just admitted that he wasn’t half the man his father was and said the minute he knew his fate would be prison for life and the same treatment his father got than we could respect that. If anyone takes the time to read his book, all he does is whine and complain about all the harsh realities he faced in prison, contrary to his father Gotti Sr. Who took it like a man and stood strong until the day he passed. Junior constantly bitches about how bad prison was and how much pain he suffered but never once acknowledges the pain and suffering he caused society and his victims during his life of crime.

    Just because the 302’s that Junior made never materialized and he never took the stand doesn’t mean he was a rat, it just means the government either A. Knew or thought the information was bogus B. The government realized this was simply a ploy and strategy Gotti intended to cut a deal or avoid trial, OR C. Gotti attempted to see if he could get revenge against his father’s enemies could catch him a break without having to testify and as soon as he realized that the only way he would get a break is to continue being an informant and eventually possibly having to take the stand he bailed, knowing his original defense of leaving the Life may set him free, he shut down any further meetings and claims it was just a strategy he used to beat his case or cut a deal knowing the information he gave couldn’t be used against anyone so no one would ever find out (this is what I believe he hoped, and once they did come out he needed a reason for doing so). No one in the streets will ever give anyone a break for a proffer or a meeting with an agent regardless of what they spoke about, there is no way you are gonna spin what you did to a made guy to weasel your way out of that event. I give him credit for trying to spin it the best he could but no one is buying that crap. And the 302’s and timing of the events show exactly when Gotti truly left the life and was shelved which wasn’t until Alite got indicted and was arrested pending the Tampa case, which ultimately led to his fourth trial and final hung jury.

    And now this is the onslaught and final result of a book written by Alite and Junior’s response because it enraged him of the attention and success the book had which was backed by an expert on the mob, and he is pissed so here we have it.

    • Oh shut up already! Jr admitted he wasn’t half the man his father was in his book. It was Anastasia and Alite who was pissed that Jr beat them and got his book out first and his book did better than theirs did and now well a MOVIE! I knew them back in the day and Alite wasn’t around Jr after 91. You ramble on and on you know nothing. They were young and stupid back then Alite wished he was a Gotti. That’s all he ever did was throw that name around and here we are 2016 and he’s still doing it! What a piece of shit. we all laugh at him. Ask Frank Morano who covered the trial and spoke to the jurors afterwards what they said about Alite. He was an embarrassment to the government and good for them, next time before giving rats a pass give them a lie detector test it would save the government a lot of grief.

    • This is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever read, Your deluded, The man can’t look an Interviewer In the eye when the word “murder” is mentioned, Your missus must be having a great time filling your head full of pigshit knowing you can’t discern truth from fiction…
      “Where were you last night?”
      “I eh…Was eh..Rescuing an Orphan from drowning! Yeah that’s it, I just rescued an Orphan!”.

    • I’m sure that the journalists Anastasia, 1
      of the most respected, referenced and
      knowledgeable on LCN in NY and across the US has written about John Alite and
      his life as an associate with the Gambino
      family,he verified what all the nay
      sayers are denying. Now I will take Anastasia’s word over peoples’ ,who have no credibility ever or some who at one time did , but their own failure to be honest has destroyed their respect and honour amongst,fellow gangsters and followers of the life, And what’s with these podcasters who clearly,have a personal ambition to call these guys that where in the life ,made or not, frauds and liers, what do those clowns have in terms
      Of credibility to call anyone a fraud. There are a few I have seen and I have to say they look like a bunch of clowns, they look like fools,what have they done in life to have so much knowledge and expertise
      To call anyone a fraud, obviously it looks like they are influenced to attack guys in the life, what a bunch of no mind assholes
      They 100%, look like chuchulos, losers!

  • Yawnnnnn, alite is forever memorialized on record in this life as a coward rat informant, the spin STOPS here.

    • jimmy you were soooo right, i watched the TV yest all real mafia related stories your brother was never ever mentioned, seen, commented on ever what a terrible liar human he is. hope your well

  • Gaetano Fraud
    John Alite is a lying fraud just like you. John Gotti Jr and my brother were friends but my brother exaggerates his friendship with John Jr. My brother’s lies don’t add up and everyone knows it. George Anastasia didn’t believe my brother either and wrote it in his forward of the book. I was the one who told my brother if the author of the book doesn’t believe you then no one else will. My brother got George Anastasia to change it. George Anastasia knows my brother is a liar. I keep asking my brother to do a polygraph with me but he just keeps hiding because he knows I will embarrass him with the truth. He’s a liar and he needs help. My heart hurts how sick he is.


  • Jimmy, well said, the great Ray Charles could see the scam they tried to get off. People like George Anastasia should be held accountable for promoting his lies, re victimizing people again and again.

  • George you should have maybe been a lawyer instead of a liar, you to have been tainted & stained by the POS alite.

  • It’s very easy to figure out why he was a cell mate of gene gotti , he was already an informant !! He was placed in close with him to inform on any thing he could , and that’s what made him so important to the FBI when he was in hiding, and yes there are usually 3sides to a story , but the stories are usually similar to a point , none of his stories have any accuracy !!!

    • That’s a very good point!!

      • That’s a shit point, prison guards and staff are bought and paid for, if alite was close to Pete that’s because it was what the gambinos wanted. That’s just common sense, how do you think the contraband gets in so easily. Only Jr and Alite truly know what relationship they had, everyone else is purely speculating, as to the movie, well they can’t find a distributor becuase the allure of that generation of mafia isn’t marketable like the movies based on the 70s. People are not facinated by subject matter they already know from newspapers and online. It’s a new age for criminals and law abiding citizens alike.

        • Fact checker at Drexel

          The movie will be in a theater near you on June 15. Unless you live in Guam? Check out Shadow of my father Facebook page the Gotti’s do a nice job keeping everyone informed.

          • Richard Spencer

            I wonder how many Jews are involved in this movie? Anyways Alite is just
            like a Jew. A liar and a rat.

        • Richard Spencer

          Newspapers, movies, media they all lie or exaggerate because Jews own the media
          and Hollywood. Why do you think Hollywood is so degenerate ? It’s not White males
          that own Hollywood and all those perverts that got busted for Pedophilia and
          sexual assault in Hollywood were all Jews. 2% of the population is running our
          media, government, banking system, institutions ( Harvard is 67% Jewish ) etc..
          Yet morons out there think Trump is owned by Putin, because the Jewish media
          told them. Vote for Patrick Little in 2020.

  • Tommy, EXACTLY he was a fink planted w/GG. Anastasia failed again at his attempt to spin the facts.

  • I just read the book. Not sure if everything he says is the exact truth but to me most of what he says rings true. The fact you have a website to try and discredit him makes me think junior gotta was the punk fake tough guy just like alite says he is in his book. The fact he’s not in the witness protection program also shows he’s not hiding from anybody and if he was the big snitch low level drug dealer everybody thinks he is something would have happened to him by now. The fact he was extradited from Brazil back to the US shows he wasn’t a low level drug dealer. Who knows but I think most of what’s on this site is a crock of shit.

  • Who cares?
    John, Sr. was an icon.
    And Jr. is a good man.
    I’m not Italian but grew up with friends who were in “the life”.
    Always looked out for me and showed me respect.
    John, Sr. inspired me to dress sharp, be loyal, and keep the trap shut.
    As for the Gotti family, World Class!

  • @Gaetano Fraducci: Your response is dead on! Anyone who believes Junior’s “They’re after me because of my name” is an idiot. Also, I agree about Junior being a punk. I bought his book. All he did was complain about how the government was after him because of his name.

    He forgot to mention the countless people he has caused to suffer and die as a result of his good “name”.

    You know what else? I asked Chris Kasparoza a point blank question about the innuendos he made on this site about Alite being a rapist or sexual predator, and Chris could not give a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, he gave me the runaround. When I finally pressed harder, he said, “Well, I can’t comment on that right now because of the ongoing investigation.” What a crock of shit Chris Kasparoza. You can’t give me a straight answer because the answer is “no”.

    This website is filled with lies. If Alite was such a “nobody”, you wouldn’t be putting this much energy into trying to discredit him.

    • Im just curious if you still feel the same way today Shalisha?

    • Richard Spencer

      Well Shalisha. The Jewish media has put John Alite on camera and on all these documentaries
      spreading lies and bullshit. If he is lying, then Gotti has every right to respond and refute his
      claims, which is what this website is for. Anything with Gotti, the Jew media will exploit. They
      glamorized the mafia with all those movies and still do. It was actually the Jew media that helped
      bring the Italian mafia down by putting Gotti’s face in front of every newspaper. Now there is
      1 mafia thats in charge of the country that will never have the FBI come after them, because
      they are powerful enough to own the FBI and government that took Gotti down and thats the
      Jewish mafia. The Goyim know and also slavery was done by Jews. ((( Aaron Lopez ))),
      ((( Mordecai Levy ))), ((( Moses Levy ))) were the owners of the slave ships that brought Africans
      here, not White people. Thats a redpill for you.

    • The latest lies are now being spewed by Alite’s most recent childhood “friend” turned govt snitch who posted a ridiculously bullsh*t interview
      Ruggiano fcks up the story and complete lie during the first interview clip that was posted when out of nowhere he starts talking about how he changed his life with the help of Alite and how his father (Fat Andy Ruggiano) told him when they were together that Alite had shown up and he “remembers his father” telling him that “You see that kid over there and looked over in Alites direction and gave him a nod saying thats Johnny Alite and hes a good kid” and then says “I knew this meant that my father was really telling me that Johnny Alite was a serious killer and that he liked him alot because of this.” WELL… lets check the bullsh*t meter (little background info to show you how Alite is the puppeteer pulling strings for all these new jerkoffs and informants by feeding them lines and getting them paid interviews and jobs speaking and making documentaries about the fantasies and fairy tales that Alite has conjured up in return for paid work in their new careers of being changed men”.

      Background information:
      Fat Andy (whom Alite always mentions in every interview he gives was exactly who he said a Gambino Capo and well respected gangster of his day) HOWEVER, Fat Andy Ruggiano was a Castellano loyalist shortly before the coup de etat on then Boss Paul Castellano, Fat Andy was operating in South Florida and controlling their rackets under Gambino flag in Florida in late 70’s & early 80’s right around time Castellano is killed in 1985 Fat Andy goes on the run/lam and grows out his hair and beard and joins up with the Hells Angels MC in So Florida for about 2+ years until he was arrested in 1987/1988 when he was imprisoned for 13 years coming home briefly in 1999 and dying shortly after that same year.

      So what you ask? WELL… once again we have easily proven lies and bullsh*t stories that are not thought out very well so let me explain.

      John Alite is in college until 1983 (he did 3 years in College he was born in 1962 you do math 21 years old started his criminal career as he mentions in many of his videos while others he says he was 17/18 but was always a good kid playing baseball and getting scholarship to Tampa but thats just some more lies we can talk about later), so in 1983 Fat Andy had been in So Florida running Gambino rackets for a few years at this time wasnt even in Queens/NY he was indicted in 1985 (same year Castellano is hit) and goes into hiding w Hells Angels until 87/88. The year 1988 is the year that John Alite commits his first murder the murder of Georgie Grosso (claims hit was done for Gotti’s and JR got credit for so he could be made something we can talk about later). So when could Fat Andy have been in same location as Fat Andy his son Anthony (informant who made video and is making these claims on Alite’s behalf) because in 1988 Fat Andy is in a Florida prison, John Alite hadnt killed anyone prior to this and had never even been asked to do so by any means. This is not something we need to dwell on to figure out if this is all orchestrated by Alite but you dont need a PhD to see thru the complete compulsory and pathological lies that are being told and also please dont forget about the “credibility and honesty” of these individuals who are making these claims and attempting to back up and support each others ridiculous stories because at the end of the day all of these guys were dirtbags, liars, con artists, scammers and treacherous snakes their entire lives you cannot be in that life and not be able to lie cheat and steal professionally because you wont make it very far so all you are left with is common sense and basic knowledge to figure out how ridiculous and incredible this guys stories are and if you just like entertainment like watching the WWE then thats great hes well worth the watch (I know he makes me laugh all the time when I hear him tell his tales they sure are good) but if you think that the WWE match you watched was a real fight and that guy really got the sh*t kicked out of him and that it wasnt planned before hand well then Ill just assume you’re about as smart as a neanderthal with the mental capacity of Corky from Life Goes On. With that said please dont forget to watch all of John Alite’s interviews start back in 2015 and watch them in order by date and if you want to hear some real good bs because he has alot to offer you if thats what you like to do. BOL

  • How I look at all this bullshot is that a real good man John Burke is doing 25 years in the State and 2 life sentences in the Feds and he already beat the charges
    Dave D’Arpino should of just Continued to go to work everyday and get High on Special K on the weekends.. At the Sound Factory !!!! He was never a Tough Guy Gangsta he just so happen to grow up near some real Gangstas!!!.. So his Parents can cry and Complain all they want .. They should have raised there son to be a Man instead of a Punk Cry Baby .. He would have got anywhere from 15 to 20 years .. Did he actually think the Judge would have Sympathy for him and gave him 5 years .. As for Big Tough Guy John Alite or whatever his name is …??? He can claim to be this big Hitman all he wants .. Everyone knows he is a Punk and would give up his Ugly Kids to stay out of Jail … I know Girls that can do more time then him sitting in the Hole on 24 hour Lockdown !!! Lmao …. So he can walk around with his fake shit brown jacket that he wears everyday and talk how he was at the Top of the Family and ran everything.. He didn’t have a 100 bucks for commisery!!! So when all these Mutts read this they can sit there and tell there kids how tough they where and how many guys they hurt and at the end of the day when it came down to being a real man they sold there souls over there small bids that I can do in the Shue laughing all day and night .. Lmao hope there kids get hit by drunk drivers

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  • Well here is the deal. I didnt read this guy’s book but based on the analysis on here it sounds like he is a dickhead but also a smartass because of the obvious reasons, one being he is no saint and no one in the mafia is otherwise the name would lose its significance. I agree on the fact that he is a marvoulous liar but who in the mafia isnt. Isnt the point of the mafia to mollify narcissistic cons. Thats essentially the delusions that manifest within the circle which the only way out of it is death unless you use lies and manipulation which Alite was so clearly doing and until now everyone was blind to it otherwise they wouldnt spare a bullet to his head. Im just using common sense here. Now if you think about it and analyse the facts everyone in the mafia is either dead or in jail as per the cases and icidents mentioned on the above analysis which is very precise. Now if we put both ideas together we will most likely understand why gohti wanted out of it all. Yes he probably raped and participated in human trafficking but thats what being part pf the mafia constitutes. Its called the mafia for a reason. But Ghohtti was selfishfly intelligent in his way out of the circle because it seemed that no body cared in the circle. They were all part pf a chain reaction that answered to one man who had the power to take anybodys life. So in reality none of the others mattered except the head gohtti Sr and his blood related son. So as i see it if any of you were in ghottis situation and bold enough to actually go through with the decision of wanting out of the open slavery then im very confident when i say that the only way out for him was to outsmart the head and land him in jail or dead. As i see it alite did him a favor since they were a family with benifits with the benifits never on alite’s lap. Being a real man a wise man does not mean bickering after being outsmarted because the fact that he is in jail speaks for itself. Im sure the head didnt kill of course he would hire someone to do it otherwise he wouldnt be the head. Being in the mafia is not something to be proud of. It just means you are empathetically numb enough to kill or be killed through any means possible. So in reality its a good thing Aleti didnt matter because in reality no one did. Being in the mafia is a form of open slavery for the pricks that were naive enough to be manipulated in the recruiting process then later regretting but having no way out. So in conclusion Aleti was smart enough to put ghotti senior in jail for life in order to escape himself. This is definitely shown in the analysis above when he ‘he wasnt invited anywhere because he wasnt someone who mattered’. I would like to correct you on that by saying that its actually the opposite cause all those who mattered are now dead or in jail. Which begs the question did they really matter to begin with? The way i see it its the other way around. Alite mattered too much, to even consider sitting on the same table as them not because he is a good man but because he was able to understand the difference between right and wrong regardless of the jackassery he previously commited as requested by the head. And there is no such thing as low end crime. A crime is a crime. You kill someone you go to jail period. For a criminal to be able to understand that not only to save his own ass but to repent for all the lives he has destroyed and for a criminal to have learned from the underworld and used it against them to succeed, Im sorry to say but damn it he might be a dickhead but he is a bold smartass . So to all the people up in here that think so literarly and so naively i suggest they learn to read between the lines because the reality is very clear and it is important not to be confused by the anger projected in alot of these responses. Anger mixed with logic creates the delusion in ones favor thus creating a con within themselves. Common sense is so simple if you just use it.

  • Why then in 1990 do you admit he was ordered by Gotti to do a hit (Carneglia trial). While saying before hand that never happened, he was a small timer. And of course he would only say he did one murder at the time,why would someone rat themselves out? I doubt you’ll post this



    • “Jimmy Gap”

      i thought u were his friend hollash we were someone so he twists the truth it was just the prsion thing we could not handle we all have fears i just hide unlike alite

      • MICHAEL SCOTT HOLLASH did not make this post.

        • hollash has been known to abuse alcohol the jury is still out on that while your comment maybe be true lets get over the facts he and i ratted i took the perks then folded when the heat was on as did alite and m fransese the adopted guy / i was much more deeper then alite he never came near bath A

        • Steve Lenehan "Picasso"

          you working with sylvia brown?i kno u from fla, MJ too.pic


      yep alite really embellishes the hell out of his story. One interview he said he killed 6 guys, next interview it’s 12, next interview it’s 15 then next it’s dozens but in court he said he killed one person. Acting like a big hitman for the Gambinos. Get out of here with that bullshit. The dude lies like crazy. Talks all tuff about Gotti jr but back in the day he was gott’s bitch and then Gotti chased him out of Queens in 91 and he had his chance then to be a tuff guy but like Gotti jr says,’ he ran like a rabbit.” now he acts like a tuff guy when it’s comes to Gotti jr. Then he acts like he had dealings with Gotti Sr. ” Bullshit” the guy was a low end drug dealer associate who was the coffee fetcher in Gotti Jr’s crew from like 88-91 and then Gotti jr chased him. Gotti jr had nothing to do with him after that. It’s comical people actually believe him. I could tell he was a bullshitter after watching one interview the guy did and that’s before I really looked into the whole situation. He’s just trying to make money off books and shit. The guy has written like 5 in 3 years and 3/4 of it is all bullshit. He puts Gotti on alot of his book covers bcs that’s the only way anybody would give a shit about him.his own brother says he makes shit up.if you know me from brandon look me up

  • I agree mike, alyte begs people to believe that he was a hitman, who does this?no different from michael F., he still gets an atitude when ppl call him out, cant deal with the fact he was not cut out for the life, gave up ppl, co-operated, then gets salty, calls ppl out their name when faced with the facts a real hoodlum gives up NO one, NEVER sits down with the po po ect. If either went to the can again they would NOT be accepted in GP, period

    • And yet, you and Alite are now tighter than shit stuck to a wool blanket and taunting Jimmy Calandra. Calandra got tired of listening to your nonsense and has called out Alite. Not surprisingly, Alite is doing a disappearing act that would make Houdini proud.

      • Change For a Penny

        as the alite world gets smaller, he becomes more desperate more lies and false accusations, more dangerous he continues to have routine sit downs with the fbeye

  • MICHAEL SCOTT HOLLASH has not posted any comment(s) on this site. Someone has used his name fraudulently on this site to make posts.

  • thats poss but the content rings true wait until the book i have comes out in the future my family knows when to release it ive more informing to do believe that

    • Im glad you’re sober now Jimmy. It takes a better man to do that, stay with the 12 steps pal.

  • wait till my book comes out yea i had my demons bath ave 4eva



      • DON MURR you frauds are fortunate times have changed and your on the operation crossfire comeys pay roll. MURR those dark glasses and you keep lookin down at your muscles you lil olive oil wymp

    • I don’t trust any of those Evangelical Christians. They act like they are saved but
      they are not. They are just operating another grift operation using God to make
      money. Their Israel worship and worship of money makes them ultimate
      hypocrites. Never trust a Evangelical. Francese is a fake Christian.

      • GUNNAR "i love informants" BLOOMERS

        a true man of GOD would not use crime as a schtick at the same time wanting people to believe he was solid, he didnt have the stomach for the job his step father knew it

  • I’ve come to find truth through the Johnny Alite and Gene Show! All the evidence through the guests is insurmountable.

    • LOL, Both Alite and Gene are clowns trying to make a buck off the coattails of acquaintances they know. I love when Alite states that he was in the know during the Castellano hit in 85 at the age of 23 when he was merely a childhood friend of Gotti Jr, but acts like he was the right hand man to Gotti Sr. Total embellishment. This Gene guy was born in what 1985, and was associated with the mob in a time when the mob is a shell of what it use to be in the mid 2000’s. Like what stories does Gene even have to offer that people give two f’s about. This combo doing podcast shows is a joke. If you want real deal stories, refer to Sammy the Bull or Michael Franzese, at least these both were made guys at a time when the mafia was at its heights. I would rather listen to true stories than bullshit from wanksters.

      • GUNNAR " i love informants" BLOOMERS

        good post with the exception of sammy & franzese, they both couldnt cut it both still lying about issues to make themselves appear more tough and or solid.while sammy may be a killer he is a fool given a pass on what 19 killings then serves time for dope dealing with teen agers, the fraud man of GOD still determined to make his audience believe he was a mad dog killer and a good mafia soldier, which is a lie. one has to wonder why it is more important for him to impress people pretending to a stand up guy? you cant be a man of GOD and out there convincing he was a mafia war lord even though those in the kno, know he was a fraud. he was protected by his adopted father up and until he ratted then he kicked sonny to the curb for his fbi handlers

      • Gene is the wrong age, by the time he was a adult there was no more mob.
        Just some street kid junkies. He robbed old ppl in his own neighborhood, real gangsta.
        Also he is not Italian he looks like the 7/11 clerk who is serving the big gulps.
        Everyone should ask Gene if they could use the big gulps at the slurpee machine.

      • you are a goofy. Gene was doing shit on the street you pretend your heros were doing. complete clownshoes this guy.

  • Alite was a hump but somehow knew all the mobs business enough to help convict them? So then one of two things must be true. Either this whole website is full of shit or the gambino family didn’t live up to their own rules. They constantly discussed family business with a “low level hood” like Alite?! stop the bullshit. JR take this site down, its almost as big a joke as you are.


  • alite had all the time while locked up in PC with the diaper sniper michael b to read all the bs mafia books this is exactly where he gathers his info

  • people jason mosca his atraitor