John A. Gotti: GRADUATED from Military School

In his attempt to portray John A. Gotti as a blundering fool instead of the educated man that he is George Anastasia wrote on page 45 of his #RatFiction that Mr. Gotti did not graduate from the New York Military Academy.

However: an easy phone call to either Gotti’s attorney, his alma mater or for that matter just a reading of his 2009 trial transcript (which Anastasia claims he read) would have confirmed the opposite:

Not only did John A. Gotti graduate but he did so with honors, the rank of Staff Sergeant and as the Captain of the boxing team no less.

 Original Diploma (1982):


Yearbook Photo:


New Printing (2015):



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  • I graduated from New York Military Academy in 1967. I started there in 1964 the year of the Donald Trump graduated. So why was just interested to know what Jack Gatti’s son graduated because I never had the opportunity to meet either of them.