John Alite Did Not Slap Gene Gotti

Gotti’s Rules tells a fascinating story on page 232 about the time John Alite was in prison at FCI McKean in 1997 with alleged Gambino captains Joe Gambino and Gene Gotti, brother of former Gambino crime family boss John Gotti Sr.

Specifically: It says that Gene Gotti began abusing and pushing Joe Gambino around in front of the other inmates…

So? John Alite, the hero, “stepped in for Joe Gambino who is not a tough guy”… and John Alite slapped Gene Gotti around and made him back off.

In addition: Alite also mentioned this during his rants on Facebook:

And said in February, 2015 on TapouT Radio with Ricky Bones (Hour two, 27:08) that: “Genie Gotti got slapped by me and every other inmate in jail.”

However: John Alite’s testimony at the Charles Carneglia trial (Direct, 3522-23) tells a different story entirely: that he did not slap around Gene Gotti but only pulled him into the cell and “threatened” him, something Anastasia would be aware of since he says he read the transcripts.

In fact: George Anastasia even quoted this part of the transcript.

But then he added to it, mixing fact with fiction.

After borrowing “I stepped in for Joe Gambino who is not a tough guy” from line 3, page 3523, and even writing that Alite told it to a jury, George Anastasia then added in what Alite never told that jury– that he slapped around Gene Gotti:


But, while Anastasia did write in his book that Gene Gotti wanted Alite dead after this if he had read the court documents like he claims he would have also seen the letter Alite wrote from prison in Brazil (Alite, John 3506-191) where Alite said that Gene Gotti “tried” to kill him in prison in 1997:



What a funny thing to leave out of their book.

According to knowledgeable sources John Alite did not put his hands on Gene Gotti in any way but instead “Got loud with him” which led to Gene Gotti threatening to “cut his head off”— and then some.

These sources also say that Gene Gotti and Joe Gambino were longtime friends who would have settled any alleged problems between them on their own and without Alite’s help.

However, they also say while there had been rumors since 1991 that Alite was an informant they became more concrete when convicts at FCI McKean began to believe that Alite was a jailhouse snitch, ratting on inmates to the guards.

From Shadow of My Father:

(About the feelings Gene Gotti developed towards John Alite)


Notice how he said “With his three year bid with all these cases.”

By the time of that conversation Gene Gotti knew that John Alite was a longtime informant as he had recently been released after serving only three years from 1996-99 when he had a stack of prior arrests and convictions for assaults, gun charges, even a kidnapping that would have had anyone who was not a cooperator spending several decades in prison, not just three years.

Back to the point:

If John Alite had slapped around Gene Gotti he would have testified about it, and, if “every other inmate” had slapped Gene Gotti in prison I’m sure that would have landed in Alite’s book also (not to mention newspapers across the country).

The most probable outcome is that Anastasia read the tidbit in the Carneglia transcript and together with Alite concocted this prison story to help build Alite into the hero of their book with the Gotti family as the mortal enemies of it. #RatFiction



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