GANGSTERS INC: Gotti Jr. stands tall, warns people behind smear campaign


Gangsters Inc./David Amoruso just published an interview with John A. Gotti, discussing the smear campaign launched against him in which John Alite is a key pawn.

Read it here:


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  • I am very disturbed by all these NY’rs & others who fly under the handles of “luciano” “respect” “corleone” “omerta” ect., – especially the so called Italian by DNA, individuals who without hesitation support a court certified informant who ratted over 200 other Ny’rs for the federal goverment that being one John Alite aka Johnny Alletto, whom is of Albanaian DNA. Still knowing the aforementioned TRUTH & FACTS presented here they continue the smoke -n- mirrors side show, flipping the script. I would like for our audience to know them, a shout out to but not limited to known supporters & assoc., of informant #alite: SCOTT “Scotty yo” Olivieri, Elizabeth Tumminelli, Tomasso Rosiello, Anthony Sessa, John A Carter, alias one Francesco Frank Fiordilino aka Gambino, Roberto Falcon, Salvatore “Fredo” D’agostino, P.j. D’Alessio , Jeff “Canarsie” Lowman, John Ricciutti, Joey Ciccone, George Anastasia, The limited few fans left are victims, such immigrant Albanians and citizens of the UK, who were flooded with basement under ground radio broadcasts by #alite. These are thoughts I had to share because we know hat if anyone of them had to be unfortunately in the criminal justice system, the name #alite would not cross their lips or dropped by any menans. ” It is said, it’s better to have four quarters, then one hundred pennies. “