Radio: Frank Morano, Tony Burke on John Burke’s Sentencing (2013)

Note: Frank Morano sat through all four of John A. Gotti’s RICO trials and witnessed John Alite’s disastrous testimony in two trials and is as qualified as anyone to discuss his lies. Which is why John Alite refuses to go on Frank’s show — because he knows he will be asked tough questions and get destroyed just like he did on the witness stand.

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January 26, 2013

Frank Morano’s comments on the sentencing of John Burke, who was convicted of carrying out a murder which John Alite said he ordered, yet whose trial John Alite was not called at as a witness because he was so discredited in two previous ones.

If you missed my show this morning, give a listen to my thoughts on the sentencing of John Burke and the role (or lack…

Posted by Frank Morano on Saturday, January 26, 2013

February 9, 2013

Frank Morano’s interview with John Burke’s brother, Tony Burke, about the sham prosecution he was convicted in and how he was offered a get out of jail free card if he would just lie about John A. Gotti, but refused to take it, like John Alite did.

What's it like to have a brother serving a federal life sentence? Listen to my interview with Tony Burke (the brother of John Burke) from this morning.

Posted by Frank Morano on Saturday, February 9, 2013


  • My heart breaks for Burke. Lying, Drug Dealing scum that he is. I know he found Jesus in prison & God Bless. That however does not absolve you of murder John & you know it. If you want to know why you are where you are look in your heart . You killed Bruce Gotterup, John Gebert, Danny Zahn And more where they came from. I laugh every time I think of you rotting in jail. All you missed in your children’s lives……Bruce Missed that and much more. You took likes FOR NOTHING now you have lost yours. The fact that you couldn’t find the decency to apologize to the Gotterup family is beyond disgusting. That is why I believe you are where you are. They couldn’t get ya for Danny but we both know you did it…with hate in your heart. Well he is smiling every day as he watches Karma bite you right on the ass.

    • You’re blaming Burke but not Alite? You forgive Alite? The Gotterup family cheers that punk on every day. Why? He said he was sorry? He tried to frame Jr for murders he didn’t commit or have anything to do with. Sorry I was there but maybe if Gotterup wasn’t a drug dealer and user he’d be alive. Burke has found god maybe you should also.

  • Alite played the gotterups unfortunately. they still really think jr ordered that hit. hopefully whatevers left of them figures it out and realizes how fake and dangerous alite still is