Jimmy Alite Tapes #3: George Anastasia’s original book foreword

Preview of a future episode discussing the truth behind the book of lies John Alite wrote with George Anastasia. Apparently, in the original draft, he wrote a foreword implying that he didn’t believe John Alite’s story and was leaving it up to the reader to decide.

More tapes on this subject which will be posted at a later date. Apparently there was a different cover jacket also, telling readers that he couldn’t vouch for John Alite’s story.

“I looked at Johnny, I laughed… The guy’s fucking basically saying he doesn’t believe you. I says, and anybody who reads that fucking foreword’s gonna say, even his own author doesn’t believe him. I go, you better go back to George Anastasia and tell him I says that, this foreword is no good. You don’t show any credibility. Because you’re basically saying, I can’t vouch for what he’s saying, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I go, that foreword is horrible. I says this guy’s your author, and he wants your audience to believe you. I says, you better have him change that foreword.” — Jimmy Alite


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