John Alite Posts Fake News Articles

When people ask John Alite about he tells them that this website is “fake.” That the documents on it are “photo-shopped,” that they’re not real, etc.

But in John Alite’s continuing, unraveling effort to be taken seriously he has now taken his lies up a notch.

On June 16, 2016 he made the leap from planting fake news stories about himself in the press to just printing fake news articles outright.

Want proof?

Look at all the spelling and grammatical errors in this “article” below. Click on it to zoom in.


Calling John A. Gotti “an BFI informant”– what does that even mean?

I mean, John Alite said during his speech at The Mob Museum that he had “300” employees and testified under oath that he made “millions” of dollars with “150” people working for him in the drug trade, but, he can’t even just get a free intern to run a spell-check?


Some of the words John Alite meant to spell along with how he butchered them:

cooperated = co-cperated


along = long

does = dose

revenge = revernge

from = form

informant = Informent

The sad part here though is that John Alite’s attorney, Douglas Anton, an officer of the court who is supposed to have some ethics also shared this libelous, fugazzi news article on his Facebook wall:


But, after Angel Gotti posted the following comment underneath it, Doug Anton took it down.

He deleted it.


Why did Doug Anton share this “news” story, and why did he delete it?

Well, I tried to get the answer. I sent him the following email last night on June 17, 2016:


Should he respond, I will post his answer below.

Recommended Reading: John Alite: Informant Since 1991.




  • I also contacted the aforementioned news outlet, first there is NO story with that content listed doing a on line search via their web sitesearch tool. I then decided to contact the Executive-Editorial staff regarding their commercial uses including publication, retransmission, broadcast, posting to newsgroups, mail lists or electronic bulletin boards, circulation, selling, ALTERING, reproduction or redistribution in any medium are prohibited, except with the prior written approval of the copyright owner. THIS IS A CLEAR VIOLATION OF CIVIL & CRIMINAL LAWS HERE IN THE USA & CANADA. The investigation is continuing.

  • Visit my Facebook page and you will get more facts. My brother is a master liar who has cheated his own brother and family. He wouldn’t know truth if it hit him in his face.

    • Hey man, I hope you are feeling better in regards to being sick. I heard your brother say those aweful things about
      you on the radio shows and I hope you get your money, but your health is worth more than even a trillion dollars.
      So I hope you get well.

  • He seems to be on a spiral down with no bottom in sight. Theresa Racine is not helping john alite who supports his lies pushing him to get him closer to at risk youth. I must say I am very troubled with this.

  • Alite is a sad individual and just another poster boy for the “Sammy Sweatheart Deals” the feds pass out like candy on Halloween to anyone who can get an agent a couple brownie points and a level boost for a pay day or better position. Alite is such a fraud I cant believe any agent who in their right minds would find credible enough to put on the stand let alone cosign any of the BS he spews. Its funny that after reviewing most of the interviews and articles pertaining to Alite he only talks about documented information on record from previous trials and court transcripts and has never once not even one time provided any piece of inside information or new information unbeknownst to public record to prove he was in the “loop”. He was nothing more than what JR. says a low level miscreant who floated between anyone who would accept his shit until they found out the truth and he would move on to the next crew.

    This bozo claims he knows so much info about Gotti SR. He had the audacity to do an interview regarding Marion Prison ALTERCATION regarding a black inmate and the AB.. and said he knew the guys involved and that Gotti SR had to pay for protection and he was there in Colorado and did time with these guys — when the prison is halfway across the fckin country in Illinois!! I mean come on… this stool sample actually believes his own BS? He must because its fckin ridiculous.. He claims on the Trevor McDonald story he had a shoot out and murdered people in the street in front of his house and noone found the bodies or called the cops nothing but blood stains where there the next day? LMAO.. This dude is crazy and whatever he is on ill take two bags of that please must be some potent sh*t.

    Never in the history of Cosa Nostra has any underling and associate EVER been allowed to be in the presence or in the know of two made guys especially bosses and underbosses in a meeting discussing a murder or any dealing for that matter regarding a famly “deal” for the simple fact that outsiders are NEVER to be trusted for this exact reason that they will turn states evidence. Any common lay person serving on a jury will be privy to this information from experts regarding such matters, and anyone who even has a clue or know how about the Life and how things work would ever believe this non sense.

    An Albanian associate would never ever be in the “know” unless it was second hand knowledge and hearsay and nothing more, a made guy especially the boss and underboss would never be giving orders and holding meetings between made guys and them in the same room regardles of whatever fluff this jerkoff is trying to claim. Thats just ridiculous non sense and I am still in shock that Capeci co signed this retards stories and got him a book deal to profit off the Gotti name (it wasnt enough he tried to send JR away for murders HE COMMITTED and got a minimal sentence on that he has to take it to this level to try and send him away for life and make money off him) because he was mad that JR Gotti never accepted him the way he felt he deserved and instead of murdering him got him a pass and just shelved him from any dealing with the family there after.

    I think JR was genius for saving the letters from Alite all those years because he knew deep down that Alite wasnt the tough/stand up guy he claimed and if he needed to prove he had no association with him the letters were proof (knowing Alite at that time was an informant and/or knew eventually he would become one) contrary to Alite claims JR saved the letters to snitch on him, JR saved those letters to prove he had nothing to do with him for years and was a masterful move on his behalf.

    DiLeonardo (one of JR’s right hands never spoke about Alite during any proffers or information and neither did Gravano) if Alite was truthful and really was JR’s right hand man he would have been indicted with JR years prior on several cases and tried to get flipped many years before he was. The government knew this sh*t they just bend and mend whatever rules they can to get their trophies, and it is an asbolute injusice and abuse of power. It makes you wonder how many stand up guys and real men we have in our system locked up from hearsay and implications by these stoolies who lied and perjured their way to freedom at the behest of other men under the guidance of our judicial system. Its a no win situation and its scary as hell when you think about the amount of lies the government will cover up and co sign if they want to put you away. IE BULGER AND SCARPA.

    Like Scarfo said during one of his trials *that he fixed (I want to thank god for the decisions of these good people and the American juror system). If it wasnt for honest, truthful people like these jurors JR would be serving life for crimes Alite committed on his own and for his own personal gain (much like Gravano did to his father). SMH Alite was nothing more than a wannabe Paison who rolled over like the dog he is because he was never accepted for what he felt he deserved by being a pawn for the mob. He just wanted payback when he should have been thanking JR for not giving him his concrete swimwear years ago. John A-LIED is a despicable piece of human stool sample and a waste of a sperm and egg, maggots like this deserve to be outted and thrown to the wolves.

    The only reason he still walks the streets is because the guys he was around are locked up or dead and the ones who arent dont wanna get 30 years for slappin up or threatening a government informant protected by the law because he isnt worth a fckin day of probation for. He doesnt know anything and doesnt have any information to put anyone else away because he never knew anything to begin with for a reason! He’s lucky JR saved his ass and Agnello didnt bury him years ago (they werent worried about him because he didnt have any information they were afraid of him leaking to the FEDS because he was a nobody) ANYONE WIth information who is a known cooperator would have been murdered without hesitation SO WHY YOU THINK HE GOT A PASS AND WAS JUST RAN OUT OF THE BURROUGHS? Because he didnt know anything… Its that obvious.. Stop buying into his BS he doesn even believe his own lies.

  • JR saving the letter was a clear sign he KNEW alite was a not to be trusted from day one. alite will end up like OJ simpson in the very near future, as will lowman.

  • Hi, I was informed about the name above me, I am no Longer dealing with Mr. Alite Due to my own reasons, But I looked at the National Post and there is no-one who is Teresa Razine who works for that company. I appreciate you take down those comments written. Just like this National Post is Fake so isn’t that name . I need you all to stop, Which I have totally explained to Angel Gotti. This is not my issue, I am not on Johns as you would call it, And I am not on yours either. I wont think twice about still taking everything I ever collected and go forth on my own, I think its fair you leave my name or near my name out of this craziness. I am really serious. I don’t need John thinking that I am writing crap about him, That isn’t my style. I have moved on so why don’t you. This is not a threat it is a warning keep my name in this. Now you will be dealing with me. This isnt right,

  • Theresa, very happy to hear this. My belief is he used you and other’s, stevie wonder can see his deceit, lies, and con job.

    • First, He didnt use me, No-one uses me. Again You dont know anything. Second people are using names that should be out of your mouth this doesnt stop. Mikey Jacobs.Kris I am not joking take it down if you dont I will do what I have been saying I would do and use the report against you, I promise you that. Push my buttons you will see. Take the Fake name down and the Mikey jacobs too, I dont like the games you are playing. But if you want to continue to play then I guess. I will have to report this ,

  • First, He didnt use me, No-one uses me. Again You dont know anything. Second people are using names that should be out of your mouth this doesnt stop. Mikey Jacobs.

  • Kris I am not joking take it down if you dont I will do what I have been saying I would do and use the report against you, I promise you that. Push my buttons you will see. Take the Fake name down and the Mikey jacobs too, I dont like the games you are playing. But if you want to continue to play then I guess. I will have to report this ,

  • Go away TmR you have no powers here. I am Mikey Jacobs from Logan County, WV. Ever hear of freedom of speach? Don’t you dare threaten me.

  • Your a Liar!!!! You are not Mikey Jacobs from Logan County, WV Its ok you want to play then lets begin I warned you all. You will not be hearing from me again talk away see whats going to happen sorry Angel Gotti I have attempted in my Power, not to hurt ( going to Police ) on anyone. This is getting to much we talked about this, but no-one cares no-one is getting it, After the fourth of july. I will be putting reports in . I asked you nicely , I feel since its still up and still here and another Name that seems close, Is to make me get going. Nothing else. I thought you said Its not with you Theresa ????? It appears it is . SMH.

  • Alen Mortin Dershiwitz

    On behalf of my client (Mikey Jacobs), we eagerly await your forwarding false claims to officials. You madam are here by warned forthwith to cease any and all communication(s) with Mikey Jacobs. With that said, his birth certificate will be forthcoming in our response to your frivolous litigation. Your wanton attack on Mikey Jacobs character and blood line will not be tolerated. ** The statements and opinions are the expression of author, not

  • Mikey Jacobs June 30, 2016 4:14 pm

    Theresa, very happy to hear this. My belief is he used you and other’s, stevie wonder can see his deceit, lies, and con job.

    To whom It May concern, I will be having an investigation on this site and on JAF on facebook. They are using My Name and another persons name this is not a coincidence. This is to keep me in the loop when I have asked everyone, and even walked away from the situation, There is no-one by the name who works for the National Post and and then you are using My friends name and his freinds name . Coincidence ??? We shall find out? two coincidence. This is something Angel Gotti or Chris does not need. So because you wrote on John Alite fact with my name , which BTW , was not speaking to you at all. Can and will go against the owner of this site, I asked the co-owner to make sure this was taken down so since you dont want to take my name out He will have to deal with the consequences. Then he will be dealing with the account behind that name. This my last words. You guys are really taking it to other levels. I understand why John Alite. Might do stuff like this. You guys are relentless. Keep my name or anything that looks like my name of this stupid site. So please. If you really a fan of JAF . Dont talk to me, or about me. Or say another WORD. I am no longer playing your GAMES……. And Because this has been written her He is responsible, Because as I own my own site any comment can be taken care by the Moderator of this site, its called blockes and kindly asked to keep the Name Theresa Racine out of your Mouths. Now My friend Mike. This is getting to be off the hook. I only know about this because someone asked me if I was talking crap on this site about John Alite, Unlike the people on this site. I wish nothing bad on John, Nor will I say anything bad about John Alite. I wish Him and His family the best. so I dont need negative remarks by this person. I am really upset. STOP, Or you will all be STOPPED By the court of Law. I dont want to see birth certifcates you can buy those online, Please Ignorance is bliss, Please stop. Dont insult my intellegence. I am not that stupid,

    • Theresa,
      First of all, it’s our 1st amendment! You may call it “fake names”, well, as my fortha taught me, a nickname or a pen name is not a “fake name”. Ok? You may not have noticed, but everyone uses other names, you gonna sue everyone dear?

  • Alen Mortin Dershiwitz

    I will not bill you for this: Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

  • tMr your attempting to start KAOS here, grow up. If your not interested in the factual subject matter here, go to the beach.

    • Tracey give u heads up my name shoukd be off this thread if it doesn’t get off it. I will turn this and other stuff over to authorities. And I will have it stopped. Go Daddy will have to take this down # court order. And a real lot of people will be in trouble for months and months of bullying. Stalking, and harassment. It’s up to Chris if he and Angel want to go this route. I will make sure it does. They had a choice it’s obvious the people who areaking these comments don’t care about their cause because my name is on your lips my movement is on your mouth. #thebeach really u don’t know u really don’t know. I feel scared for my life because you know my moves, in the past someone said they was getting my daughter in court and I was also informed about my grandchildren and I know none of you. I don’t know you Tracy but you know me. I am scared. I have to make sure my life is protected.

      • You went there with when you posted about Angel’s nephew with out knowing what happened so I shall go there with your daughter. Your daughter’s rap sheet is longer than Angel’s brother and father’s. At least her nephew didn’t get arrested for prostitution. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones holy Mary! I got more if you want I’ll post it on the JAF Facebook page?

        • are you telling us that racine and family are convicted felon’s’? or her grands ?

          • Truth is Just like Angels stuff is out there, so isnt my daughter. The difference is you have to stalk my pages to get those answers,. I don’t have to stalk, True crime Page placed it up it was all over the newspapers and your name is famous mines not famous.So It will show that the Gottis are possibly going after my family, and the fake mobsters are behind the keys, who I think are more dangerous ” Copy Cat Crime” .

            Go ahead do what you have been doing, this is how you all did John Alite too. The difference is you knew John, You know nothing about me. you stalked my facebook page to get names.

            Also my babies are 12 and 13 and younger. Angel you claim you dont know these people but you do.
            Second you should have just truced with me, and erased every comment!!!!

            But we all make choices that will either give us a positive outcome or a negative, I promise you now , Before I gave you fair warning. Now I promise the worst outcome.

            I alreay spoke with who deals with this site they told me exactly what to do. You all did this to angel, you all did this to Chris and now you are all doing this to yourselves. Again Your digging up my past and I know none of you personally the more you put out there the more evidence I will have to fear all of you especially when I dont know any of you on a personal level so carry on I would love to have you all where you belong. Also even though John and I are no longer working together, You all will be doing John Alite a huge favor. And It wont be him taking this empire down, It will be me. That is going to be the worst part about this.

            The Currant thing that just happened is all over the internet and news. Me placing it up is showing Carma. Believe me we all will get it sooner or later even I have Carma. And believe me, more carma is coming to you watch and see I dont even have to say or do anything.

            I told you all I know alot of people. I also Told Angel I would back off if she did. But one thing she choses not to do is erase each person comments. They block me, they erase my comments, But what they dont do is ask people nicely to not talk crap. After all of the crap you attempted to put out there before, I decided to place a factual article, but thats my fault or perhaps him getting stopped in Howard beach just might be or not.

            Do you know you can be in real lot of trouble if you keep doing what you do against me, The fact is I only put one story up, that wasn’t from my mouth, Someone said my grands was in foster care, That was a lie!!!!! and on top of that they had nothing to do with JAF. At all. So why you decided to go against me and my family? Sounds Like Power and control, and a threat!!!!! The threat is We know all about you , keep it up. I dont know any of you. I only know what I read in the News. if I choose to read it you know about me because each of you fine combed my facebook. The Gottis have a very bad name. I was told I dont have to worry, But Like someone said this is real life this isnt a movie or a book. You all don’t seem to understand something about me. I might not be a mobster. But I don’t fear you. So I will do what I have to do to protect me and mines.

            My daughter had a felony a few of them if you all need to know you can say it came from the horses mouth. I am the one that got her out of a thirty year prison term, because of Prayer and the people I know. On her appeal she got thirty years , three days later she walked out of Prison. Wish you had that much power in your hands.

            She was arrested many times for small misdeamor crimes, She has five Kids, they are all in good Christain Homes. #adopted not in foster care. Two of grands know me and love me , I don’t stalk their pages. They communicate with me daily. They are to young to be felons and I rebuke the ass who said that. Me I have been arrested myself. Why because like I said, I am not one to mess with. I got it thrown out, because again people never showed up to afraid to. And one incident, Karma got him good. You see I am telling you this so there is now more omg! Seriously. The only omg will be my future. I don’t care what you put on JAF.

            The more you put up the more I have a file to take to the police. Even if its an order of protection from a judge you can’t utter a word about me or my family. Reminder you all took this to levels it shouldn’t have gone. By putting my family out there before I even said anything, and Angel did this to herself, Chris is the owner of this site, but Angel Gotti is in charge I have proof she says it all the time. Keep messing with me watch Karma come back and hit you all in the ass. Ooops I said ass. Its in the bible, If you know Hebrew, Jesus used pretty horrible words too. You see I am tired you all push people to the limit .

            I have a story too about my past. Go ahead put stuff up there, but if you do make sure its correct and its right from the news paper. Then get prepared to answer why is this girls name in your mouth? Worst why are her kids name? Because if you all showed up to court I would have to tell the judge I dont know you and I never met any of you, When they ask you under oath the answer is no I dont know. You all have serius issues.

            Again Angel Gotti get this all erased and my name out there mouth and on the fith you and I dont ever have to talk again. If not Suffer Karma and the Consequences as they come. This is not a THREAT ITS A PROMISE! Reminder John and I are not even talking anymore, but you will be all doing him a huge favor. I have the power to take you all down and thats what I plan on doing. Besides you all need to get a life anyway. I need to get back to mine without people like you in my life,

            To Angel You said I was insane and Viscous, Not anymore than all of you. Read your comments outloud look at yourselves in the Mirror and be honest with yourself. Am I insane when I get really angry I have been told that Viscous I can be that too, but for me to get that way I need to be provoked. Otherwise I go about my life in peace.

            Take this advice I give to anyone, I say come to me in peace or be prepared to go out in pieces. This is not asking you to be friends with me. This is me saying leave me and my family alone with your goons. And I will never look back,

        • She’s INSANE and VICIOUS! I don’t own this site, I don’t know who comments, I told her that so many times! I’m not playing any more, every dog has their day, she’s NO Christian woman and definitely should NEVER post about someone else’s kid when her own was a disaster!

  • Tracy she has been stalking this page for a while, its well documented. I’ve seen her threats posted, i.e., KNIFE and NINJA training to harm others. Don’t you dare threaten anyone else, your goal is to frighten people away from this site. PS: read the legal disclaimer here, as you are the one threatening, menacing, and stalking, another’s web site, now TRACEY. I will leave it up to the web owner to handle your intrusions.

  • She’s back Ughhh pay her no mind!! The only Theresa Racine comments are from her smh

  • I been fascinated with this site, however that person frightens me, I want to participate but who ever she is gives me pause. She better check her self.

  • Oh please she threatens everyone and then plays victim!!! She also has an alias anonamouse smh

  • Look Church Lady you are nothing but an attention whore victim playing POS no one is using ur name get over urself stop whining . Go do something productive !! Now ur claiming ur fear for your life?? Lmao believe me sweetie ur a non fucking factor !! Go back to the beach and hang with the other orcas Yes I said beach because u post it all over ur fb acct ! I have been attacking chris and his site threatening him and others with (lmao) Black ops, feds and police there is not one violation being done to you , u have put ur self on the cross for too long now GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON CHURCH LADY!!!

  • maureen your right, she is a lost ball in the high weeds.

  • Keep talking. This is what you all wanted. But guess what you all just dug yourself deep. Angel and I was keeping everything cool until someone decided to use a fake name my name go figure. And start using Mike and then on top of that Mislead John Alite that I was talking crap nonsense. Yes and Maureen if you never went on my Facebook and ot Angela Angela perhaps you would know nothing about me like I know nothing about you I just told you all to stop talking you don’t want to then Good. Because I am going forward and like I told angel God forbid anything happens to me because of you internet mobsters actually followers they are questioning her family I am so freaken down now you will have your wish and see what I am going to do. You all did this to yourself. Period.

    • Don’t forget to tell them about your alias anonymous!!! And for the record you mentioned beach on here smh…so STOP lying!!! And don’t flatter yourself know one thinks or cares about where you go!!

    • What kind of drugs r u on?? Seriously u have me blocked on facebook so Again UR LYING !!SORRY I DO NOT STALK UR PAGE!! I wouldnt anyway ur a fraud always whining!!

    • Theresa I am very tired of your wrongful accusations and threats. I was always respectful to you even after you and John Alite wrongfully accused me of writing a disgusting letter to a school. Once again you posted some ridiculous comment about my family and me. I do not have any control of who comments on this website and what names they use!!!! The fact that you are messaging me that you fear for your life because John Alite’s friends think you are talking bad about him is NOT helping John Alite!! I DON’T KNOW WHO COMMENTS ON HERE!!!

  • please leave this site, we are here to support the sites creator, if i had the block button you would have been gone.

  • why does this woman continue to insert herself in this pursuit of truth? it appears that she is generating mischief to infringe on others right to post here.

    • She needs to be center of attention when ignored she causes some other drama exactly like this !!

  • Church lady LOVES to play victim!! Since the beginning thats all she has done, makes threats then conviently deletes them so she looks like she is being bullied. She went so far as to threaten a woman on facebook about having someone come to her door!! Church Lady is nothing but a huge cyst on this site and the facebook page , She has already been blocked from commenting on the fb page. If she only paid this much attention to her family maybe it wouldnt be such a mess!!!

  • How is this person that she is claiming “is using her name ” doing so?? I just found a comment they left where they even mention her.

    Teresa Razine June 19, 2016 9:03 pm

    He seems to be on a spiral down with no bottom in sight. Theresa Racine is not helping john alite who supports his lies pushing him to get him closer to at risk youth. I must say I am very troubled with this.

  • Just wanna say this about church lady , we all need to ignore her and her rants she comes on her to take the focus off of the REAL PROBLEM and tries to make herself the center of attention!! DO NOT ENGAGE WITH HER DELUSIONS AND DYSFUNCTIONS lets keep the origional discussion going and call out this LYING FRAUD JOHN ALITE ! Thanks and ENJOY UR HOLIDAY WEEKEND WITH UR FAMILY !! PLZ BE SAFE !

  • Racine I want you to take my mug shot, please.

    • Sarcastic, I am sure They will let me Yogi I take amazing Pitcures, The best mugshot that you will ever have cause I am sure you have many ….

      • This is for the Fake Name Boopsy AKA Facebook stalker!!!!, I know what happened Its all over the internet. Like My daughter the difference is my daughter doesnt have my last Name, So How do I know You, and How do you know my daughter , and How do you think you have the right to dig up someone you dont know . The difference is the article is all over the place for people to see today, I am not looking for stuff to find, But you obvioulsy are so here is the real story. Again Boopsey I will eventually find out who you are and Its doesnt look pretty for You at all when I get the law after you , Matter of fact , I can almost guess who you are. I am warning Angel and Chris if this slander doesnt not stop , Just like I got My daughter out of a thrity year prison term I will use every ounce of my receources to stop your slander here on John Alite and Myself test me See I havent done anything, You want to know really why I am really a nice person. I wouldn’t want people to see there moms and dads go to prison for bullying on the internet, or even get thrown in Jail for a night.Honestly thats not mys style, But since no-one could just keep it moving . Then I have no choice, to go to every rescource I have to get as many arrested on this site.


        You went there with when you posted about Angel’s nephew with out knowing what happened so I shall go there with your daughter. Your daughter’s rap sheet is longer than Angel’s brother and father’s. At least her nephew didn’t get arrested for prostitution. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones holy Mary! I got more if you want I’ll post it on the JAF Facebook page?

        yogi July 3, 2016 12:19 am

        are you telling us that racine and family are convicted felon’s’? or her grands ?

        This is for you so you and your curiousty can be put to a halt anything other than this story will bring a law suit bigger then you can even think.

        My daughter had a felony a few of them if you all need to know you can say it came from the horses mouth. I am the one that got her out of a thirty year prison term, because of Prayer and the people I know. On her appeal she got thirty years , three days later she walked out of Prison. Wish you had that much power in your hands.

        She was arrested many times for small misdeamor crimes, She has five Kids, they are all in good Christain Homes. #adopted not in foster care. Two of grands know me and love me , I don’t stalk their pages. They communicate with me daily. They are to young to be felons and I rebuke the ass who said that. Me I have been arrested myself. Why because like I said, I am not one to mess with. I got it thrown out, because again people never showed up to afraid to. And one incident, Karma got him good. You see I am telling you this so there is now more omg! Seriously. The only omg will be my future. I don’t care what you put on JAF.

        Like you lied in the past on Facebook about me, If you lie and say anymore than what written above exspect a lawsuit. Exspect a lawsuit even if you decide to slander me anymore. You all got it coming to you. Perhaps John Alite Knew when he was dealing with me , He knew if anyone would take this down and make it stop It would be Theresa, Because he does know my story…

        To make this stop take it all down or I will be going to law enforcement …

  • This website is called John Alite Facts not Crazy Church Lady Rants, Stop putting the Spot Light on your self . You have everyone of us Blocked on your FB and Twitter , I am beginning to think you are doing this all your self to again cry victim . Go AWAY YOU ARE PERSONA NON GRATA !

  • Maureen You want me to go away you should have kept my Name out of you Freaken mouth. I have some words for you too But, I will be the better person report you to the autorities and take video as you are walking away calling me everyname in the book That Is what I am waiting for. Angel was suppose to talk with all of you you kept talking and talking and as you see someone impersonated my Name Mikes name, and tracy all a coincidence not. If this was never ever placed up. I would have been Ghost But Now you have to deal with what ever you want to call me. Cause you have so many names. I got lost of what I am to You I am going to be guess the oppisite of an Angel…. I told Angel Gotti to make this stop again She doesnt know you LMAO ….You are one of her buddies. or well let me not say…. I dont know who Is really behind those keys but I plan to find out. I will have cour action on this site by next week I promise you all. So Mrs Angel Gotti. Its either Them or this site your choice.

    • church lady is nuts!!! One minute claims to being doing an anti bully campaign with her good buddy John Alite then says she fears him?? She has no life lmao pay her no mind she’s trying to be important and she’s not!!!! Starts crap with everyone then cries!! can’t take it? Miss anonymous right? You fraud stop already you look like a complete fool.

  • Lmao do u suffer from depression or bipolarism ?? Take ur threats and shove them up ur ass!!! We dont care!!!! U are the only one throwing blame and accusing others of all this so called slander lol again teresa razine from what I seen was in no way acting like you and if he/she was why would they mention u in one of their comments ? Ur not that smart!! U can say “the power of prayer” released ur child from a 30 yr sentence I am sure there are alot of dummies who would believe that but lol smart ppl know how to get out of a 30 yr sentence !! So again shut up no one care what u flap about ur a non factor here u only come on to cause drama! Hopefully the admin of this site can block you from further commenting we r sick of seeing ur rants!! Only time u are ever mentioned is when u bring ur drama point blank period!!

  • Because They wanted it to look a certain way, and RiGGHHHYYYTT they also wanted it to go back to John and It did. Again you know NODDA! Pray yes!!!! And Not everything is what it seems, You dont know who I know and what I know, I think what is scaring you I am coming for you and deep in your soul you know it. Now its on the other side of the fence hope you had the fun you did. You block me all you want But the Letter that went to go daddy, is real. The police and the fbi will be looking at it will be real and then the court order to take it down will be real hope you all had fun I warned you all keep messing with me Then you are dealing with me not John and by the way It pains you that the truth about my daughter the truth about my life is out because unless one of you knocked me off there would be no more stories to tell. Oh well, When you have nothing to hide , and You know God is on your side than who can stand against you. NO_ONE NOT EVEN THE FAKE MOB>

  • Oh and you didnt read it you read what you wanted to read I saiid on Her appeal she had thirty years and three days later she was walking out. She didn’t even know what was going on. I guess someone knew the governer of that state and a couple other people, And a Big God! Which btw unless you have exspieriance that you would never understand those kinds of Miracles, I guess … Perhaps I will pray for all of you. the Bible does say pray for your enemies!!!! I choose to pray like David did Psalm 109 is perfect for this craziness. In my past I would light a canle too But oops I told you all more of what you can talk about… Its ok I wot go back I will keep it with God 10( will do just fine.

  • btw I am writing horrible but I dont care. and Back to the prayer thing. reminder the more you talk about what I do or dont do gives power to what your talking about so I put it out theer because I know the power its has, Only those who do spiritual Warfare prayers know what its all about

  • I have much respect for John Alite! I dont fear him, I fear the Crazies behind the computer trying to act like Mobsters who dont show there face because some have multiple accounts. I dont like the fact someone gets on this site to show any sorts of betrayal I am pissed someone would use My name or close to my name and find out from an IP address that is not Her or him, I mean are you all screwed up I think so ,

  • Just because I made a choice with John doesnt change the fact I dont believe him, Its doesnt change the fact I wish the bast for him . It doesnt change the fact I have made friends with some of his really great friends who Love Him like a brother, It doesnt make me at all want to come to your side you all are Instagators and liars, You twist the truth. And You will soon find out real soon How fast this site is coming down …. #courtorder is coming I promise you.

  • Yes Angela YAWN !! I can no longer Entertain her lunacy .. She is a sick sick person!!

    • No matter how many times I tell her that I have NO knowledge of who uses what name or what anyone says she still is threatening and blaming me!!!!!! Theresa STOP threatening me and STOP trying to bully me! I’m not afraid of you! I am NOT telling people what they can or cannot say!!! I seem to remember you enjoying and commenting on some not so nice things that your friend was LYING and posting about my family and me!! Including two threats that were made! I didn’t tell you to stop or demand you tell him to stop! Now GO AWAY!!!

      • angel Why should I when you allowed it for months hurting me ?? and Encouraging it? lets get real here.And You are wrong You know these people, especially certain one why I say that is they tweeted you back in the days and I went 1 day in cra cra on my twitter. I am telling you erase all these comments Chris can do it . I have a website I know what can be done . So if you want trouble Then Keep it and I guess all your firends mean more to you than this site.. I get it Loyalty. It could have all gone away You chose not to.

        • i thought you were so frightened NINJA woman? Your here to disrupt the flow, nothing more. “Poof” be gone you have NO powers here. You still training in Black Ops, for the under card fight? Bwahahahaha

          • watch this site go poof when I am done with you all … Watch then what you gonna do , It wont be called John alite Facts because when I do this I will have a court order saying John name has to be out of your mouths and Mines … This isnt about John anymore But Dang He will be so happy I did this for Him. Truth is you guys did this, And Angel could have made it all stop , but she is playing omg I dont know anyone? I dont know Right you all on JAF going back and forth with each other. I wouldnt even Doubt if you created that anomonys this to make it look like John , Thats how I see you all .

  • what makes me sick is the fact i didn’t see this coming …the only sick one are you,

  • STFU NOW ABOUT ANGEL!!!! You sick twisted low life fraud!!!! FAKE CHRISTIAN!!!!

  • Racine needs the OJ Simpson treatment, she needs to be held accountable, and she will be soon. She can cry wolf while she commits civil & criminal acts for the world to see, as she continues to make false claims against others. Boasting now that she manipulated the criminal justice system for another to escape punishment. Leave the GOTTI family out of your MOUF !

  • Mr goerge Mike you think you just helped Angel Gotti or Chris with that statement, Believe me the cops see that they will have to find the name No worries keep on keep on . The more evidence of deathly threats the better. Angel Knows leave my Name out of hers and you goons. I am not one to mess with I promise you that. I tried real hard, My first goal is to eradicate this site and againyou just helped this to now be a crime site. Angel You have some pretty Dumb people on this site. Like I told you if it isnt you or your family you have a bunch of wanna bes, which is like Isis propeganders they are not a group of people with Isis, they are wanna bees, You have a group of wanna bees Starting with angela maureen and now Geaorge mike but we know who he is dont we Angel ????

    • OJ simpson treatment defined, since your OBSESSED with stalking this page, you will be prosecuted and jailed as he was, it took a while but karma caught the juice.

  • Leave Angel alone you mean and terrible woman, take toto and go home. Bwahahahaha

  • I cannot wait to see you in prison , I will come and visit You!!!!! personally give you a bible.

    • what a vicious awful thing to say about anyone, why are you so hateful woman? just what did #alite do to you? you get your nose in business of others, then slander, insult, menace, stalk & then say your going to PO PO? I think the attorney who posted earlier is looking forward to your false claims, if found guilty you will be held liable.

  • Even the people you pay to run this site thought what you are doing is horrible. But there is always Protical.

  • there you go, another false allegation. i wonder if you were a nice woman before that freak #alite had his influence you?

  • Alite did Nothing to me, he and I was partnners you didnt want to keep my name out of it. Now with that said this is going down , Just got intouch with who will give you the name again , I am on a roll. My goal is to never allow you guys to hurt people again John Alite Will arise from your false claims. watch and see,

    • Your >familiga< has a rap sheet from NJ to NY, you madam are now trying to muscle into cyber activities, you are leaving cyber foot prints here there and everywhere. Your acting like the "godmother" here w intimidation tactics.

  • Well when he rises, tell him to accept the court papers and rise to the court house.

  • This is an EXCELLENT Example of someone who needs to be put in a padded room for and extended stay somewhere!! they continue to visit this site and cause complete chaos, Then complain people are making accounts in her name and using it to make people think it is her. I have not seen that at all!! and agree with Maureen that this crazy church lady needs constant attention and spot light on her. I believe this is called NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. Another thing I have noticed is she likes to blame AG for everyone’s comments, I hate to break it to her but just because AG is a G does not in anyway mean she controls who and what people post , people can post anything they want, where most of you are is actually considered a free country and you have the freedom of speech I have not seen anything slanderous or defamatory when commenting about this specific person. I also think they have a problem when things don’t go their way so the “CRY FOUL” happens frequently. It is a total shame that this person does not read the actual facts posted on this website just trolls the comment section to look for something to whine about. if in fact ccl read these post she would see that her friend is nothing but a huge fraud and by ccl’s behavior she is looking the same way. I have also seen where ccl cries that she is now afraid for her life that people are making death threats OMG SERIOUSLY WHERE? WHERE IS THIS? I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE ON THIS SITE OR THE FB PAGE, is this another delusion? ohh wait ccl also stated the same about her friend believing that the “Teresa Razine” was her and that she was in fear he would come after her, could this be “THE LITTLE FAT GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF”
    I for one am sick and tired of seeing her baseless rants and would like to see her banned from commenting on this site also. On another note It is already the 4th here I hope you all enjoy your holiday and wish I was there to celebrate with you! stay safe and someone PLEASE have a margarita n burger for me!!

  • Couldn’t agree more Amber!!! Happy 4th to you also..

  • ROFLMAO………………………………………….
    Theresa M Racine
    11 hrs ·
    Had police at my house last night. Who showed up to the bullying event and told me I admire what you do and what your about with that said silence is Golden go ahead talk away . or shut up. It will be your choice . I will still report to FBI all because. I will still report to go Daddy. Now if an incredible threat comes my was this I know Thomas McNally had an actual threat and Goons threatened in code. You see the difference is these People are the Gottis no one hates me they might, I just don’t know. But the Gotti page reveals the hate. And last night the Police looked at it. So if you thinking of doing anything you are being closely monitored. And with that said everything is being watched. Every move you make I will be watching you. They called you the keyboard warlords lol…. People need to know the police have RESPECT for my existence see my work in the community as valuable and you come at me with indirect threats it’s on. Nobody likes you, so keep it up. It will be, others getting jailed. This is fair I warned you all. Since all of you is blocked I am sure there is someone that will still go back with the message. Peace have a great 4th of July Amber Menagh, Jennifer Rose, we got this .

  • Is she a good witch or a bad witch? You razine behind the curtain, take toto & go home. The po po gonna arrest you for aiding n abetting criminals. Your trolling this site in an attempt to disrupt services and hard work of the owner.

  • I placed this back up because! I blocked them all though I thought, This ended up on their site, This is why I know that I know this will never end, Be wise in who you do stuff with, who you add. I probably should let everything I put up real private but I never have anything to hide, I feel in my heart why should I .
    I have learned something from all this because you are loyal to people , People will not be loyal to you. I was told to Ignore the first long letter, and then a letter shows up to the school which ended the event, which I did by myself. Although this opened up many doors for me , it also has started an internet war.
    Because I needed not to ignore what was sent to me. The Police officer who showed up was like you still dealing with this Five months later. The fact here I I am dealing with It by myself. I wont be entertaining this, but Like this note says everything is being monitered its obvious they all want to see how far I will take this. For them its a game for me its serius, Today is the Fith, thats all I have to say..


  • That Racine women is bat shit crazy!!! I showed a friend this website he said wait a minute this is the women Alite is trying to get into schools with this bogus anti bully campaign? He laughed said figures Hahahahahahaha

  • yes angela how can anyone even consider her for any position when she openly waged a slander bully campaign for someone like john alite, a murderer, look at both their internet interactions, it is all threats, slander, stalking ect. No one posts on her page or alite’s, yet they both troll this page, go figure.

  • MIND YOU, MIND YOU, MIND YOU, She hates when use her own actions against her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theresa M Racine
      4 hrs ·
      This is when you say nodda they keep coming to now my page to get information mind you they are not my friends at all, Mind you they used my name again, or close to my name Mind you Chris can take it down mind you Angel can stop this but chooses not too Mind you they write crazy stuff like this The po po gonna arrest you for aiding n abetting criminals. Meaning they gonna arrest me for again ??? What criminal am I seriously This is the cra cra I deal with on a daily basis. SMDH .

      • Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs! Lmao!

      • Why is church lady stalking this website?

        • I think there’s been a ban on her anti bully campaign lol was a one shot deal!!! Turned out to be a tremendous FAIL!!!!!!!!!

          • Well maybe Charles Mansion will get out soon and she can get him to do anti bully things at schools with her?

          • Michelle Phiffer

            today she is supporting blue lives while at the same time promoting a self admitted liar & murderer john alite. I may have to take out a restraining order of protection on her.

  • Michelle Phiffer

    Let us get one thing straight Ms.Racine, you do NOT look like me in the least bit, I am insulted, when you wake up from your dream you owe me an apology, however post it on your page, then refrain from slandering my reputation. Also, I never in my life supported a MURDERER liar like John Alite, never place my name in your mouf.

    • Michelle Phiffer

      may I add support the Gotti family, very much looking forward to the movie coming out with my friend John Travolta, a true professional.

  • Michelle let’s not forget she also supports men that sexually harassed a women

    • Angela I read through all of these and a familiar name popped up. Jennifer Rose. Would not be the first time she has threatened a law suit. They are all crazy!!

  • Michelle Phiffer

    Angela, so kind of you to comment, I have been watching this woman I was sick, then she used my name I had to step in. I believe she suffers from the Stockholm syndrome after john alite abuse over her. Please follow me, good movie roles coming, MMP

  • Michelle you are soooo right, I believe “patty hearst” suffered this syndrome. This woman needs love & understanding, its like these woman marrying men on death row for vicious crimes they never met in life. =GoGo

  • Michelle Pfiefer is how you spell her name . You guys make me sick

  • )TR( pls leave your insults on your page, this is a site dedicated to right the wrongs spewed by your friend and mentor john alite.

  • EXCLUSIVE: John Travolta to film John Gotti biopic in Cincinnati starting July 25
    Brian Mains, Tanya O’Rourke
    5:06 PM, Jul 13, 2016
    32 mins ago

    Copyright 2016 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
    CINCINNATI — Actor John Travolta will begin shooting a new biopic in Cincinnati this month about famed New York mob boss John Gotti, the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission announced Wednesday.

    Travolta will portray Gotti in “The Life and Death of John Gotti,” which begins filming July 25. Actress Kelly Preston, Travolta’s wife, will co-star in the film. Kevin Connolly, who portrays manager Eric Murphy in the “Entourage” franchise, will direct the production.

    “We are thrilled to welcome the cast and crew of ‘The Life and Death of John Gotti’ to Cincinnati,“ said film commission executive director Kristen Erwin Schlotman. “This is just one of many productions we expect to take advantage of the state’s revised Motion Picture Tax Credit, giving producers more incentive to use our area’s unique architecture and pool of talented actors and crew.”

    This month Ohio doubled the yearly cap for the tax incentive program, which reimburses out-of-state movie producers for payroll and other expenses, to $40 million.

    “The Life and Death of John Gotti” joins other recently announced movies that will begin filming in Greater Cincinnati in the next two months. “Girl from Compton,” a biopic chronicling the life of R&B singer Michel’le, began filming here in June. Director Steven C. Miller, who shot “Marauders” here last fall, said he plans to shoot a second film in Cincinnati starting in August.

    Hollywood actor and producer James Franco, who previously filmed a movie in Butler County, also will return to the region by the end of this month to begin shooting two more movies. Franco shot both “Goat” and “The Long Home” here in the spring of 2015.

    Anyone interested in being an extra on “The Life and Death of John Gotti” should send a head shot and contact information to Producers are also looking for looking for vehicles from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s for the movie, especially Buicks, Lincolns and Cadillacs. Anyone with a vehicle matching that description is asked to email

    Wednesday’s announcement adds to the growing list of films, including Oscar-nominated “Carol,” “Miles Ahead,” “The Fits” and “Ides of March,” that have been shot in Greater Cincinnati.

    Copyright 2015 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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    Franco to shoot 2 more films in Hamilton
    Coming soon: Another Hollywood movie in Cincy
    MTV releases trailer for Cincy-filmed ‘Goat’
    Cincy-filmed Nick Jonas movie gets release date

  • John Alite is better than all of you by a long shot. I read all the craziness, and the fake names, you can even spell the names you want to portray. Why don’t you all make yourself useful and make something happen in the world. You can all talk crap about me , But at least I can go to bed at night and say I helped 1persons day. Be the best day of their life. You guys can’t say that look at what you write. I hope one day Karma will come back and bite you. And like a movie in the making I will be able to see it all come falling down . Glad you all are having your fun . one of my favorite songs is waiting on the night to fall. Speaks volumes.

  • Look, I had to block you for the same crap Teresa, this is my business. This will be turned over, if you use my name again. Remember take the plank out of your own eye, before you judge your brother.

    • This isn’t John either fools…he would never come on this site to speak crap you all a bunch of fools. John would be a man and call me .

  • Theresa M Racine
    4 hrs ·
    I am so taking a internet break today, Going get back adjusted get som money the going to camp fire

  • Yep and I did just that just not the back . We all change our minds out here resting figure I would check the craziness you all was doing today. I unblocked one person lol so I know who my admirer is. Wouldn’t John Love to know you using his name. Again John knows my number he will call me this site is below him

    • my cousin john alite is a liar and a dirt bag.

    • Yeah we all know both ur numbers the one that ends with 1200 and the fake bullshit u claim “Helping others” u only help the ones who have something to offer or u would have helped the young girl that ur friends are taking advantage of !! So keep telling those who believe ur bullshit WE ALL KNOW BETTER !! Go back to the beach and take some pictures maybe a rip current will take ur psycho ass !! CCL is noting but an attention whore who LOVES to play victim !! We have already caught u in MANY MANY LIES!!

  • This is beyond ridiculous. Let’s blame Angel for everything that goes wrong in the world. Angel does not control what people say and you need to leave her alone. Tell your friend Jennifer rose or should I say snolis? Enough is enough. You have caused so much chaos it’s unbelievable. You truly need some help Jennifer and your little followers.

    • Lol Destini thats what CCL does she blames everything on AG when the woman hasnt done one thing to her , well except call her out on her bullshit! Then she claims they had a Truce (hehehe) must have been onesided tho since it was CCL making all the threats even went as far as to say she was gonna send JRose to her door ! The poor excuse for a woman is SICK! I guess when u dont get attention as a kid ,grow up to do porn then film underage kids making porn (her words on radio interview) have no relationship with ur child or grandchildren (except when one grand daughter is disobedient and contacts her which by the way she stated she likes when this child does not listen) it takes a toll on ur conscience so all of a sudden she found God but u would never know it by the behavior she demonstrates on here!! She wants this site to be all about her and that will never happen ! She is a walking talking contradiction !!

      • Oh yeah I am sure JRose is going to show up at the door. When I finally called her out she threatened to send her father Blaise Corozzo to my house. I am still waiting. First of all it’s not her father and second he is in prison. CCL has problems and JRose fuels it. I have watched her manipulate people who are not well mentally and turn them into her puppets. It’s disturbing. When she is done with them she will throw them away. If they want to run with Alite that’s their business but they need to stop with the fake profiles and fake articles and leave AG alone.

        • I was just playing on the computer today when I came across Jennifer Snolis again. Unfortunately a few years ago I was taken in by this very deranged and very sick woman. I tried to raise money for her to have an operation. I’m embarrassed to say I even gave her money myself. I don’t know anything about John Alite but I know a lot about Jennifer Snolis aka Theresa Racine, aka about 1,000 other fake people. She is completely delusional and is sick, as are her family. She has children and I fear they are in danger of her. I found an article about a child who was killed in her complex and she was interviewed about it. I don’t know the outcome of that but I do feel she’s capable of anything. I believe she is so delusional that she believes those delusions. She needs help but I don’t hold much hope even if she got it….the delusions are so bred into her world she cant separate whats real. Anyway i just thought i should say something. You can always tell when shes writing, no matter who she claims to be….she spells most everything wrong and just rambles on, switching one subject to the next without a pause. I can tell she’s at least behind 3 personas here, maybe more. Jennifer you need help.

      • i did see someone in a pic w CCL he was wearing surgical gloves, why would he take this precautionary step?

      • See I said she is a WALKING CONTRADICTION!!

        Theresa M Racine
        13 hrs ·
        I defend human trafficking, your a pedophiles and I defend against that. I defend sexual assault victims, I defend Domestic Violence survivors, I am also from Crime victims And you want me to defend a guy who has all of these crimes on his rap sheet All because His life Matter. I believe all lives matter so if you decide to ruin a person’s life, Because you felt your above the law and you are selfish enough to ruin another person’s life. I believe in Karma. Guess I can’t be in a jury or even God can’t get past these crimes. Because although a survivor might be able to forgive, their is Trauma for the rest of their lives. All because a selfish act. Also I am able to forgive and believe in change if change is evident. But again if something happens to you. I will be the first to say Karma. I had so much Karma come back to me and Although I believe in salvation from God and grace and mercy if he chooses at the end of my life I don’t deserve that mantion in the sky because of my sinful past then I get it. My Thoughts and they just as Valid as yours

  • racine & co., my cousin john alite is a lying POS scum bag who takes steroids, he has destroyed are family one ever knew him, he is a drug using bi sexual who prostituted himself. he is a wanna be gangster who knew NO one

  • My other personality

    You guys are a bunch of hmmmmm a holes do you know that.

  • Leslie Mendoza-Bowls

    does any1 kno if this “bowling ball bum” J. A. Carter the cheer leader for arat, is a convicted sex offender?