John Alite Protected A Rapist

Since his book’s publication John Alite has mentioned all over the place that John A. Gotti “protected a rapist”… that he prevented John Alite from killing drug dealer John Gebert after he raped a girl in the 1980s because Gebert was kicking up drug money to Gotti and Gotti didn’t want the money flow to stop.

But, John Alite’s story keeps changing.

And? One source even told this website that after Gebert raped the girl it was actually John Alite himself who protected him by trying to get to the witness against John Gebert so he would not be convicted of this rape.

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John Alite: Lied about being sexually abused by A Priest?

John Alite said on the radio in late 2014 that he was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic Priest.

However: He left that out of his book, trial testimony, FBI-302 debriefings as well as every interview and speech I’ve seen and heard him give since, leading this website to believe that he never really was abused by a Catholic Priest.

Did John Alite lie about being sexually abused as a child by a Catholic Priest?
And if so– should he be allowed to “mentor” children?

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John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls.

While he was in jail in Brazil between 2004-2006 John Alite communicated regularly with attorneys and associates back in the United States. He discussed the indictment he was charged with and gave information to his co-defendants’ lawyers to discredit the prosecution witnesses, alleging that many of them were racist, drug-addicted, women-killing rapists.

PROBLEM: Many of those same alleged racist, drug-addicted, women-killing rapists? They were his friends, and some of them are still his friends, today, in 2016.

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John Alite: Confirms He’d Blow A HORSE

On May 1st, 2016 John Alite confirmed that he would “blow a horse” if it got John A. Gotti in a boxing ring with him:

“I said, I said– Bring me the horse, because I’ll suck the horse’s cock to get him back in the ring with me. That’s what I said. I says, so, if you’ve got the horse, bring him over to me. That’s how bad I want to get him in the ring.”

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John Alite: BEATS WOMEN.

John Alite testified in numerous trials to his history of violence towards women– to his having assaulted multiple women.

However: He and George Anastasia left that out their book where they actually presented him as “a good bad guy” who would never hurt a woman, one who was even there to defend a woman when she was beaten by her husband (a lie– Victoria Gotti took a lie detector test to prove she was never abused by her husband).

Until recently John Alite also left his history of beating women out of practically all of his interviews.

That changed after I pressed him numerous times that if he was “a changed man” he would admit to beating women, and he now admits that he did– but has only been saying in interviews that he raised his hands to his ex-wife, when, again, he testified in multiple trials to assaulting multiple women and is still out their trying to be a hero to abused women and speak at domestic violence workshops and shelters for them.

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