There has been a disclaimer on this site since it was first launched about five years ago that anything proven false on JohnAliteFacts.com will be taken down, corrected, and publicly apologized for.

Something that is necessary to post for various reasons, including that John Alite and his minions have told people who’ve questioned him about this site that it is filled with lies.

John Alite: if you can prove anything on this site false, not only will it be corrected, but — I will apologize for the inaccuracy, publicly, ON VIDEO.

Will you do the same thing? Will you agree to publicly apologize on video for anything proven false in your trial testimony, or media appearances?

I’m up for the challenge, he isn’t. Something I’m leaving here for any journalist or anyone else looking into whether or not John Alite is a deranged pathological liar.

PS: This website is contacted all the time by people who’ve crossed paths with John Alite. People with information and stories about him. That being said, only information which could be verified was posted on this website. Many things were never published, or, if anything, are being saved for a later date when the documentary I’m directing about all this, The Perfect Gangster?, is finally released. Below is a preview I cut for it a while ago.

–Chris Kasparoza


  • Alite is so full of b.s. it’s comical, but it’s sad that he has to use this ” safe the kids acts” to make a buck. For the life of me I can’t understand why these people give him a platform to spread his b.s. when it’s so blatantly obvious he just makes things up as he goes. The guy is a dirt bag wannabe

  • He recently had that he was john gotti srs right hand man under the description section to one of his videos bahahaha. What is he gonna come up with next? I guess he doesn’t realize that he is the biggest joke around.

  • Vincent DAGOSTINO

    NowJonn Alite is hanging with Larry Mazza another liar who likes to hear himself talk.Two wash women!

  • I heard it eight light got the s*** beat out of them in a Queens nightclub play some Albanian guy. He keeps talking about all the people he hit with a ball bat but he never hit this guy with a ball bat!
    Guy is a piece of s***!

  • Alite wants attention sooo fucking bad, how about this? New eyes on an entire website exposing him. He’s like one of those stolen valor losers, only cosplaying as a mobster. I really don’t know how he got this far talking all that shit. “John Gotti’s hitman” lolol POSER

    • my brother has been a paid fbi informant forvyrs, he still is, rarely do they take out rats anymore, they did most their damage, its a no win

  • Holy shit Jr, Alite must’ve really gotten under your skin. Remember when blinky went for his 302 session? They’re all rats, and liars. Sammy lies, Michael lies, Alite lies. But you’ve really wasted your time on this site my friend.

    • i beg to differ, people like my brother johnny alite’ need to repent, not continue to lie and fabricate a whole false life, he had a honest shot to help misguided youth he messed that up tho

  • John penis head let it slip out in one of his early podcast that the luchesse family was gonna get him in Atlantic City. I believe the fruit cake was partying at some casino a lot. The FEDS tipped him off before it went down.

    • he lied about it to get street cred, he has more to fear from the average street thug

  • I’m all for a site that calls out this losers bullshit just wish they uploaded more often calling out every lie n contradiction on every interview he does. I know it’d take a large crew to handle such a task but it’d be great . Can’t wait for the documentary.